Awok.comdefective item and false warranty policy on the site

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On the 20th of january, I placed an order for a sony experia z2. On teh 21st of january, I received the phone. However, on th 30th of january, the screen of the phone totally went blank. The phone was ringing, vibrating, so you know it is working, except for the screen. The screen was totally dead.

I called up awok to complain and they said to me that they will pick it up. Usually, since the item has been with me for less than 2 weeks, it should warrant a refund, says their customer care on the phone.

I would like to point out their warranty policy as per their website:

14 days: refund or replacement

I am not sure which of the two policies are applicable to me. I would prefer a refund, since the item was reported broken after 10 days. If they decide to go for replacement, I am okay with it as well.

However, on the 3rs of february, [protected] wrote to me that the refund can only be processed only within 7 days. Since my item broken down on the 10th day, it is no longer eligible for repair or replacement.

I was really confused because originally, their website states 14 days. As a potential customer, I would be okay with the warranty policy and trust them to honor what their warranty policy on their website. Now, that there is already a problem, they are telling me that their true warranty policy, the one that is not displayed on the website is really only 7 days. And it will take another 14 days to repair the item.

I called this company and emailed them telling them that I will complain about them because for me, their warranty policy and customer satisfaction policy is only a trick to lure customers to buy from them. After more than twenty emails, I still received no response from this company. They just simply ignored my email.

On the 11th of february, ten days after I returned the phone to them, they returned the same phone to me, claiming that it is repaired. The phone has complete protective plastics on the screen and back cover. I am not sure what they did with it, if they replaced a part but clearly it is the same phone that they repaired. Without removing any of the plastics, I turned it on. Nothing happened. I charged the phone, thinking it was low battery. After more than two hours, I turned it on, and still nothing happened. The phone is now totally dead.

On sunday, february 14, as soon as I got to my office, I called them up to complain about this informing them that I will not accept anything less than a refund! The phone came back to them twice! They told me that they will call me within the day. Nobody called me that day. On the 15th of february, they called me up and said that the reason for not replacing the phone is because it has a scratch.

I was dumbfounded because I did not find a scratch! And when they first picked up the phone from me, they had a checklist stating that the phone was returned to them with box, and complete accessories and without scratch. Now, they are using scratch as a reason not to replace or refund my phone. When they picked up the item, there was no scratch, as evidenced by their own checklist stating they received the phone in perfect physical condition, and without a scratch.

I would like to complain about this company’s tricks. Consumers of this country are very trusting. We believe that in the uae, no one can trick anybody of their money as our rights are protected. Trust is one of the foundations of this country. We have learned to feel secure knowing that nobody cheats or play tricks just to sell. This is probably the first time I encountered any false advertisement enticing people to buy and promising things to earn consumer’s trusts. However, clearly, this company states one thing on their website and does a completely different thing when the items they sell breaks down.

Apparently, I am not the only one having this problem.

If you go to:

Http:// Html?Page=3

Many customers of awok are complaining about their services and quality of products. Maybe they are not really authorized retailers of the electronic items that they sell. And I am not the only one to whom they sold a defective item to.
They advertise online for outrageous prices which will really make a customer go to their website to take a look. But then after a while you will see that the prices are not really true. You will be given options that are more expensive. Their flash deals do not seem legitimate as they are rarely available on the site. This is false advertising.

Share your experience with people should be warned about their service.

Feb 16, 2016
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  • Da
      Oct 02, 2016

    I agree with what your saying, they basically lure you into the site with low prices as soon as you get there the prices change, especially the flash sale its basically a big lie after a few seconds they say the item has sold out i actually called them up on this and they said theres a lot of people on the flash sale thats why but im not stupid i am on the sale the moment it starts which means the button should go green and the price on the item should reflect the sale price but it doesnt even after refreshing the page which tells me they lure you in with a flash sale then expect you to buy other stuff.

    I wouldnt trust them and if you buy anything dont pay online use the cash on delivery option and try to check it before the delivery guy goes away.

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  • Mu
      Dec 27, 2016

    I agree with it, the flash deal is a big lie, when we click on expensive item which is being sold cheaper, they ask for emirates id and email address with name, when you are typing it, you get message that all items sold, i placed an order 45 days back, but still did not get it. Whenever i make a complain they say that it will be delivered soon. No doubt website has cheap stuff but be very careful, i ordered for a phone which was dead.

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  • Sa
      Jan 16, 2017

    I am also agree 1000% for what all said toward this fake awok, I made 6 orders and the bad thing I did was I paid on line, pay attention for that, after 6 days they cancel 2 orders without inform me and still now they did not refund me my money, I do a lot of claim and I sent a lot of email to support and sale service but ... [censored]ing to awok . You can see attached images.

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  • Wa
      Mar 15, 2017

    Hello Alls,

    its true that Flash sale offer is totally fake. today i apply for 1 tablet & this product sold out within 16 second & i have submit my data within 10-12 seconds. after the pressing enter button the product sold out in 16 seconds. i have always use awok for online shopping everything is fake & product also..

    its better for you to use another online shopping like crazydeals, souq ...etc

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  • Sa
      Mar 16, 2017

    This is my order and what I receive

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  • Re
      Apr 30, 2017

    i agree with all of them awok is fake

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  • Jk
      Apr 10, 2018

    I purchased CCTV Camera. I asked delivery boy about the checking the electronic items, he said its 7 days checking warranty. This camera is non-working condition. Within 7 days I called the customer care and he preached me that 'Quick and Hassel free warranty means 3 days. Bison WiFi Smart Net Camera, Lens 3.6MM, View Your World From Anywhere/Anytime, Support For iphone, ipad, Computer & Android, X9100C-PH36. Pleas Beware from Awok

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