Avangate / Iu Systemcareconfusion regarding product I was purchasing

I had received call(s) from Startech Windows Support. Sam Parker ID 8820 was the person who finally convinced me to buy what I thought was a software product, there was confusion on my part, that what he was really selling was online remote technical support on behalf of microsoft windows. Subsequent confirmation emails from Avangate customer Service stated that I had purchased iu Systemcare and was signed iu tools. I do not have iu systemcare. It appears that I have purchased some technical support for the next 2 years. All I have to do is call this number [protected] whenever I experience a problem with my computer. I am frightened that I may have been scammed out of US$200 and have nothing to show for it. Please look into this and advise me as to the validity of that company Avangate/Startech windows support

Dec 04, 2014

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