[Resolved] Avalon Bey Newfoundlandsmale newfee puppy

Me and my wife bought a male puppy from Laura Raider, we were supposed to have gotten the puppy at 9 weeks but turns out that the we could not get him until he was 12 weeks old she stated that he had some kind of blood disorder and that her vet had him on medication to correct it, so when 12 weeks finally came we came and picked up the puppy, my wife signed the contract with Laura and in the contract she had if the he develops hip dyspepsia that she had to return the puppy to be put down and a new one would be given in its place. Laura's only health guarantee is to put the puppy down not really a health guarantee, and lets not forget the vet that Laura has the puppies examined at is the kind of vet that you scratch my back and I will scratch yours, in Lauras case she know that she raises sub standard puppies so she says great things about the vet and in turn the vet says great things about her. Win Win situation for both. So I finally made contact with Laura and told her how much money we have spent because she sold us a lemon puppy (which she denies by the way) after some conversation Laura agrees to give me and my wife a new puppy since we had all the issues that we had with the first one that we bought, so Laura said that she would have some puppies ready to go in Dec 2017 in which it was August 2017 when I contact her, she said I will call you when they are ready and we could come and get one and that I would along with my wife have to sign a contract for the new one in which I agreed. My wife was look on some dog selling sights and whose dogs did we see on these sights none other that Laura Raiders dogs when I called leaving several messages for Laura to call in which she never returned my call. After this I said that she just was not going to give us a puppy like she promised. A few days after I had left a vm for Laura to call I received a phone call from the Lincoln County Sheriffs Dept. stating that Laura had put in a complaint against me saying that she was in fear I am not for sure what she was in fear of as I live 5.5 hrs away. Laura Raider is a liar and a thief, I advise anyone thinking about buying anything from this one to run the other way. If you should have any questions that you would like to ask please feel free to call me Ron Raynor @ 703.626.5911 and I will go more into details and the problems our dog has been thru.

  • Resolution statement

    Avalon Bey Newfoundlands customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complaint author have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

  • Updated by Ron Raynor, Mar 22, 2018

    That's a lie nothing has been resolved with Laura Rader in fact she called the sheriff on me stating that she was in fear of her life which is another lie to the many that Laura Rader has told, I can't resolve it with her because I have been told not to communicate with her, I am also proceeding with legal actions against her.

Jan 19, 2018

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