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Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I needed a car and went to Auto List. I took a car for a test drive and loved it. Just what I wanted. I asked if the car had AC and the sales person showed me it did. I made a deal for $11, 000.00. I had a family member look at the car to make sure I was getting a good deal. "No rust. Good condition." Service people took the car to the back to be cleaned. They also told me (when I asked) the car came from Winnipeg. NOT! I discovered later it was from Quebec and everything was rusting.

Happily I drove my car home. It was winter (November) so I didn't recheck the AC. When I got home, my son tells me the car has NO AC. The car was switched for an identical color but NO AC. Parts started to fall apart, and they didn't service it - just gave me a rough time. I couldn't take the car back. I took it to another dealer for repair and paid $1 300.00 for work. The inside was rusting and now the body is falling apart from rust. I owe on a car that is not safe to drive and is sitting in my back yard. I had to change out the engine and the transmission. This thing is just a big 'eye-sore' and an expensive lawn ornament I don't need. I still can not stop payments. They would take my house. Anyone know how to get out of this problem? I have tried.

I have been paying on the car for 7 years and STILL OWE $8 000.00 The car

Dec 14, 2014

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