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Australia Institute of Immigration / SCAM

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Somebody just called me 5 days ago using Unknown No. and introduce herself as representative from Australia Institute of Immigration, and ask me some personal questions and told me that all of these infos are necessary to be qualified in Australia Visa application, , , and its flattering when she told me that I am qualified as how I communicate and as a degree holder. and then she briefly discussed that their organization will issue visa after 3 months prior to my application, and once i will have my visa, they will assist me to find for a living in Australia..and so i asked, and what can I do to your organization once I will be lucky and how can I track down my application? and she told me that i need to pay them EURO 320.00 so they will be able to send me my Username and password for me to access their website. she asked if I have Credit card or debit card and I said I only have Debit Card but I prefer to pay through telex transfer so I asked for their Co. Bank Accnt No., but she refused to tell me, suddenly, she asked me to read to her the nos. in my Card, so i did tell her my scrambled Card Nos., she asked to hold on for my Accounts verification, after few minutes-- she speaks and told me that there's no enough balance in my Account to pay. She told me that she'll call back after 3 days to take my permission for the payment, so she did call me but i refuse to give any account no. as I doubt, I told her to call me back after few days so i will find somebody who lend me Credit card, and she told me that she will put my name on the VIP list but I need to pay down payment at least EUR39.00, she tried again to check the number that I gave to her previously, and! oh lalalh!/-a-t-/-no enough money in my Account! I asked her Direct Phone Number so i can call her once I have money in the bank, but she reasoned out that they don't allow applicants to spend calling them.. again she call me this morning and my colleague talked to her, he requested her to send the details via email, and this is what I got:

Dear ___________,

Following our conversation, we took the liberty of sending you this email in order for you to be confident with our services.

Australia Institute of Immigration offers you the opportunity to participate in the Australian skill migration program where you may get a permanent visa to live and work in Australia.

Use this link In order to apply for a permanent visa.

Australia Institute of Immigration advantages:

* 133, 500 people and their families will have the opportunity to emigrate.
* Official government program.
* Your chance to live and work in Australia.
* Easy online registration and assistance in every step. Online monitoring of your application progress.
* Improve your basic qualifications while you live and work in Australia

Join us now and start your procedure for a permanent Australian visa.

Yours sincerely,

Customer service,
Australia Institute of Immigration

I replied to the e-mail also to prove to you thats a scam and i got a delivery failure notice!!!


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  • Am
      11th of May, 2009
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    By the way the lady who called me from the Australia Institute of Immigration did not sound Australian at all !!!
    Very awkward accent !! Nigerian maybe !

  • Si
      18th of May, 2009
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    Hi there

    I guess I'm in line with you. Just around 15 minutes ago I got a called from a guy named Mark. He said he was calling from Australia. He sounded like he is from Germany, Belgium, Switzerland or any countries that are using a language other than English. When the man was calling, his number didn't appear on my handphone but it read "unknown". He interviewed me for about 15 minutes, and he also asked me questions regards to my work experience, educational qualifications, family background, and at the end he asked me whether I got a Credit Card, and requested me to give him a credit card number but I said "NO, I don't have any credits card" I don't even have money "320 (Euro) to pay for the application fee". When I was asked the credit card number I got a feeling that it's a fraud. There's NO WAY you are asked to give away your Credit Card or Visa Number to someone who you don't know. He even asked me to use a friend's Credit Card first to start the process but I said no. Then he said he would contact me again and send me an email for further process. He did send it straight away but then I unsubscribed it. I have lived in Australia for 4.5 years and just returned home. I know that when you make a call from Australia to anywhere in the world, it's SO CHEAP. With a $10 phone card you can make a call up to 120-140 minutes. That's why it's so easy for them to call every one outside Australia. Their website at first looks convincing but it's awkward that they don't provide office telephone numbers. The address could also be vague. So, I think we all must be very careful. The strange thing is that I found their website address when it popped up in the computer but when I tried to search the profile of this organization I can't. It seems that they don't have a legal website. I tried to search their activities and staff at this organization but I couldn't find the site at all. SO, WE MUST WATCH OUT for this. Could it be a Cyber Crime?

  • Ra
      18th of May, 2009
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    Hi there!

    Its good that you made a report regarding this scam, I too have received a call from these people. The first one a lady India and the latest a male also sounded like from India. He said i was selected among 10 people residing in UAE Dubai and he asked me information about my credit card even the 4 digits found at the back of the card which i refused to give. I said i would rather go to the Australian embassy to apply and he no need because he said that he is already working in Australian embassy based in Australia so it will only take 3 to 6 months to process, he only stopped when he didnt get the information of my credit card as he was always insisting. What the heck this people are doing such crazy things nowadays!!!

    All guys out there also beware! I wish that Australian embassy such also take a look on this matter.

    I think this scam is related to fake credit cards that these bunch of crooks are selling for a low cost. Several tourists have been caught here in Dubai using fake credit cards.

    Thnks guys.

    Ray of Dubai.

  • Ni
      19th of May, 2009
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    Hi there !!

    I got a call too!! From those Australia Institute of Immigration people. They are very weird. I don't even know who has the nerve to ask for a credit card number over the phone. The lady who called me didn't have the australian accent. She claimed to be originally from Brazil and has moved to Australia a long time ago. She said her name was Kelly Johnson. Doesn't sound like a Brazilian name. :) I don't think she was calling from Australia. She seemed to have an Eastern European or Israeli accent. I think I may have heard some Hebrew or Arabic in the background while she was on the phone with me. I asked her for some details. She give me an address that seems to be a valid Australian address but she wasn't convincing at all. Here is the information that I got from her:

    Phone Number: 0061297791540
    Fax Number: 0061295138888

    Their address is as follows:
    Reges Bondi Junction
    Level 23
    Tower 1
    Oxford St. 520
    Sydney, Australia

    Does anyone know of any organisation that investigates such matters?
    We really should report them.

    The least they could do is put someone that sounds genuinely Austrailian on the phone :D

  • Mo
      21st of May, 2009
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    Hi There!

    Its good that we all share our views regarding this scam, I received a call too a lady she called me and she was telling me that she is calling from Australian institute of immigration and she was repeating my details what I submit in my in their web site. She was asking me my family details how long I m working in Saudi Arabia my job position and my earning. Then suddenly she said to me that for security reason I need your credit card details for varification and she said to me, I should repeat my credit card no and card security code for confirmation, which I refused and I asked her why are you asking this details you are not authorized to ask for it then she said it is essential as they choosen me as VIP member and she was asking further 200 eur to process my case.

    What I got to know that they are scamer and cheater I am searching a site, if I can find australian legal department for complain for this site this is open cyber crime australian government should take notice for this site and try to close as soon as possible. Other wise they are online and can cheat many other peoples around the world.

    Thanks and Take Care
    Mohammad Saudi Arabia

  • Ao
      22nd of May, 2009
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    Hi all,
    What if somebody already paid for it? :( My boyfriend did that and now he changed his mind and doesn't want to proceed with the application. Would there be any way to recieve the money back? Did anyone has a case like that?

    Aoife, Ireland

  • Gr
      23rd of May, 2009
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    I'm sorry, but i don't agree with you. i also got a phone call from one of their salesman & he helped me. I assure you that this company exists & is totally legit. be well.

  • Ra
      23rd of May, 2009
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    Hi Aoife,

    How can you be so sure of that? Please give us some documents proving they are not scammers.


    Ray of Dubai

  • Sc
      24th of May, 2009
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    Hi grand_marshel

    Congratulations on being helped out by them. However, if I were you I would still contact Australian Embassy in your country and checked whether the Australian Embassy has a joint partnership with Australia Institute of Immigration. I've read comments from other websites saying that the only office that can issue a visa is Australian Embassy. If the Australian Embassy do work with Australia Institute of Immigration you are lucky, but if the answer is no, let's hope that you can get your money back. And if yes you already got your visa, could you please tell us how long did you wait for the visa to be issued and how easy it was? Another weird thing as I've read those comments early on that those callers do not sound Australian at all. Does this mean their organization only employs non-Australian nationalities in Australia itself? Why? Are they using outsourcing which someone can work from all over the world without having to reside in Australia? Well, anyone please share your ideas. Thank a lot.

    Scaler of Indonesia

  • Jo
      26th of May, 2009
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    Hi to all
    My girlfriend used to work for and she told me it was a scam as well the call center is in israel and the callers tell the clients they are based in australia. this company ausiom was publicly humiliated on live israeli tv for those who want to watch and understand some hebrew heres the link of what really goes on inside the office the real company is called ugida

  • Ra
      26th of May, 2009
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    Dear John,

    Thank you very much. I checked and it is a shame because i almost got scammed.

    Curse this people. I hope Australian authorities can make legal action with this group who are victimizing innocent people.

    Regards and you did a great job!

    Ray of Dubai

  • Jo
      26th of May, 2009
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    hi this is john again i recommend all who read these links to contact the australian embassy in tel aviv israel to make sure they put an end to this scam organazation. it is rumored that is still in exsitist in israel and that the israeli police need a bit of a push from the australian embassy so to all who care about not getting scammed or where scammed feel free to call the australian embassy to tell them to shut these people down.

    contact info of Australian Embassy in Israel
    Head of Mission

    Ambassador of Australia James Larsen
    Contact information

    Address: Discount Bank Tower (28th Floor)

    23 Yehuda Halevi St (Corner Herzl St)

    Tel Aviv 65136

    Postal address: PO Box 29108 Tel Aviv 61290

    Tel: +972 3 6935000

    Fax: +972 3 6935002


    Email for visa, immigration and citizenship matters:

    Opening hours

    Mon -Thurs: 08:00 -12:30 and 13:00 -16:30

    Fri: 08:00 to 13:00

  • Mo
      29th of May, 2009
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    my name is gaffar from al ain, u a e. i have done all as per your staff instructions on good faith. later they stopped to call me . after 15 days i send an email to support, ausiom. in reply they written my application is in process. later no news. can i get update of my application? my id no is Mohad947.

    thanks and regards

    md abdul gaffar

  • Sc
      29th of May, 2009
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    Hi John
    You've done a great job. Thanks a million for sharing what you've found out about the Ausiom. I look forward to hearing what the Tel Aviv Australian Embassy will respond to this scam--it's a cyber crime.

    Hi 'md abdul gaffar' what are you trying to say mate? Are you asking one of us here to suggest when your visa application with Ausiom comes to an end? Well, the answer is I don't know and whether your question is given to the right people in this forum.


  • Ce
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    Its a shame! I was scammed . Last night I had a call from a lady introduced herself as Ms. Lyn from the Australian Inistitute of Immigration but she sounded like an African accent. She was following -up why I didn't push through with my on-line application to Australlia, I said I changed my mind . So she tried to persuade me with good talks and that I really am qualified with my degree and work experience and all. In other words she got me and asked if I have a credit card and all those personal infos about my financing and all. I hang up the phone and she called again with hesitation I said I'm not going to give my credit card infos but towarsd the end I gave the info she asked. I asked how and when she send the official receipt but she refused to answer but instead she gave all info re, username and password so I can continue with the application. It happened so quick.

    I called my credit card customer service to advise not to accept the billing from Australla Institute of immigration but its too late. So I asked for a replacement for fear of charging more amounts from them.

    I wrote back to them demmanding for acknowledgement letter if they can't send me the official receipt but no reply.

    And so I searched only find out all these complaints against them.

    Too bad...

  • Wh
      8th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    oH MY ..i also got that call few minutes ago..Oh my... same as the reports on the list.. when she told me that there's a number at the back of my credit card I was thinking that scams happen everywhere I told her that I don't have my credit card here even she told me if I am online i told her no I dont have internet because i doubt to give. she was telling me that you just don't want to give me your account or credit card number. i said YES. after i told her that I will think about it she was encouraging me and as if it's true. I told her that just send me an email and I will decide it later. when I answered the phone her voice is kinda different from Australian nationalities. I knew it!!! after that call I directly search from the web and this what I saw that it was a scam..

    thanks God...=)

  • Gr
      9th of Jun, 2009
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  • Gr
      9th of Jun, 2009
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  • Ra
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    Grand Marshel,

    How dare you include my name and accusing me that i belong to the rival company. I know perhaps that you work for this company(Australian Institute of Immigration) and you continue to support scamming innocent people. Curse you for your accusation and you dont know anything except cheating people and steal money from their credit cards.
    Dear people please dont be scammed soon authorities will catch this cyber criminals and watch the link posted by John.

    Ray of Dubai

  • An
      11th of Jun, 2009
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    To Grand marshael you know yourself your company ausiom are a bunch of liars the australian ambassador in israel said your company ausiom is a fraud and even checked the entire database to see if any immagration forms where submitted through YOUR COMPANY AUSIOM AND FOUND NONEEEEEEE. wow what a coincedent and whats so sad is that the website may say they are not the australian government but the agents that work there sure say another story espaccially when they promise immagration visas as well as when some of the agents say they are australian embassy emploies thats just so sad and desperate to sell. and whats with the shoes in your office from nimrod and all the nimrod shoe posteres well i guess the video says they are involved as well. anyways whoever else wants to see the truth again heres the link of the video that explains the whole scam sorry its in hebrew but thats where this SCAM COMPANY AUSIOM IS BASED.
    please spread the link all over the net so we can all stop this scam company called ausiom

    oh and by the way whoever else is pissed about this company can also call the shoe company nimrod this is where the scam company is situated at here is there number if you want to call to complain although im highly doubful it will help
    also if there is someone coming to israel maybe to get there money back you cant miss them there in a big building called nimrod located in the bussiness district across form ben gurion airport that is where the scam company ausiom is located.

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