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On 26March2016 I received an e-mail from "TopSoft Bargains" and "Windows Deal" offering a 100% discount on the download of the software program "Audials One 2016".
I accepted the offer and downloaded the program from the "Audials" Internet site.
However, the downloaded program is incomplete and has much less options than the normal version and THAT WAS NOT STATED by no one.
Thus, I am arguing with the company "Audials" support, in terms that I partially transcribe next:
"I accepted the TopSoftBargains offer of 100% discount, where I am registered as user "hvspar" with the e-mail "[protected]" a few days ago. Now I deduct that obviously I don't have a full access to the "Audials One" or I don't have the correct full program installed.
Either way, being so, it is certainly a matter of elusive/misleading publicity and I am just waiting for your answer to decide against whom shall I put up a formal complaint: eIther Audials or TopSoftBargains!" and also:
"Dear Audials support,
Unfortunately you did not answer my question and did not care to solve my problem.
Didn't you notice that my Audials One 2916 Navigation Pannel is very different from the picture you attached? Didn't you notice that the picture I sent you has much less items that yours, namely it has no "Streaming" and "Universal converter" sections?
What is your explanation for that?
What kind of program did I download from your site with the 100% discount offer?
Are you aware of the 100% discount offer from TopSoft Bargains and also from Windows Deal or not?
Your answer of "Please see attached screenshot" is absolutelly ridiculous unless you think that the client is stupid!
So, I am asking once more: - what is your explanation for the fact that I downloaded and installed from the Audials site a different application from the one that was advertised?
Finally, please identify the person who answers this e-mail and do not state only "Audials Support"
With best reegards, Henrique Silva"

Because I consider the subject as a "false/misleading advertising", I am submiting this complaint to the "ComplaintsBoard" in order to avert such incidents and similar problems in the future with this company: - "".
With best regards,
Henrique Silva
E-mail: [protected]

Mar 30, 2016

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