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AT&T / charging for things I didn't owe

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I was at an att store in august to return one cell phone that i accidently bought. Only wanted one. A salesman talked to me about Dish tv and said he would give it to me since i had everything else with att. i came back the next day and signed up for 200 chanels free for 12 months and Starz and Hbo for free for 3 months. That was back in august 2008 and i have been charged every month and some two times a month. i also bought a phone from att with installments of $14.99 each mo., I was charges $75.00 on one bill pluse $14.99. I paid all of that and then they subtracted one month paid and said i only paid 3 months and added a convenience fee to pay. i turned it over to TN Regulatory Commission and I find out they can't do anything and don't want to do anything about the problem. I ask for the name of the commission or what ever would be over ATT and have not got an answer. They told me to lay low and hope for the best. Do you know who i can contact for a problem with ATT?

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  • Va
      9th of Apr, 2009
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    AT&T - Rip off company
    United States

    I want to post this in this forum regarding AT&T's reward program for its Internet DSL Dryloop product to see whether there are enough of us getting the run around and not receiving the reward as promised so we can maybe sue AT&T in a class action for deceptive business practices. I was promised a 100 reward if I purchased their modem and internet service some 9 months ago. Since then, I have had to call them at least 6 times and countless wait time and transfer calls later, I still don't have my reward. I purchased the modem and Internet service from the AT&T store in Huntington Beach, California (Brookhurst and Adam).

    Naturally, I canceled my service today in protest. Thank goodness the product works okay... If you ever had to deal with AT&T Internet DSL associates or had the unfortunate privilege of calling their toll free number, only to be transferred back and forth and sometimes getting disconnected, then you know what I am talking about.


  • At
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    I'm an ex at&t employee. I can honestly say is the worst job I ever had. Since day 1 I noticed their selling practices were not the best. I have been in sales for a long time, and I can tell you that I felt so cheap working for AT&T because of the way they treat their customers.
    First of all, AT&T does NOT have a customer service department. AT&T has 1 department, SALES, which handles all complaints, billing issues, so on, so on. Because you are speaking to a sales rep when you are calling about your bill, expected to be sold something. If you don't want to buy it, it may still appear on your next bill. AT&T plays the odds, and the odds are that you may not look at your bill next month, so they may get away with the sale.
    There are two common sayings at AT&T, 1) "It is what it is" 2) "What's in it for you."
    The first one means, that when a rep would feel so bad about the way a customer is being treated, for example, charged with bogus charges or someone upgrade their service without authorization, as a human you want to help the customer, but our manager would not allow us. The manager would say something like "it is what it is" too bad for the customer but there is not thing that we can do.
    So you are calling customer service, and expect to get help, but from the minute you are calling, the rep only has one thing in mind, "What's in it for him." If a rep has been in a call for a while, the manager will go to the rep and ask the rep what is going on. If there is no sale involve the manager will tell the rep to get rid of the call. We are instructed to only help those who may possibly buy something from us.
    During my tenure at AT&T I dealt with so many, many upset customers, and complaint so much about how AT&T does business. But the bottom line is customers continue to choose to do business with AT&T.
    I'm so surprise that there has not been an class-action lawsuit against their selling practices.

  • Mi
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    Contact your state AG

  • Dl
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    why would you keep paying every month if they said it was free for 12 months. Didnt you call them after the first bill?

  • Mo
      29th of Mar, 2010
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    I have been fighting with AT&T since September 2009 after they pulled a bait and switch on their U-verse package & modem rebate. Because of them instead "bundling" my services, I am now in a 2 year contract with Directv that I can't get out of unless I want to pay $430 to disconnect, I have no DSL (because I canceled all of my AT&T services as soon as I got my first bill 2 weeks after my services were connected -it was $147+ taxes/fees rather than the $99 a month I was promised), and was recently turned into a collections agency for $124 for the modem fee (all this happened after I mailed back the modem when they told me they couldn't give me the rebate but I could get a credit on my account if I returned). I am furious that this is on my credit report and that it has caused my FICO score to go down 97 points. I am trying to buy a house and am looking at a less competitive interest rate now that my credit is I am going to have to wait probably 6 months to get this fixed and give time for it to come off my credit report and for my score to go up. I am pissed. In addition, I graduate from law school in May. I am worried about not being admitted to the bar and what employers are going to think when they pull my credit report. AT&T is dirty lying cheats. I am working on a complaint to the BBB, FTC, and the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office. I have gotten know where dealing with AT&T customer service. I have talked to 13 people and logged 17 hours on the phone with them to no avail. They will toss you around from agent to agent, delete file notes, and make promises out their ###. AT&T needs sued!!!

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