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AT&T / bundle scams

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I sent this as a comment on some elses complaint but though the rest of you might like a fill in on this info as well...

Welcome to the NEW AT&T!!! You see, a lot of customers have or had bundles thru ole reliable Bellsouth that gave them a lot more discounts than anything that is available through the “new” AT&T today and as long as the customer doesn’t change anything on their package or services, they can keep the grandfathered plan. Through Bellsouth, even if a bundle was “accidentally” removed, it could somehow…miraculously be corrected or substituted. NOT ANYMORE BOYS AND GIRLS!!! Now, the minute you change anything, poof…your prior bundle and any of the perks in discounts it offered are GONE…GONE…GONE and cannot be put back. They are trying to get rid of these bundles at warp speed because the new bundles only offer discounts of $5 or less…total, when some of the old ones offered discounts up to $10 per bundle item in some cases.

They are also doing this with most of their old long distance plans that offered awesome per minute rates. They change the bundle…the old long distance plan is no longer available in the new bundle structure and again…the customer gets shafted paying more and there is absolutely no way to correct it. The rep plays stupid…the supervisors apologize profusely but still don’t fix it and AT&T…well, CHA CHING!!!

Don’t get me wrong…Bellsouth wasn’t much better…they were just smaller so they worried just a tiny bit more about their customer service, employees and competition. AT&T is one of the big guns, so…they definitely and 100% absolutely COULD CARE LESS!!!

Oh…and one more thing…please understand something, when you tell AT&T that you’re going to switch companies if they don’t fix the screw up they made, THEY DON’T CARE!! The company that you “switch” to is renting the lines from AT&T, so whether you get the service from AT&T or the “competitor”, AT&T still makes money!! CHA CHING!!

AT&T rants and raves that they were ranted “#1 in customer satisfaction…” blah…blah…blah (where they get these stats…if you can find out…please let me know) and that they pride themselves on serving the customers needs and not their own, then let me ask you…if customer satisfaction is their main concern, then why when you call for JUST customer service, does that poor rep have to shove 10 different products down your throat? Why does a “customer service” rep that your trying to get to help you reduce your bill have ridiculous monthly quotas that they have to meet at 100% or more every month OR ELSE? Good questions…right!!!

Like I’ve said before…any information I give you here can easily be found with just a little research. This is FREE information I’m providing and if it helps anyone in the slightest…your welcome and GOOD LUCK!!!

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  • Va
      11th of Aug, 2008
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    AT&T - Harrarsment
    United States

    Upon first trying to get AT&T when I placed order, had it recorded, salesman gave me work order, they said they had no record. From the beginning, I have had problems with their services. In August 2007 I paid by electronic check and they said that my bank returned check which my bank has no record of, they have that on my record as a returned check and NOW, they interrupt my services whenever they get ready. I am on disability and I explained to AT&T that my checks come the last week of the month which means I pay late. I have explained it over and over. Yet, now my telephone service has been suspended and they have prompts that they will put you into and never speak with you. It is so unprofessional how people that make so much money treat paying customers that need their services. AT&T will lose out in the end because someone will come along and take over. AT&T and their practices should be investigated. My service was off for three days and now it has been interrupted again and my bill is not even due yet. They do all types of things with your service at their leisure. What kind of company is this?

  • La
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    Ok…as I’ve said before…”Welcome to the New AT&T”!!!

    1) Not all calls are recorded. They only record calls when they are trying to get rid of an employee so that they can “bust” them on the most minimal of things. Also, if you recorded the employee without telling them AND getting their permission, it illegal. The majority of states are two party states that require both parties permission in order for either of them to be recorded. The employee gives permission by working there and you give permission by staying on the call after this has been informed to you.

    2) AT&T charges $5 to pay your bill with a representative. Zero if you use the automated system or the internet. It is very easy to put in a wrong number when entering the routing number and account number of your bank on the automated system. The system gives you a confirmation even though it doesn’t check the entry you’ve made. That gets done after the fact and if it’s wrong, your payment is late AND you get hit with a $25 return check charge AND possibly another $30 to restore your service if it was temporarily disconnected. I always recommended that if the customer doesn’t want to pay the $5 for a live person to take the payment, the best bet would be the internet option cause then you can check your entry.

    3) AT&T could care less when you receive your check. Bellsouth was slightly more forgiving, although not by much but the “new AT&T” could care less!! They will disconnect you at the first sight of non-payment just so they can make the extra $30 reconnection fee and even more so, so that YOU WILL have to call in and one of their reps can try to sell you something. As we were told, “customer service calls are your only contact with the customer, so take the opportunity to stick them with whatever they are eligible for…”.

    4) Unfortunately…no one is going to “come in and take over” and AT&T knows that. Even if you go to another carrier, unless it’s the cable company, if you go to another phone company, most likely AT&T rents the lines to that carrier and if you switch to them, guess what…AT&T still makes money. CHA CHING!!

    5) Lastly you asked “What kind of company is this?” This is a company who’s could care less about the consumer…PERIOD!! Their only concern is their bottom line and anyone that gets in their way, be it employees or customers…what was it the managers use to say…oh yeah…”NEXT”!!! Haven’t you noticed, in a time when the economic situation is devastating most of the country, AT&T has hiked their prices! In the last six months, they have increased their packages, voice mail and maintenance charges by $1 here and $1 there but when you get to the bottom line, in the end, with taxes and all, you’ve been hiked about $5!!! That’s why they’ve done the increases at different time, although they have been planed for well over year. Because when you got the notice in January that a package that you have had for 10, 20, 30 years is going up from $31 to $33 and you call in about it, the reps says…”it’s only$2 per month difference…” and you keep the service AND they try to sell you something that you’ve turned down about 20 times before. Then in March you got a notice saying maintenance is going up $1…again you call…again you keep the service…AGAIN, they try to sell you something. By the time you’re done with 2008, your bill will have gone up $5 to $10 guaranteed and you’ve probably been shafted another $20 in extra services. Now let me ask you…in a recession…when we are looking to maintain some type of enjoyable existence….why would a major corporation increase their rates and try to shove unneeded services down your throat…again, because they don’t care and even if you switch they make money and they know that when you switch, you will eventually be back.

    Look, even when you place a complaint on this board, don’t you notice that in the margins there are ads for AT&T packages and services. PEOPLE THEY ADVERTISE ON THIS BOARD!!! Come on, they have someone monitoring these boards. You’ve received comments from the “AT&T rep” telling you that if you have any problems, “always…always call AT&T”…you call in and although, I can guarantee that maybe your problem will only be solved 10% of the time (yes, I’m being generous), I can most definitely guarantee that you will be offered more services 200% of the time…NEXT!!!

    Like I’ve said before…this is FREE information that you could have easily attained by doing a little bit of research. Good Luck!!

  • Br
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    SO TRUE!

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