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Atlantic Car Sales / Rude & Out to Scam You

1 Whitman, MA, United States Review updated:

When my husband and I almost bought a car from Atlantic Car Sales, in Whitman MA, we were shocked to find we were being charged more than what we had agreed to. We were made to think that a car we were trading in was included in the total price; however it was in fact IN ADDITION to the total price. What is more, the purchase agreement was not entirely filled out. The salesperson left "Total Price" and "Total Payment" blank, so we would not know that we were actually expected to pay more than discussed. Additionally, we have never been treated so rudely and were shocked at the way we were spoken to when we pointed this out. No one should have to be spoken to in such a manner, especially by the owner of the dealership.

Atlantic Car Sales is not the place to purchase your next car. Please heed this warning and take your business elsewhere, where you can be sure that what is discussed is what will go on the purchase contract.

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  • Pe
      16th of Dec, 2009
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    Unfortunately I did purchase from there and I'm going to add extensive details to help explain the levels of fraud they commit.
    Where to start

    Warranty. Everybody says they are bad.
    Royal Administration is the co-fraud company they deal with. They say hidden on their site "we pay dealers the highest returns". This is because they don't do anything and the company itself does not exist. Anyway, they said look the 2 year plan is 1200 but the 3 yr plan is 1400. I decided at first to get it. Well within the 30 days, because I could not read the details until after I purchased it, I cancelled my policy which cost me 50$. I only got 1, 000 back? Royal administration claimed they are only responsible for half. Half? I looked into my paper work from ACS and under "other" was a mysterious 600$ charge. See, they knew it was 2, 000 but said it was 1400. Well, I'm taking them to court soon because they have refused to pay the 1, 000 dollars they owe me. Had they paid only the 400$ more I may have not even noticed it was 1, 000$ and they still could have banked on 600$.
    They stole 1, 000$ from me towards a service I never had. We're going to court soon.

    Your car?
    I did not want anything for my car anyway. This is what I believe to be strictly tax evasion. If you purchase a vehicle from them for say 5, 000. They will rewrite the price to maybe 8, 000$ and write they gave you 3, 000$ for your car when in fact they gave you zero. Then they will sell your car. They disregarded all the serious problems my old car had as well. I feel bad if anyone bought it.
    I heard them tell one guy, it looks better for the banks if the loan is for more money. LOl, by the time it gets to the bank it's going to be for the same amount anyway.

    How about the company name itself?
    Abington car sales. This business had a lot of legal troubles. Guess what? It's them. Get your free credit report (really) and you will see that you have purchased something from Abington car sales, not atlantic. It seems they don't exist anymore. They may be going back to that name or opening up a new dealership somewhere else.
    If you go to McDonalds you don't expect that it's burger king in Mcdonald's disguise. I'm sure this is illegal.

    Delays to push over warranty
    By Mass. Law I had 30 days. After the date of purchase they kept the car over a week for "repairs". My car would not pass inspection. I knew exactly what was wrong and told them. They would not answer the phone when I called or said they would call me back. It was past 2 weeks before I got it in. They need to repair for free, and issue another 30 days after repair. They refused to give any paper work. They did not fix anything. Seems they drove my car around all day though. Picked up 50mi and loss of gas. What they did is clear the error codes for the problem. It took past 3 weeks to realize all this. They refused to allow it for repairs until after that 30 days meaning I would actually have to pay them.
    There is written law that any auto repair must be documented by the mechanic.

    There is a lot more on this, but I don't have the time right now.
    Overall they take the ### fraud scamming persona of a used car sales person to new levels
    They are flat out crooks who disregard laws and they will pay for that.
    My first used car purchase. Live and learn. I will be extremely cautious in the future now.

  • Jo
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    My car deal went pretty smooth back in June '08 & I purchased a 2 year warranty from SVP which I never had a claim on. I called SVP today (about 20 months into it) to cancel contract because I traded vehicle in last week only to find SVP claims to have no record of my contract. It's 'only' a few hundred $'s I'm out that I won't get back because SVP won't give me anything & ACS is no longer in Whitman. As far as I'm concerned this is was a typical small used car dealer scam/deal.

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