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Atlanta Network Technologies / Refused to acknowledge receipt of RMA merchandise so won't refund money

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I purchased a BFG 260 GTX Maxcore OCX (the one with 216 processors) video card on ebay from Atlanta Network Technologies Inc. (henceforth to be appropriately called "ANTI") on 11/29/08 to make a pair with the card I already had in my case. The new card arrived 12/02/08 and everything looked good. I added the card to my system but GPU-Z identified it as having a core speed of 590Mhz when the OCX is supposed to be factory-overclocked to 655Mhz. I played around with the card, swapping it with my other card (which GPU-Z always read as 655Mhz) and trying different physical configurations to see if GPU-Z was wrong. No matter what I did the card still read as 590Mhz. So basically they (fraudulently?) sent me a video card of lesser value than what I bought.

I contacted ANTI on 12/12/08 for an RMA number so I could return the video card for a refund. I sent them the video card on 12/15/08 and have signed USPS confirmation of delivery on 12/17/08. The RMA notice said to allow 6 weeks for processing, etc. I contacted ANTI via customer service phone number [protected]) late in December (believe it was 12/29/08) to check on status. I was told "our systems don't show anything received, we'll send an email to the warehouse and ask them to look for it. Call us back in a week".

I called again on Monday (1/05/09) to follow up and got essentially the exact same message. At this point I started getting a bad feeling about this, so I also send an email to their customer service address. I got a response from them the next day (1/06/09) saying

Thank you for providing this information.
I have forwarded this information to the warehouse manager to verify the status of your return.
I will respond with an outcome in 1-2 business days.
Thank you for your patience.

The Support Team at

Despite her promise, I never heard from Michelle again.

I again called on 1/12/09 and get the same old story - "We're working on it, let us check again with warehouse manager." Mind you, this isn't even about the refund - I'm just asking them to confirm they've even got the card! A month after USPS delivers it and they STILL can't confirm they got it. Something isn't right here. Now I'm really mad so I file an "Initial Claim" with Paypal. After steaming about it for 10 minutes, I logged back on to Paypal and upgraded the Initial Claim to a "Dispute".

On 1/16/09 I had a really enlightening exchange with ANTI customer service to see what's happening. They told me "a payment was made to your Paypal account yesterday". I'm thinking "great, that Paypal really went to bat for me". Just following a hunch I ask ANTI the $ amount of the payment. But the customer service rep says "We don't know that information" and "it'll take a few days at Paypal before you see the money hit your account".

Hmmmm, my sensors are detecting something not sounding correct. I checked my online Paypal account and see no activity. I called Paypal to see if they can confirm the "a couple days" bit. But the Paypal representative I get says "we see payments instantly - there is no "days" of processing".

I called my by-now good friend at ANTI customer service (I believe I spoke to the same rep each time). ANTI insists Paypal is wrong, but then also says they can't tell me the amount of the payment. I ask to speak to someone who can tell me, but I'm told "no one here can tell you how much it was". I've never heard of customer service behaving this way. After I calmly ask to speak to a supervisor, the ANTI rep comes back the line to say "you filed a dispute with Paypal, we're not going to speak to you anymore, only Paypal, have a nice day" and *CLICK* hangs up on me.

Wow, I haven't encountered service this bad in a long time.

Paypal took about five weeks to claim my USPS confirmation number was incorrect. I asked them to recheck as I knew it was correct, and then it took them another two weeks to tell me that they couldn't help me. When I originally contacted them - mid January - they told me to send the item back to the seller's registered address. I had RMAed the card a month prior to that so I couldn't meet their requirements. They said they can't track a shipment made to any other address. I've since spoken to a customer service manager at Paypal who says he can't tie the warehouse address to the ANTI address they have for the online seller. Paypal did give me an email where I can further appeal to their "executive response" team. I'm tired of Paypal screwing me too, so I called my credit card company. They said send us your supporting docs, we'll investigate. In the meantime we'll give you a temporary credit for the pruchase. WOW. Discover really "gets" customer service.

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  • Va
      9th of Oct, 2008
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    Atlanta Network Technologies - Dishonest reseller
    Atlanta Network Technologies
    33 Mansell Court
    United States

    Dishonest seller. They issued an RMA and then did not honor it. After five e-mail messages and three phone calls over a one month period, they then claimed that an RMA had never been issued! USPS confirms that ANT had received the return item. When I told them that I would contest the charge, Roger in their returns department quipped "Good luck with that, have a nice day".

    You've been warned!

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