Asurion / iphone 7+

Roseville, CA, United States

This company is a total scam. My girlfriend lost her phone (my acct) I reported it lost/stolen.

Few days go by, i hear nothing. I filled out all the paperwork request d (receipt, id and affadavit) i call in (getting to a live person requires navigating many phone trees and LONG wait times).

Rep says my account is on a hold. After placijg me on hold, she said hold has been removed, claim should be good in 24 hours. Next day, still nothing. Call in again. Wait on hold again. Rep now says my account is now on an “advanced hold.” Whatever that made up term is supposed to mean. She said give it 24 hours and will be fixed, claimed to talk to the “adjustor” herself.

2 days go by. Nothing. Call in again. Rep says my account is still on a hold give it 24 hours AGAIN. i ask to speak to supervisor. Supervisor says he will then transfer me to the adjuster AND THEN DISCONNECTS THE CALL.

Its been 2 weeks. No movement on my claim. No phone. Im only halfway paying this off thru ATT next and am paying connect charges on top of it. WHAT POSSIBLE REASON COULD THERE BE FOR THE HOLDS??????????

Im obviously not scamming them, the stupid phone isnt even paid off.

Next is the CA dept of insurance if this isnt fixed by tomorrow

Oct 23, 2017

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