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I used to have an account in the past years, it has stability problems sometime, but i was okay with it, but i can not log in since the expiry of the former account, so i register and purchase via a new account, after i paid 66.95usd for an one-year set i found the former account has been renewed, so i applied a refund within 20 hours, no reply in 3 days!!!Afterward i can not log in via mobile APP, so i contacted with them again, no reply for 6 days!!! No reply!No refund!No techinical support!!!They just ignore me!!!This is horrible!!The worst experience i ever been, even chinese companies don't be so rude today!!!

Jan 13, 2015
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  • El
      Jan 30, 2015

    100% TRUE! I had the same experience. I can't believe how poor their customer service is. Regardless of the product, I have never had a company be as rude as they were. I develop mobile apps for a living and when I asked them to tell me how to set up the desktop application because it hadn't been working for a month, the online support said, "have you ever seen a computer?" I couldn't believe it.

    And they enrolled me in a service that doesn't work in China and after two months on a two year contract that I purchased based on their customer service rep stating it works in China, they refuse to give me any money back.

    DO NOT USE THEM. We now use FREEVPN and it is pretty good. Use any of the other services.

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  • El
      Jan 30, 2015

    FYI. I do not support any particular service. I also use ExpressVPN and have heard of others

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  • Bl
      Mar 22, 2016

    Astrill’s customer service is the most horrible experience I have ever had with any company. They don’t respond for a few days and when they do respond via email, they suggest things that don’t work. After many chaser emails from me, finally they agreed to take a look at my PC remotely. We scheduled a time and then they don’t show up.

    They treat customers like trash. If you do not wished to be treated that way, don’t subscribe to their product. Look elsewhere.

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