Asset Recovery Association, Inc.scam

On april 12, 2016 I received a phone call on my cell phone while at work from a woman calling from ara inc. The acronym was not stated, 'asset recovery associates.' I was unclear about the call and the debt she was calling about, (Which turned out to be 20 years ago and way past the statues of limitations.) this caused her to refer me to another person, jason massey a collection manager who told me I owed 20, 000 and that this call was a last ditch effort to collect before papers were to be served to take me to court. He asked if I received a letter stating this fact, and I said no, I did not receive any such letter. He argued with me and I still said no. He said we will negotiate this debt today and stop the litigation process against you and offer a reduced settlement payment of $5058.18. I explained that I do not have that kind of money and then he offered that I pay $490 now and on this phone call only, otherwise we are serving you papers for the full amount. You will need to pay the remaining balance of 4, 568.00 in two weeks. If I fail to meet his demands, I will owe the full 20k. He new my ss# my address, my previous address, my mortgage company, everything, and I was really scared and intimidated to a point of numbness, which is shocking to me now. He successfully hooked me. I was so caught off guard and my senses were not kicking in to stop the harassment and intimidation tactics and like an idiot I paid the $490.00. I learned later that the calls also came in that day on my 12 years phone three times and also calls to my work number. Two days later an urgent call comes in from this company asking me to call them back and then another message not more than an hour later, with a very condescending message, (Which I am keeping by the way). This was all before I new the extent of who these people are and the complaints and lawsuits against this company, I am now trying to recover my money and protect myself from further harassment. These people are tenacious, cruel, and completely unethical. Know your rights to stop these people. I honestly do not know how these people sleep at night. I want to thank others who posted complaints regarding this company, because without that information I would not have had the proper perspective on this company and their tactics to be able to stand up for my rights. Very unpleasant experience!!

Apr 15, 2016

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