Asset Recovery Associates Incattempting to use scare tactics to scam unsuspecting people into paying money to satisfy a bogus debt

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12-30-14 someone identifying himself as william brice with asset recovery associates contacted my wife today and informed her that there was an outstanding debt from 2003 that she is still responsible for. The sketchy and minimal details that he provided her were not adequate at first glance in order for her to recognize whether or not she indeed had a debt from eleven years ago or not. He stated that the debt in the amount of $915.66 was with midland marine bank; which my wife has never heard of. He further stated that the accumulated amount with penalties and interest now exceeds $2, 900.00. He made her an offer to fulfill her obligation to midland marine bank in the amount of $503.61 by noon today or exchange for paying the $500+, this would not be reported to any credit bureaus. She requested a certified letter and william advised her that they do not waste the $17 or $18 it costs to send out certified letters. These individuals that prey on the public do some research and wiliam is atleast accurate in that my wife did have some credit problems at this point in her life; which was before we were married. She and I worked hard to repair her credit rating since then and she has not had a reoccurance since then; as a matter of fact she has an excellent fico score. I know this company did not succeed in his attempt to steal from us but I am sure they do receive payment from a larger percentage of people. The fraud and attempt should be enought to make them serve time in order to convince them that this is not the correct way to make a living.

Dec 30, 2014

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      Aug 10, 2017

    I received a phone call from these people TODAY - 8/10/17. I've read the many complaints and how this company has been reported. What bothers me is that the reports have not accomplished anything because they are still trying to scam people.

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