Aspen Dentalmisdiagnosis and shoddy product

Te Mar 08, 2016 Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin

I visited Aspen Dental in February 2015. My intention was to be fitted for a partial upper denture. X-rays and exam were done at the first appointment. I was told I needed a complete cleaning and two teeth pulled before the denture could be done. I agreed to their treatment plan and scheduled another appointment. Second appointment, THREE teeth were pulled instead of two and impressions were done. Third appointment I was supposed to receive the partial upper denture. It did not fit. Their lab tech started to grind one of the "teeth" - and kept grinding - and still it did not fit. The dentist scheduled another appointment and said they needed to do more work on the denture so I could not take it home. Fourth appointment I returned and was given a partial that had been ground down so that there was a hole in it. It still did not fit, but I took it home to try to get used to it. Less than two weeks later, the denture broke. I called to make an appointment and was told they no longer had a lab tech - but they were probably getting one in a week. I called weekly for six weeks and they still did not have a tech. Finally, I went to the office without an appointment and asked to speak to the office manager. I showed him the broken denture with a hole in it. He showed it to the dentist, she looked at my record and said I would have to see a specialist - they were not able to fix my problem. Since she was the one who had been treating me from the beginning, I asked her why she didn't tell me this BEFORE she pulled three teeth and wasted my time with a denture that would never fit. I told the manager I could not pay for the specialist to fix the problem they started. I wrote to the Better Business Bureau after which Aspen agreed to pay the Prosthodontist. After his exam, his estimate was $6, 000. I had to pay for his initial exam - $350. The price he quoted did not include approximately $6000 in fees from other specialists I would have to see to get this done. (In addition, he called the Aspen office to speak directly with the dentist, and she is no longer there. He then asked for the office manager, and HE is no longer there.) These are costs Aspen has refused to pay. I cannot afford to pay $6000. This means I am minus three teeth. The total cost would have been $12, 000 for a partial denture. I could have gotten my teeth REPAIRED for that amount instead of pulled. They were so anxious to make a sale, if I hadn't complained, they would never have told me they couldn't fix my problem. I would like them to pay for the work necessary to take care of the partial denture.

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