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Aspen Dental Management / aspen dental customer service

1 13200 Seminole Boulevard Suite 204, Largo, FL, United States

On December 9th 2018 we contacted Aspen Dental we Googled Aspen Dental and chose a location closest to us and a man picked up and started taking our information for my fiance to have work done on an abscessed tooth and another that was behind it that needed to be removed. He said that was no problem he got all our information some of the medical background I informed him he had been on antibiotics for the required amount of time for the removal he set up the appointment. He said that the oral surgeon would in fact be able to put him completely under and that the oral surgeon was located at 13200 Seminole Boulevard Suite 204 33778 Largo Florida. Phone number is [protected] and we were formed to be there at 7:45 that's when his appointment was we would be the first patients there to see the oral surgeon. He then informed us if we wanted to save time we could fill out the new patient form that he would send us an email he did send email and I did fill that form out. The next day we arrived at Aspen Dental at the given address and the receptionist said that there was no record of an appointment for Richard! So now we were informed that we would have to wait and the oral surgeon was completely booked for the day but that a regular dentist could perform the extraction they would however do an initial exam with x-rays first to see what needed to be done. We waited about an hour and a half and then they did the initial exam they went over the information with us and told us that he needed analgesia inhalation nitrous oxide bone removal section with bone removal which was $275 and a second bone removal or section with bone removal for another $275 total we ended up paying off of a debit card mind you was $621 even. That is another complaint that we have because we have the CareCredit we are able to give our CareCredit number without having the physical card at our veterinary office and other Medical Services we are receiving however Aspen said that it is not care credits policy to not have the physical card in your hand so we could not pay with that method! They did not inform us however which I found out today that you could go online on CareCredit enter into your account and pay online to the provider we wish to pay that would have saved overdraft fees in our count and other headaches because it's 0% interest on the Care Credit. All in all we were misinformed they were absolutely unorganized there was no appointment scheduled when we had in fact sad on the phone for half an hour or the day before and set that appointment up we have proof of that or we wouldn't have the emails that were sent to us to fill out the new forms also the billing we were misinformed on that I believe we should still have been able to use our care credit for that my husband took off work we own our own business so he had to lose the whole day when you could have very easily been at home handling some office work here we did not get out of that office until 2:30 in the afternoon when our appointment was at 7:45 a.m. we are absolutely disgusted and we want to see some sort of action taken on this matter thank you! I believe his account number is his patient number is +[protected] he was seen on the 10th of December at 13200 Seminole Boulevard Largo Florida location of Aspen Dental
Megan Hulce O'Donnell
Richard O'Donnell

Aspen Dental Management
Aspen Dental Management

Dec 11, 2018

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