Ascentive/finallyfast / Automatic renewal

PO Box 32, Sebeka, MN, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 218-789-6033

I purchased this software in Jan 2009.

It didn't make a difference on my PC.

What it did do was install itself and continously ask me to buy more modules.

It was difficult to remove from my PC.

Later in the year, I got an email that I would be "billed" on my credit card again for a renewal.

I send emails, postal mail and used their chat window to tell them to NEVER bill my credit card, never to contact me again, etc., remove me from their system.
I when so far as to tell them if they billed my credit card, I would find them and file fraud charges with their district attorney.

Today, April 20, 2010, I got another email telling me they will bill my credit card for a renewal.
I have send an email and chatted with their online windows telling them the same thing.

I am on record with them and with you as saiding ASCENTIVE is NOT authorized to bill my credit card, ever, for anything.

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