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Contact information: aka aka claims to offer products you can custom design... add your own picture or art. This company will take your money and not ship your items. Will not respond to E-mail customer service phone # is phony. This is a dropshipping scam!

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  • An
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    I ordered a puzzle, they charged my cc right away and it has been over 3 weeks and no product. I thought they were shipping from their US location. I have sent them emails but no response and their phone number is phony? I am wondering if I should call my cc company and withdraw my payment.

  • Ta
      25th of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I have yet to have an issue with artsnow. I use them for their dropshipping services, as well as for my own product. I have yet to gain negative eBay feedback while selling products made by them and have always received everything I myself ordered, up to and including the free mousepad I was given for registering as a reseller. It turned out quite nicely, I might add.

  • Vi
      28th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I don't have many problem with them until July. Since August until now i receive a lot of messages from my customer asking where is their shipment. I've lost so much money to refund and reship the item. Well let's hope they reship it this time. According to them 5% lost shipment is normal so they give us 5% discount for each order. On 27 August i lost 3 shipment out of 9 order, 1 Sept i lost 3 out of 9 order. I've made my order every single day and i've lost at least 15-20 shipment on August only. 1 or 2 lost shipment in a few days is normal for me as a seller in eBay but now there is not a single day i can leave in peace since my buyer keep asking me for a refund or where their item is. Definitely they did not ship some of my item and i am not the only one with this problem. All my friends who use their service is having a problem right now. I have no idea what is happening to them right now. They used to be trustworthy. But now i can say that they are now one of the scammer on the net. May the force be with us


  • Ro
      28th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    yes i also got complaints about missing items ... selling their product on ebay is very risky

  • Ks
      2nd of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I've been working with ARTSNOW for 4 months.
    For the first three months everything was okay.
    But since September I have 7 items that have not been shipped to me!!!
    Some are 20-30 Days LATE.
    My customers are livid.
    I keep e-mailing ArtsNow for an explantion
    they never give one.! They keep saying
    10-12 tranist time but as I mentioned
    I have some thatare 20-30 DAYS LATE!!!
    They never answer that!!!

  • Ks
      2nd of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    If anyone is planning a class action lawsuit against Artsnow count me in!!!

  • Kr
      24th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I have bought hundreds of dollars worth of products from Artsnow and have never had a problem with either the quality or the shipping times. I have never had an item go missing.

  • On
      22nd of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    krazykangaroo, how do you contact them? I'm staring down the barrel at a $500. I literally will not be able to eat unless I go round to my parents place and beg.

    ARtsnow have really let me down. All of the different things I've tried doing to make money, this is the only one I will lose money on... and it's an ammount I can't afford.

  • Gy
      1st of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    No problem with shipping, quality was not good at all though. Their reply to my complaint was basically- well you should have ordered small amount to see quality.

    I was not asking for refund, I just want them to UP their quality so I could use them, I cant see this happening- and their reply was a little rude.

    I posted in their forum and it was not nasty, but it was removed.
    This puts up red flags for me instantly.

    I would not recommend Artsnow to anyone after my experience

  • 10
      14th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I was banned from ebay because customer complaint they didn't received their items and what artsnow admin ask me to do is refund their money because it is their policy, when item is not arrive dropshipper have to refund their customer back eventhough they claim that item has been sent back to them bcos of address failure. When i ask them to just resend back the parcel they told me that i am welcome to cancel my subsription to artsnow .

    They chose to lost me (my price is 19.90 per month) instead of return back the parcel(stamping that cost a few bucks) what a shame :(

  • Za
      28th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have been or should I say I had been with Arsnow for almost 3 years and must admit I had been making a very decent profit on a monthly basis, with items, ordered easily and orders recieved well wihtin the timescale they state on their website, so no problems there. Till now, since June 2011 to this day, I have had almost 25 orders not recieved by my buyers, so you can only imagine the amount of money I have lost, having to refund buyers becuase of items not turning up. I have contacted Artsnow on numerous occassions to express my concern and my loss, all they say is "items have been shipped, they are either delayed due to local postal services at my buyers end or held at customs (BULL S***), and to refund buyers with the 5% they pay you back and once items are returned to them by the Hong Kong postal service, they will let me know (Which will never happen). This is the same reply everytime I contact them. It is sooooo frustrating and annoying. I used to recommend Artsnow to friends, not anymore, it seems they just want to take your money and lie, about items been sent out. It's clear that items are not being sent out and are we are all lied to. Something has to be done, I have lost hundreds of pounds to them and lost my Ebay business becuase of this horrendous service. My advice now, to anyone thinking of using this company "NEVER USE THEM" !!!

  • Gr
      10th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Same thing happened to me. Used to be 2 out of 10 items missing, the last time I ordered from them, it was 10 out of 10! And that was the LAST time i ordered with them!

  • Ti
      14th of Apr, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I am a new seller on artsnow and so far so good, all products ordered have been received, with great feedback left by customers on Ebay, I did however just want to sell straight from my store TimeBomb/artsnow, you get a little commission for each item sold, my items are now starting to pop up on Goggle search but it has been hundreds of hours editing and getting the right key words, I have hope and faith in all people and believe most people do the right thing, I make Paypal my Payment method and that way if there is a dispute my customers get their money back, I am looking forward to what I hope will be a nice honest little business, thank you all for taking the time to read this post, kind regards Fran.

  • Ar
      30th of May, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Artsnow is a Chinese company, so what do you expect... Ever since I got scammed by another Chinese company called, I can never trust these people. They are so greed when it comes to money matters. THIS IS A FACT.

  • Dr
      31st of Dec, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I have been using for 5 years. They sell decent stuff and you can make a profit as a reseller. However, be prepared for your customers to be let down. If you use a public marketplace, you are likely to have negative reviews monthly due to lost product, missing items or poor quality. When you contact their customer support, they nicely say sorry, we cannot help you, your lose. If you ask for a refund for something they clearly messed up, you will not get it. They point you to a policy that says their 5% refund on each order covers this. In all honesty, it usually does cover you. I would prefer they kept the 5% and just made things right and have better customer service. If you disagree with them and even mention a dispute on paypal, they threaten you about cancelling your account. What kind of company does this to their partners/resellers!?

    Be prepared for headaches, poor customer service and mediocre products.

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