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October 17, 2009
Buyer Beware!!!
Let me start by saying, the concept of the Body Magic product is good. I have hosted for a representative, a party, and seen how the Body Magic works. By nature I am not a large woman, but we all have false about our body we do not like, so when a product comes along that might aid us to correct that imperfection, we gladly embrace the product. With that said, follow my experience with the Body Magic.
I hosted a party for a representative and for that, I received a free gift. The free gift I selected was the Corselette DeLuxe (CD) size 34, as the sizing chart stated, that would be the size I needed. Again I am not a large woman, my size is 5/6, sometimes a 7/8 depending if the garment runs small/large. The garment was shipped to me, I tried it on and it was too large. The only problem encountered here is that the representative could not exchange the product because she did not have the packaging. I now have a product I cannot fit. No complaints there, Hell it was a free gift, no lost, no foul. What follows is where my troubles began.
I really wanted one/two of these products for myself. I invested my money into the Vest Vedette (VV) - $95.26 and Corset Vedette (CV) - $82.27 because of the benefits provided, back support and sweating features. You see my problem area is my waist, like most women. I do not sweat much when I work out, so I thought having the garments will assist me during the day with back support and sweating as I move thur my day as well as working out in it. The CV will serve as my undergarment when I go out to events. The garment’s was a way to assist me to achieve my goals to get back my waist line. To me this made sense as far as my active life goes.
Let me make it clear to all, the sizing chart on the product line is falsified. Granted, the material differs between the CD and the Vedette line. The representative went to the warehouse to purchase my Vedette products and indicated to the counter clerk she needed size 32, already knowing my situation with the CD, the clerk informed her that I will need to get the size 30. OK, products were purchased. I removed the size 30 VD, Arm 1 in, Arm 2 in, gripping the right and left side I commenced to pull towards my belly button. The product comes only to ½ way between my side and belly button on each side. Well this isn’t gonna work, no sense in trying to force it. I just didn’t have the strength.
1. Rep attempts to return the products for a size 34 – no size 34 CD available but was able to get 34 in the VD.
2. Rep returns o my home, the VD comes to the same area as the size 30, too small! This time, I offered to go with her to try on the garments right there in the warehouse. I am not one for the multiple trips to a store for something that is as simple as an exchange.
3. Rep and I tried on the 36 VD – too big! I was able to button right to the 2nd knotch. What the HELL!
a. I could NOT receive my money back on either purchases
b. 34 VD – I was accused of stretching the material (reminder, I could not even get it around my waist) How could you stretch something you could not even get into. An idiot can see that the garment is mislabeled. I tried on two size 34’s, these need to be recalled
c. 36 CD – still too big, and was charged $3 for the exchange
What kind of business is this? This has got to be illegal. I have been RIPPED OFF!!! Can you imagine my ANGER, standing there, in the warehouse with the Rep, trying on these garments, and it is evident that they do not fit and cannot get my money back or a garment that fits the way it is suppose too?! To hold my anger I commenced to making jokes at the situation, making myself and the Rep laugh. The clerk continued to make remarks that I found insulting and insult to my intelligence. I could only hold my anger for so long. I burst into words only a sailor knew and walked out the door, leaving all my belongings inside for the Rep to handle the situation. If I had stayed in that building, my god, I would not be sitting here today, writing this complaint. This is a recession, it takes big balls to be messing around with people and there money. This has been an unnecessary stress place on me.
According to Irma Urrutia, Manager, Irving Texas location “only 1 exchange and that is policy.” I have no problem with there policy, but the fact that there product is mislabeled is NOT my problem. I have only brought this issue to their attention and the situation should be rectified. Either provide me with a correct sized garment or return my money.
End result, I have a 34 CD – too big, a 34 VD – too small and a 36 CV – too big (no money and no garment that actually fits) WTF! I just got raped! Any class action lawsuits about this company, you can surely COUNT ME IN!
Wendy Fairley – Texas
[protected] – subject line Body Magic Complaint

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