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The operators of this business, Michelle Hardin and her husband Randy, came to my home on 12/17/2008 and I purchased from them 2 bottles of the vitamin juice they were selling and the body shaper garment. I paid $240.00 by debit card, payable to Ardyss. I purchased these things with the understanding that by doing so, I would receive a 'free' gift of three bras in a special that Ardyss was allegedly running at that time. Ms. Hardin never delivered the 3 bras that were part of my order. She always had an excuse for not doing so and claims that they were not available at the warehouse or that they had to be delivered from Las Vegas. Whatever. Bottom line is I never received my bras, and now she refuses to communicate or refund any portion of my money. I NEVER would have spent 240.00 for 2 bottles of juice and a body shaper girdle. NEVER! This woman is an unprofessional scammer and gives honest Ardyss reps a bad name. And, she STILL keeps me on her email list---sending me emails trying to recruit me in her downline! AMAZING!

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  • Ci
      Jul 15, 2009

    I have looked all over the internet for reviews on the Ardyss body shaper products or company complaints but haven't really found much except the same women posting a lavish, raving review of the company's owners and the products. How nice they are, how honest, and how great the products are. I am glad to come across one real complaint that helps me make a better decision on spending that much money for these products. You should definitely post your review on more sites.

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  • Mi
      Jul 15, 2009

    Cindy, her complaint was against the individual, not the owners nor the product. Each person is an independent distributor and in no means are Michelle and Randy representation of all distributors and Ardyss International! I'm sorry that happened to her but that was never a promotion ran by the company but it sounds like an offer the distributors offered her. Please do not be discouraged b/c I LOVE my body magic and Ardyss International!!

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  • Bo
      Jul 18, 2009

    I am an Ardyss International distributor and I am sorry that you had that experience. Just as the previous lady stated, the couple you dealt with does not represent the company as a whole. We are not scammers and I would never offer someone something that I cannot deliver. Again I apologize sincerely for your experience.If you are interested in any products I will be more than happy to extend the wholesale rate to you for your troubles. If you would like to contact me feel free to email me at [protected] and I will call you back. I would like to get more info on the couple you had the encounter with because we do have a code of ethics that must be followed at all times and have channels to get this type of incident reported.
    -I also noticed some other concerns about your complaint so please contact me!!

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  • De
      Jul 21, 2009

    I know this couple, and no they do not rep the whole company nor the people underneath them. I am so sorry that you had to go through this. AS Bodymagicdiva says, there are a code of ethics that we have to follow and abide by as an Ardyss Rep..please let bodymagicdiva help you. These are great garments and you should not have to miss out on the opportunity.

    Again on behalf of the Ardyss compnay and all good distributors, we apologize.


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  • Bo
      Jul 24, 2009

    Well i am a Ardyss rep and i think that of the thousands and thousands of garments we sell per month to only have a couple of complaints is really a fantastic thing. Unfortunantly, there is always one bad apple in every bunch, but, as a whole Ardyss reps are very ethical and hold themselves to a very high standard. We are here to help others both by introducing people to a healthier lifestyle and by showing people a path to financial freedom. We love our company and we love our products. We are not a totally perfect company but are constantly striving to be the very best. My customers love their product and I enjoy working with so many talented, helpful, selfless people. My experience with this company is far better than I ever would have imagined! I dont want to sell you anything. It's just important to me for you to know what Ardyss is really all about. An appointment with Ardyss changed my life! And it can change yours...

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  • Di
      Jul 26, 2009

    How many people do you need under you to make a month 5 figure income?

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  • Ma
      Aug 01, 2009

    We purchased 2 body magics from Adrienne Sanders in Arlington, TX one for my sister and one for me. When Adrienne came to my house, the items didn't fit me right, but she said she would go to he warehouse in Irving, Tx and get me the right size. She dropped it off and left. I tried it on and it still didn't fit right, this was July 21, 2009. I immediately called Adirenne and told her it didnt' fit and she said she would contact the Las Vegas office and see what they can do. Never once did she tell me it was no refunds or exhcanges. Why would I buy something that didn't fit and I couldn't exchange it. I am so dissappointed with Adrienne Sanders and Ardyss International.

    My advice is to not buy from Adrienne Sanders or any Ardyss rep. No customer service and I received a letter in my mailbox after she told me she would refund my money that she could not do it or help me. It took two weeks for her to respond. If she wasn't able to express my concern to the Ardyss headquarters, I would have called them myself. Now, I have to complain to my state agency and to the BBB.

    I am very disappointed.

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  • Km
      Aug 03, 2009

    Like other reps before me have mentioned, this bad customer service is the person, not the company. When you are a rep for this lovely company you would typically do showcases at least once a week. For these showcases reps would keep a number of garments for women to try on. My point is if you needed to get a different size garment, the rep should have purchased you a new one and added the one you couldn't fit to either her collection or one of her downlines. It's always a shame to hear about one or two people ruining this great company's name as well as not representing the Diaz de Leon family with respect they deserve.

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  • Cx
      Aug 05, 2009

    Before anyone buys anything, you should ask about the exchange or refund policy. This company has changed alot of people lives. There are people in this company that's giving it a bad name. I can name every company in america and I can tell you that there are customers that are not happy.

    It's a shame that we will do everything we can to shut down a company that's providing a living for people. However we will not take that same energy and try to improve our financial situation, our marriages etc. Please look at the good sometimes not the bad. And if you have a problem with a distributor, call the company.

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  • Ma
      Aug 05, 2009

    It would be nice to get someone to answer the phone at the company. I would be more than happy to work this out. I have left several messages with the Adrieene Gordan Sanders and she has not contacted me and we spent over $330.00. I have a right to be upset.

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  • Mo
      Aug 06, 2009

    Have you tried calling the company direct? Their number is 899-811-5499. Have a good day.

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  • Me
      Aug 06, 2009

    Good Evening,
    I purchased Body Majic product from Deidre Coverdale on June 13th 2009 in the Philadephia area. She stated that it would take two weeks and she would mail it to me. I have not received the product and I called her in early July and stated she was going through some things and she would get the product to be by the end of July. It is now August 6th and still no product and she is not taking my calls or responding to my e-mail. Does anyone know the corporate number, she has ripped me off. I was up in the Philly area to give a scholarship on my family's behalf to a young man from my dead uncle's church. This is unbelievable.

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  • Fe
      Aug 07, 2009

    I bought from a Carolyn Whitley in Cedar Hill, Tx. I hosted a show in my home on June 27th and to this day August 8th has not gotten my money back. I called her 3 times the week of July 20th and she finally returned my call on the 24th to meet at my home on July 25th between 3 and 5pm. Carolyn called around 3:20 to say she was just leaving another show and was on her way, she never showed up, I kept calling and her voicemail was full. I text her saying I don't know what happened or why you didn't show, we waited almost 2 hrs and right now we just want our money back. She texted me back on that Monday July 28 saying ok. My sister in law met her and she had no money saying she was told she needed to get proof that she gave a refund. If you knew this was what you were suppose to be doing why didn't you come prepared. After she called me the b word I definately want my money back from her . Ii called the company at 866-811-5499 and no professionalism at all I was told we can't call you back till Moonday because we are busy on Friday and Saturdays. i would not recommend that you buy from this company. Will be filing a compaint agains Carolyn and Ardyss. It needs to take steps and get rid of dishonest reps.

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  • Ne
      Aug 11, 2009

    Mac760021 ... we have a 30 day Exchange & Refund Policy from the day the order was received. When were the garments purchased, per the invoice, and what sizes were purchased?

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  • Ag
      Aug 12, 2009

    for those of you who have the complaints against a particular rep, please call the 866-811-5499, (they open at 8am pst) number and push the button for the customer service line. I believe it is option 3, that is the office that would be able to better serve you, the other line is the ordering line, and they have no answers. The customer service line would be able to find out who this persons upline is, and be able to get some better answers for you. Im soo sorry that these individuals arent acting in integrity. I pray that your issue gets resolved very promplty. if you have any problems getting to the customer service line, you can reach me via email at [protected], and if i have to i will work with you on finding the persons upline and getting to the bottom of the issue. On another note, depending on your form of payment, if it was by debit or credit card, you can talk to your bank or cc company and do a dispute, or even paypal dispute if you payed in that way. It really works, ive done it before with another company. God Bless Ya, and may he meet you in the midst of this discouragement. AL

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  • Sk
      Aug 25, 2009

    Here are the complaints from the Better Business Bureau on Ardyss International, Las Vegas Nevada (I cut and pasted directly from the BBB website). What bothers me the most is not necessarily the complaints, as mentioned, any large corporation is going to receive negative reviews no matter what the product is they are selling. This company did not even address the complaints to the customer to reslove or to the BBB to correct the issues. BBB rating this company an F.

    Take it for what its worth...

    Customer Complaint History
    When considering complaint information, please take into account the company’s size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm’s responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

    The Bureau processed a total of 16 complaint(s) about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period.
    Complaints Concerned:

    1 - Advertising Issues
    1 - General Advertising Complaint Issues
    1 - Billing or Collection Issues
    1 - General Credit or Billing Complaint Issues
    2 - Delivery Issues
    2 - Non-delivery of products
    9 - Refund or Exchange Issues
    2 - Failure to honor refund, exchange or credit policies
    1 - Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or contract
    6 - General Refund or Exchange Complaint Issues
    1 - Product Issues
    1 - Defective product
    1 - Contract Issues
    1 - General Contract Complaint Issues
    1 - Customer Service Issues
    1 - General Customer Service Complaint Issues

    The 16 complaint(s) closed in the last 36 months was/were closed as:

    16 - No Response
    16 - Company failed to respond to the BBB or to the consumer to resolve the issues.

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  • Bo
      Aug 29, 2009

    The complaints should be against the Distributor not Ardyss International. Distributors are responsible for their customers and it is their jobs to give them the customer service they deserve. If one has someone who is dissatisfied and they do not resolve the issue then they should file a complain with the BBB against that individual afterall being a distributor is a business and should be treated as such.

    As for the person who posted earlier and said "there are always some bad apples" I think this state is completely out of line. Why does someone who is not satisfied be classified as a "bad apple" your comments and views are not shared by many of us in this business and I am very thankful for that!

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  • Mi
      Aug 29, 2009

    I was just getting ready to purchase this product when I came across this site and I noticed that the company does not take any responsibility for their distributors. I keep seeing these people who say that the complaints should be against the distributor and not Ardyss. I disagree with this, if you buy a product (any product) the company is ultimately responsible. If there is a distributor misrepresenting your company it is your fault. If they are selling faulty products, again your fault. And if the customer service is bad, again it is your fault. If you shirk your responsibility then you are a scam. Thank you for keeping me from buying the product, and this time I am not buying because of the company and not the distributor, and I will be sure to pass the word on.

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  • Dc
      Aug 31, 2009

    I've not had any complaints. I do think other distributors are selling it at too high of a cost. I sell the garment for 135.00 and I do payment installments. It's a recession - you've got to these days.

    heather 770-912-4829

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  • Dc
      Aug 31, 2009

    I believe during this recession a lot of the distributors are selling the garment at too high of a price. I sell it for 135.00, this includes shipping & handling, and I accept installment payments.


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  • Ar
      Sep 09, 2009

    I worked at 9.00 an hour depressed about my weight always. Guess how long it took me to save 180.00 dollars for the body shaper. I ordered through a friend whom after I put it on in front of her. I went home and tried on a few things, I was able to put it in the third hook in less than two hours comfortably. I took it off and called my rep which is a old friend and asked her to exchange it for a smaller size. A few weeks letter I get a call that it was dirty, even she looked at it before sending it and did not see anything wrong with it. Now, I get to really get a dirty one. One from someone else whom needed a smaller size. She said she worked it out and when she gets mind back, she will exchange the two. So i get one someone has worn out and they get one that was worn for less than two hours. Who's getting the better deal? Now, I have to go to the reps house and except this as if I am really going to wear it, just because of the effort she put into it. Now, i'm really depressed. Ardyss can change your life alright. Disappointments. [protected]

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  • Qt
      Sep 13, 2009

    You actually got your money worth for one body magic can cost at least 170.00 and two bottle of leviv retails at 100.00, so there was a discount, and hopefully this will make you feel somewhat better. In some parts of the south I am told the garment sales for twice as much. If they promised you a free gift then they should deliver it and this unfortunate misunderstanding has no reflection on the company, just the people who sold it to you. If you got something in writing promising you this then perhaps you can take them to small claims court. I hate that his happened to you and I wish you well on your pursuit.

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  • Ju
      Sep 15, 2009

    As many reps on here has mentioned... all of these situations are with the individual reps- not the actual company. It would be the same as purchasing Avon or Mary Kay from a bad rep. I've had a bad experience with a Mary Kay rep but I know the products and the company aren't the blame. Ardyss products are amazing. If you want to know for sure, attend a showcase and see LIVE before and after's - dont just believe what you hear... see it. My before and after was amazing. I couldn't imagine leaving home without my body magic... I researched the product and talked to many reputible people before investing and becoming a distributor... I would never sale a product I didn't believe in. Take the time to talk to your rep... ask as many questions you can think of... see if they are willing to take the time to answer your questions and give you as much info as you need OR if they are more interested in making the sale. If they are more interested in making the sale- you're talking to the wrong person... find someone else. I'm sorry for anyone that has been taken by a scam. Unfortunately there an SO MANY scams out there - someone always looking to take advantage of people... believe me I know. It's messed up that you have to be cautious but its for your own good... take the time to make sure what you get is worth the money you are spending.

    In reference to the comment made about the company not taking responsibility for their reps... I can understand how you can feel that way after reading these complaints. What you have to understand is that everytime something negative happens- you hear about it but you rarely hear about all the positive. So if you take the millions of products sold to satisfied customers and compare that to the few unsatisfied... you can get a better picture. Every company is flawed, its ran by imperfect people but you can't judge an entire company by what a few people do. Its sad that people run scams and its unfortunate that its a part of life now-a-days but that doesn't mean the entire company is a scam...give the company a chance - there are so many wonderful products and reps that work for this company... good, honest people. In addition, when you are a distributor you are your own boss and responsible for your own actions. Take Wal-mart for example. Wal-mart has a habit of recycling used products... I've unknowingly bought many used products from Wal-mart and had to return them. Does it mean the product does not work? Should I complain about the company not making good products? No, its not the company- its the distributor. Many people have stopped going to Wal-mart... I on the other hand only go to certain ones- the ones that seem to have better products and I stopped purchasing boxes items that have multiple parts (as missing parts and reboxes items was a common issue). It's the same with Ardyss... dont blame the manufacturer for what the distributor does.


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  • Bo
      Sep 17, 2009

    I am an Ardyss Distributor and it saddens me to here of any complaints when I have seen so many women and men transformed by the reshaping garments. I became a distributor after seeing my own transformation with the Body Magic. I first received instant gratification by dropping 2 sizes while wearing the Body Magic. I have in 3 weeks of being on the program, successfully lost 13 pounds and I am back in clothes that I have had packed away (when not wearing the Body Magic) since having my son! I have only heard stories like mine prior to being on this site.

    One thing that I agree with is that these are complaints against the individual distributors. I take pride in my customer relations. I am sure to follow-up with their order and even offer to assist the customer the first time the garment is worn. I dress brides with the garment on their wedding day as well. So please do not place all distributors in this group of bad distributors. And please do not say Ardyss is a bad company when the company provides training opportunities almost daily for the distributors. Trust, those few distributors would act in that fashion whether they worked for Ardyss, Macy's, or McDonald's.

    If you look for negativity in all of the products you buy, and choose to not try them even after seeing the good outweigh the bad, you would be homeless, naked, and starving because every company has some complaints! I think it is pre-mature to judge the entire company by these few distributor's mistakes. Meanwhile, women are increasing their beauty, and health, wealth loving the products Ardyss AND it's distributors provide. So if you are ready for the positive change that Ardyss products provide, feel free to contact me!

    Adrienne Adams
    email: bodymagic.[protected]
    phone: 810-836-2762

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  • Tc
      Sep 22, 2009

    I agree with fml8019. Customer service is EVERYTHING, when you are giving your hard earned money and have convinced your family and friends to do the same. Below is what I have emailed to Ardyss and a snipet of what I have sent to The Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper. I have been with the company since May, and although my first month was well over a thousand, everything has gone downhill from there, due to backorders and lack of customer service training. I ordered one garment back in June and when I finally received it in late AUGUST it was the wrong size. I ordered a 34 and they sent a 24. Then when I called to confirm receipt, i was told that the 'Warehouse' says that it was dirty. I am too upset because the garment was NOT even tried on. You guys know what a size 24 look like? It is merely a wristband, so no one even had a chance to try it on!! Get out now if you are dissastified like me...


    I would like to receive a call from a Supervisor or someone from the corporate office. I was told that a Supervisor by the name of Ulysses Acosta was going to call, but never did. I had a very unpleasant customer service phone call with a representative by the name of 'Kandi'. She was rude from beginning to end and this poor customer service has got to stop. After spending well over 30 minutes waiting to talk to someone, then to have ordered a garment back in June, then to receive it late August for it to be the WRONG size is very disheartning. I have encouraged others to sign on with this company, to be treated like this, will not happen. If I cannot get any assistance, then I will write in to the Atlanta Journal Constitution to tell about my experience with this company. It is very unfortunate because I have been to numerous meetings held by Stormy Wellington boasting about how good this company is to their distributors, please do not prove her wrong.

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  • Ma
      Sep 22, 2009

    Ardyss International as a whole needs to be organized. When you call the 1866-811-5499 you are on hold forever or after being on whole for a long time they hang up on you. I can't understand why is sounds like 50 people in one room. I also haven't gotten my things from Ardyss the company that I ordered back in June. What do you distributors have to say now?

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  • Ka
      Sep 26, 2009

    Dear bodymagicusa. You did not read the entire sentence for context. Here it is again "Unfortunantly, there is always one bad apple in every bunch, but, as a whole Ardyss reps are very ethical and hold themselves to a very high standard."This is referring to bad apples among the Ardyss Reps not the poor person that received poor customer service.

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  • Go
      Oct 11, 2009

    To those of you who have complaints, I sympathize with you and I hope that your issue is rectified. But, if I tried to close down every business that I have had an issue with, nobody would be open. My point is, this business is the bread and butter to some of us, meaning, this is our job. I am sure that there are people that are displeased in some form or fashion with the company that you work for, what would happen if those people would rally to have your place of work closed? Be mindful that there are ways to handle every situation, but to put honest, hardworking people livelihood at stake is not right. Take issue with the individuals that caused this hardship for you and not the company, because I have a family to feed. God Bless!

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  •   Oct 14, 2009

    Here's a simple way to avoid problems. Buy the item on eBay. Use PayPal (ALL sellers are required to accept all forms of PayPal). Sellers MUST ship within seven (7) days. If the item is not as represented, doesn't fit, is damaged, etc., open a dispute with eBay/PayPal. If the Seller does not satisfactorily resolve the dispute, escalate the dispute to a claim. PayPal usually finds in the Buyer's favor. You send the item back at your cost and get your original cost + S&H back. You don't have to wait forever for returned calls, deal with rude distributors, and end up with items that were wrong.

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  • Ab
      Oct 15, 2009
    Ardyss Intl - Product Availability
    United States

    Can anyone give me a reasonable answer regarding Ardyss backorder system. I have asked my distributor and am getting little response. I do like the product and of course other women want it, however, getting it is another thing. Does Ardyss need an inventory specialist or a buyer that is on top of the inventory. I cannot get the product as it is always on backorder and the company does NOT let you put in orders unless the product is in stock. Losing lots of sales because of this!!!

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  • Fo
      Oct 15, 2009

    I have read these complaints. I work for a very large insurance company. We receive customer complaints as well as customer compliments. We survey our customers on a consistent basis to learn what we are doing well and where we have areas in need of improvement. Like the corporation I work for when we fall short in the area of customer satisfaction for whatever reason such as: employee customer relations, product issues etc whatever reason we feel bad that the customer has not had a favorable experience; so we work hard to implement change and address issues to avoid poor customer service. It doesn't mean we are a terrible company or a scam and that are product is not a good and valuable product. When we fall short of meeting customer expectations it means we have areas to improve in whether that means training our employees better, performance managing and even terminating employees who violate company policies and ethics, improving our systems, whatever it takes we know we need to work on somethings, but while we are working on improving we still offer a great product and great service. AND SO DOES ARDYSS INTERNATIONAL! You will find BBB complaints on some very reputable Fortune 500 companies, because companies are made up of people who are not perfect and neither is some of the technology that these corporations rely on. Keep in mind you will not normally see on a complaint site comments from all of the satisfied customers that a company provides a product and service to. You are only getting one view of the bigger picture. I am a very satisfied Ardyss customer and would recommend the products to anyone who has a need for what is offered. If you have had a bad experience with a distibutor free yourself and forgive the person, contact the company directly to file a formal complaint; they need your valuable feedback to assist them in their efforts to improve. If you believe the products are of value to you and that the business opportunity can change your life don't let some self centered person misrepresenting the company block what may turnout to be the best thing for you. There are too many wonderful distributors out there with a hearT of gold and true compassion and passion for helping others, find one of them. I think some of them have already reached out on this posting. Don't dwell on the negative move forward!

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  • Sa
      Oct 17, 2009

    I purchased a Body Magic Shaper on 10/04/09 from Arydss Dream Body and paid to have the item shipped Fed Ex 4-5 days, to date I have yet to receive my merchandise or a refund. I have called and left at least 15 messages and numerous emails to find out the status of my order. I was finally able to speak to someone who was quite surprised that their phone number had been listed on that site. She was able to connect me with an individual at Arydss Dream Body named Jennifer, who assured me that my order would be delivered no later than 10/12/09 and that she would call me as soon as the order shipped. Needless to say I never received my purchase or a call. I paid $122.23 which wasn’t easy to come by and find it extremely disheartening that I have been scammed. I wonder if Arydss International is becoming filthy rich by swindling unsuspecting consumers out of their hard earned money. It should only be expected that if the order was going to be delayed that the customer be notified and given the opportunity to discuss how they would like to proceed. Not responding to a customer would only leave a negative message and shows little disregard for the customers best interest. Are there any suggestions on what I can do to either get my merchandise, refund or even how to file a complaint against this company who makes a practice of stealing from consumers?

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  • Fl
      Oct 31, 2009

    I went to a rep to try the body magic and I was displeased. I could hardly breathe and it felt tight. Most of all, it wasn't me. I tried the suit on and it hid some fat, but as I said, it just hid it. When I took the body magic suit off, the fat is still there. I want to thank the person for showing me this and the reality of it. I decided to join a gym (a month ago) and work out and truly feel good about myself and my body. One might feel it will take longer to lose the weight, with regular exercise, you will feel good about going to the gym, working out, taking care of your body naturally and in a healthy way. I do. And within a month time, I lost 20lbs, with proper exercise and eating right. I still eat pizza and chocolate. I work out 3 times a week for one hour. I don't take diet pills. I feel very good.

    I would not purchase the body magic thingy. It is a sense of falseness. I rather do the work to get healthy and lose the weight, not hide it.

    Atlanta, GA

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  • Ke
      Nov 01, 2009

    I am Neutral because I have just gotten into this business. I was a non-believer at first and then after putting it on with the Angel Bra, I was so happy.

    I said for the bras alone I would be apart of the company because I usually pay $40 for bras and they don't even fit my correctly. I was sized professionally and she said since one of my breast were bigger than the other I would have to fit the smaller one and have a bit of overhang on the bigger one. This did not sit well with me so she said I should get custom made bras and referred me to a lady who does it; the custom bras were $89 through a little over $100. That really didn't make me happy.

    I wanted to outfit myself without it costing so much. My husband works and I am a Realtor and who makes a good living doing what I love but we have four children who all think they are an only child atleast they shop like it.

    I realized while I was getting my free experience, (trying on the body magic garment and Angel bra that the Angel bra is cheaper and fits me perfectly.)

    Then is when I decided to become a distributor for all the women out there that have a little extra love to them and can't find the right bra. I love the shaper but I won't wear it all the time (some women do). I will wear it when my husband and I go out and that's about it.

    I did realize that I can wear it while working out and it helps me to exercise so much more effectively. I have good posture, my stomach muscles are always tight and I do it without even thinking about it so I get more effectiveness out of my workout.

    If you are a busniess minded professional you won't make promises you can't deliver on and if you want to be the best you have to have great customer service.

    Being a realtor I have been able to bring my business savy to the Ardyss International company. I treat people as if they are the most important client I have no matter what. These independent Agents who are not doing the same are ruinging their own business. I counted about 3 independent agents so far who's names are out all over the internet for negative word of mouth. Any new and old Ardyss agents should take a lesson from this and who is to say these negative experiences are not a miscommunication but the fact that it has not been resolved speaks to the Independent Agent who let a problem go unresolved.

    You can by software that creates invoices for your business and explains the buyer bewares if you should choose to be a successful Independent agent.

    As an Independent agent you can also choose to rectify any situation in a timely fashion; I like those agents.

    Like any other company you can't please everyone but you can go out of your way to provide good customer servie and be proactive instead of reactive after there is a problem.

    I believe alot of the peple selling Ardyss Products have not had business training and don't know what to do. My downline and upline all get business training; I have shared my business knowledge and so has others in our team of agents helping other agents to be successful .

    I ran across another Indepent Agent who was never shown some key important factors of the comapny and how to grow a thriving business with Excellent customer service. I immediately told her I would help her because 1 person can give all of us a bad name. She and I are working together to help her become an A+ Sutomer Service Rep as well as an effective teacher and business leader.

    She is not in my upline nor is she in my dowline but good agents help each other for the good of the whole.

    That is my opinion and I will continue to watch this site...hopefully some of the new independet agents for Ardyss International will try to start on the right foot and give themselves the benefit of a long and properous career with repeat business. That is the business model of most sucessful businesses.

    New agents can reach out to me for help if you'd like at [protected]; Please list on the subject line: Help for Ardyss.

    Buniess Woman with a little extra love! :)

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  • Ho
      Nov 01, 2009

    For DC2ATL2010, so what if you don't buy these products this company is going to keep moving regardless. One man don't stop a show. Everybody is not going to like everything on the market. I love these products and I am going to keep buying them regardless. I only listen to people that is financially on my level and not people who does not a glue or still working for someone. My time is money.

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  • Re
      Nov 17, 2009

    I am an actual Ardyss Rep and would discourage anyone from getting involved. Yes you can make money, and yes the Body Magic does work. HOWEVER, the customer service of the company itself is very very problematic for reps. Exchanges and refunds are extremely difficult. If you want to exchange something they charge you an additional $7...and refunds are almost non-existent!! If something is on back order, you are expected to pay for it and can often wait up to 3-4 months before it ever becomes available. This is a very difficult company to do business with

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  • Le
      Dec 01, 2009

    I am not a rep but a potential customer. I am glad I found this site...although it really doesn't change my feelings about the product. No company is perfect.

    It is difficult when you are dealing with independent distributors. If you have an issue with an individual rep who has not delivered the product write a formal letter to the company then take the rep to small claims court or order directly through the website. I would not do a pre-order either. If you don't have the product in stock you do not get my money. If you promise a gift with an order then I'll hold off ordering until you have my gift and my product. People use your brains.

    I do think the company needs to do a better job in terms of customer service. People need to have the ability to call and get support if needed. This is not a total deal breaker but I'm concerned about this.

    As far as refunds...make sure you purchase the right size. Can you return panties to the store after you have stanked and soiled them up? No. If you wore it and decide to return it wash it first. That is nasty.

    Also, I hope the reps are washing the "try on" body shapers after each showcase or body shaper party. That is also a cause for concern. That would be nasty too.

    I am going to buy one in a few days.


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  • Lk
      Dec 02, 2009

    I ordered the Body Magic and I attempted to return for refund the next day. I have had breast cancer surgery and the girdle irritates my scar. So, I read that you have to call ARDYSS "FIRST". After several hours, of waiting because operators were busy only to hear the busy signal after someone finally picked up (that happened four times) (Im very persistant). The rep at Ardyss sounded like she was eating something. Her attitude changed as soon as I said the word REFUND! She raised her voice and then accused ME of raising my voice. What! She told me there were NO REFUNDS only screen credit. I mentioned that it said on my invoice that I could return it within 30 days. She hung up on me!!! I will never ever do this again. I'm NOT talking about the distributor, this is ALL ARDYSS!! So now I sit here with this thing and I will tell everyone that I see NEVER to buy this product. People work too hard for their money to be treated like this if they have a legit problem with the product. I will contact the BBB also. Might take out an ad in a paper or two telling about how I was treated. If you are reading this:::: Please, save your money or go buy something else. Its not worth the headache honestly.

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  • Bp
      Dec 02, 2009

    Whatever! I STILL maintain that Michelle Hardin is a low-down, bald-headed, squinty-eyed scammer and I will never buy anything from Ardyss International again because of her. A company's reputation is only as good as it's reps and if this is what Ardyss has to offer, then count me out! The company isn't much better than it's distributors in my opinion. I have called that corporate office numerous times, only to be placed on indefinite hold and eventually disconnected. The one time I DID manage to get a live person on the phone, the person I spoke with needs English as a Second Language classes worse than a dead man needs a casket-----I couldn't understand a doggone thing she was saying! Her accent was thicker than pea soup!

    Listen up, people----Ardyss International is a scam selling a dream---making you think you have dropped inches---ok? Period, point blank, end of story. You are not dropping 2 or 3 sizes. What you are doing is cutting your circulation off and as soon as you unfasten that torture device they call a body shaper you will see---you haven't dropped nothing! The inches are right there waiting for you to come to your senses and learn to exercise and eat right! You don't achieve an hourglass figure by putting on an over-priced girdle. You get an hourglass figure by eating fresh fruits and veggies, walking at least a mile or two every day, drinking plenty of water and staying away from cakes, cokes, ice cream and Popeye's Fried Chicken! OK? Did ya get that???

    All Michelle Hardin and those like her can do is take your money, lie about your products and get belligerent and disappear when you realize you've been had!

    Wise up! Leave this company alone and loose inches the REAL way! Diet and Exercise. I'm done!

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  • Ja
      Dec 03, 2009

    I too was interested in purchasing the product but after reading some of these posts I am appalled at the lack of initiative and customer service given to a few of these clients . The Better business bureau report was the icing on the cake. No thank -you, glad i researched this on the internet.
    Thank-you JESUS

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