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I purchased an Ardyss Body Magict wo weeks ago. It is the short one, not the one with the crotch fasteners. I have a love/hate relationship with it. The garment rides up and bunches at my stomach when I sit down. It is H**L to fasten, and I have worn it 6 days/week for two weeks. It is the "right" size but still digs into my ribs. Some of the hooks are bending and pulling out already. I would not consider this a quality garment. It's a great idea, but needs some work.

By the way, I have a friend who has the full body magic about a year ago. She said it still takes her forever with all the hooks and eyes at the bottom. When I have to "go" I have to go! I'd hate to be fooling with the hooks and eyes. This garment was obviously designed by men who understand engineering but don't have a clue about women!

By the way, I only need to lose five pounds. If you are already close to your goal, you do NOT "drop three sizes." That is false advertising. The garment pulls in my waist and helps me stand straighter. I can wear pants that are one size smaller but NOT two or three sizes smaller. Also, it is totally pososible to slouch in the Body Magic.

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  • Ww
      Nov 20, 2009

    As a distributor I must ask a few questions. How is it that you have a body magic short? There is only one and they do no come long or short. You may have a reshaper short which is not as aggressive as the body magic. And the advertisement is lose up to 3 dress not lose 3 dress sizes. So results do vary. I did not lose 3 dress sizes but I can get into a smaller size, and I have actually dropped a dress size permanently and my back no longer bothers me. Using the restroom can be a little difficult but do not wait to the last minute. Id rather spend 3 minutes taking off my clothes than spend 24 hours uncomfortable and unappealing in my clothes. As far as it digging in your sides you may have the wrong size. A lady I know complained about it digging in her sides. We got her the right size and she no longer had that problem.

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  • Ia
      Dec 14, 2009

    I see you bought in DC too... You didn't buy from Marcella did you???

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  • Mi
      Mar 03, 2010

    I am a Ardyss distributor and the reason why it is digging is because it is it is too big. If you did get a defective product the distributor should exchange it for another one and if you are putting it in the washer machine that can mess up the garment it should be handwashed only. The the body magic is designed for more restriction then the other garments. The reshaper short, t-shirt light, corslettes are great as well. As far as restroom wise I just unhook it from my shoulders and pull it down.

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  • Tr
      Oct 30, 2010

    I purchased a Ardyss BodyMagic and I love it I have no problems with it except when I go to the bathroom but I'm getting better at it thoughI have problems with it riding up or bunching up the person was right when the one lady said that her's bunches it has to be too big for you because when I put mine on it gives me an hour glass figure thanks Ardyss BodyMagic.

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  • Le
      Aug 16, 2011

    I love the body magic I wear a size 32 for 10 to 12 hours per day - I have both long and short. Everyone tells me I look fabulous and being a distributor I am able to sell the garments and products because it makes me look and feel good and well dressed too - well I dress well always this suit just enhances the look. The is a little problem with the new one which does not fit well it is the same size 32 but this one seems shorter and I know I am not growing so I was not able to wear it for 12 hours I took it off after 6 hours and the area in my back still hurts, I think this one has a problem. But overall I love everything household, vitamins, shampoo etc...

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