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Apria Healthcare / scam

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My wife works for Apria Health care over 10 years. Managers and corporate that have no respect for employees and customers. four years ago their was 5 other people working the same department as my wife. she is the only one left and doing the work of 5 others. Their is no time to get anything done properly. it always hurry up. 20 hours of work in 10. They make it that you have NO family life. Never can have family dinner unless you plan it 11pm. 10 hour days you actually have to put in few free hours a day to get everything done half way. If it is not done your out of a job. I happen to be in the office one day when my husband was called on his nextel by his manager. So I could hear everything. Oh my goodness from the time her boss opened his mouth he was so mean, I mean MEAN. treated him so bad her Boss is Evil. I felt so sick for my wife having to put up with such treatment. she has No choice. Either you suck it up cry when you get home or your out of a job. The company pays good and has pretty good insurance. The office she works in use to be a great place to work but because they have an new Evil boss Nobody is happy. Everyone hates him. He is having an affair with sales lady and doesn't hide it. he even hides little notes to call to see how long it takes you to find them The customers suffer because the staff cant give them good quality service treat customers like crap. The drivers have to drive three hours away to customer that need supplies. If their is a emergency the customer waits along time. In morning you could be say in southern part of state and then turn around have to drive to northern part of state and back to southern because no drivers local. The vehicle are very COLD and unsafe. The drivers are on GPS and cant even stop to use the bathroom. Employees now must keep a log on what they are doing every hour of the day so not min is being wasted. The offices are a mess very dirty no one cleans them. Employees have NO time to clean them. So if you want to work for Apria Yes you make good money but you will be a slave and treated like crap. They need to go union.

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  • Vi
      26th of Feb, 2010
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    I have been with Apria since 2006.My insurance at the time only used Apria.From the begining I have had many problems, day one recieved c-pap & tanks, got call from them to verify insurance .I explained Medicare was my secondary& my husbands ins.was primary and that I am disabled .Employee Tracy said that I was stupid because Medicare has to be my primary if I am disabled.I was in shock from then on it has been down hill.From that time on all Ins.billing was to medicare first then my husbands ins. last. Medicare refused to pay because they are secondary Apria then bills me for everything that Medicare turns down.No one listens to me and sends everything to collections.I get calls telling me to send payments sometimes 200.00 sometimes 300.00 sometimes 60.00.In 2006 I sent more than 400.00 to them, finally I got a specialist on the phone, she researched my records and I got back all the money that they took from me. In Feb.2010 I'm getting away to another provider, however now it has been three days since I asked them to fax all my records to the other company.They still have not done so, because they have to go through company policy and managment before they can forword my records. I hope that they are not doing this to try to get me to give up and just stay with them.I have never seen a company run so badly.I have been treated like dirt, shown no respect and will never forget all they put me through .

  • Al
      20th of Jan, 2011
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    One thing I will agree with ... with this kind of business why on earth would you outsource these jobs to another country? When you are trying to resolve an issue and have to deal with someone that "is" speaking english but their accent is soo strong you can't understand and reading off a script, you are putting you customers through an ordeal! I have nothing against any of these workers from the other countries .. I am against the US companies taking our jobs away and outsourcing just to be able to pay at a lower wage. PLEASE!

  • Wm
      24th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Norm Payson(CEO Apria HealthCare) has previously been Chief Executive Officer of two publicly traded health plans, Oxford Health Plans as the "turnaround CEO" (1998-2002) and Healthsource, Inc. as co-founder and CEO (1985-1997). Prior to Healthsource, Dr. Payson was Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of a 120-doctor physician group practice. He became the "darling of the HMO's" by dropping sick customers that that were using the insurance, raising premiums of the healthy customers, and denying coverage to new customers with preexisting conditions. With more profits and fewer customers, he was able to reduce administrative staff. Sure enough, the company became Profitable! These practices will soon be considered illegle in the new government Health Care Program. It takes a certain type of personality to do this kind of dirty work. Those people are called "Sociopaths", and are usually found as characteristic of criminals.
    Norman's annual income while at Oxford was $75M and $115, 375, 414 when he excersised stock options. Now he make far more than that. His total worth is estimated to be over $1B.
    Is this a Great Country or What?

  • Je
      18th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    Rude, harrassing and soon to be reported to Attorney General

  • Je
      18th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    Gee the CEO must be a Romney fan, Profit before people.

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