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I spent over 2 hours on the phone with 2 associates from First, Lorne Miller, who was fast talking and presented a great opportunity. Then I was transferred to a supervisor, Anthony Marquez, who was much more interested in talking and asking questions that he already knew the answers to then he was in actually answering any questions that I had. At the end of his long winded sales pitch, he became very upset that I asked for time to think about it. As soon as I started asking questions about his company he got more upset and tried to direct me to the testimonials on When I pulled up this site I began questioning Anthony on the other names that his company goes by. He was immediately upset and tried to get me to go to again. Finally he said, "what do you want me to say?" I said nothing I guess, I am sorry for wasting your time and mostly my own. I am lucky that I didn't fall for this scam, but I am very sorry for those who have. People should not be able to get away with doing this to other people.

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      1st of Jun, 2010


    We receive aprox. 500 profiles/day, and through a qualification process based off your profile and this conversation we select about 2% to work with one on one for the next 12 months, AND we give them access to our network and contacts that we have developed over the past 9 years, which in turn creates a great income for you, knowledge you get keep for life, or pass on to who you please. And it also creates a phenomenal success story that we will want to use to promote our company. You guys ok with that? Great!

    So, let’s get into the details of this program and see if you can overcome the hurdles it will take to work with us. On a fresh sheet of paper, I’m going to have you write down the four elements that it takes to be successful, and to qualify to work with one of our mentors.

    First, at the top of your fresh sheet of paper, write down the word

    v TIME – Leave some writing room below each of these

    v Next, write down the word MONEY

    v Below that write down KNOWLEDGE

    v Finally and most important, under that write down COMMITMENT

    Now, if I put my name on some ones file I take it very seriously! They are my success stories and it reflects on me. So, if you can overcome these four things I’ll feel comfortable inviting you in AND I can guarantee the program. If not, meaning if one of these things is NOT a fit, I’ll explain why and we’ll part as friends. On that same note, if you feel that one of these things is not a fit it’s VERY important that you just tell me, “it’s not a good fit.” Sound fair? Good.

    Now next to TIME, write down, minimum 5 to 10 hours per week. Now, obviously we can’t supply you with TIME, but we can make sure that every second you put in is 100% effective so you are not spinning your wheels or wasting time. So, are you are willing to put in at least 5 to 10 hours a week? Then I want you to circle TIME because you are able to overcome that.

    Now, moving down to MONEY, next to money I want you to write down the letters OPM. This stands for “other people’s money.” Just because it takes money to make money, that doesn’t mean it has to be your money. For instance, when you deposit your money in the bank, that doesn’t make it the bank’s money does it? But, what do they do with your money? That is right; they invest your money to make money for themselves. Have you ever learned to use the banks money to make you money? Well, if I can show you a strategy called Capitol Leveraging that will allow you to finance this program and get your business running without using any money out of pocket, is that something you would be open to? Okay I’ll show you, but first I want you to write down these price points. $9, 250 $11, 500 $14, 850 Now all of this is going to be hypothetical because nether of us have decided if this is a good fit, but for the stake of understanding it bare with me. Okay?

    He then explains that Credit Card gives us 30 days of working together free and clear, and then 30 days down the road we will have a minimum payment due of $200. Now this $200(min payment) represents you Cost of doing business?, or your overhead and this is why SO MANY individuals and even large companies are attracted to the Internet, it has very little if any overhead. I mean, if you and I were to go into business together and start say a…. a restaurant. How much would you say we are looking to start? Right we are looking at $100, 000K + just to START, then we have to hire people, PAY people, get insurance and employee benefits, buy inventory and the list goes on and on. I’m sure you get the point so back to OUR overhead. So because of credit card 1 we have the first 30 days of working together on them and now we have a min payment of $200 due. On average it takes 60-90 days to get your business completely paying for itself. Now if you are only clearing $2, 000 A MONTH we’re moving in the right direction and we’re making money right? Right, that’s $1, 600 a month you didn’t have before correct? But, that’s 60-90 days and we are only at 30, so I also see you have a Chase Visa correct? Are you familiar with a Blance Transfer? Good then you understand that this can

    give us another 30 days free and clear, so now we’re 60 days in with no money out of pocket. A lot of times this is enough time but in the instance that it’s not we can repeat that step back to the first card or to another and bump us up to 90 days or even 120. See, you have the credit available to leverage the investment as long as we need, but we don’t want you to do that. Just long enough so that the business is paying for itself and you aren’t paying out of pocket. Does that make sense?

    As soon as your business is paying for itself we recommend you put 80% of your profits to pay off the LOC and pay yourself 20% at that rate the card is paid off really quick and then what do we have? Right! A 100% profitable business!!! That’s where we want to be right? Most companies take YEARS to do that, some never do it ever, and we’re going to do it in months. Is that okay with you?

    Do you understand that strategy and what Capitol Leverage is?

    Okay, so away from the hypothetical stuff, provided the rest of this makes since, meaning the knowledge is of value, the commitments are good on both sides, and I invite you in, are you comfortable using this strategy to get your business started today? Then I want you to circle MONEY because you can definitely overcome that as well.

    So, at this point, we have overcome the hurdles of both TIME and MONEY. These are two things we cannot supply for you.

    Now, moving down to the KNOWLEDGE, we can supply 100% of that. But, there are a couple of things that we need in order for this knowledge to work for you.

    The first thing I want you to write down TEACHABILITY. In other words, when you go to college, you pay for your books, you pay for your tuition, but that doesn’t mean that you pass the class, correct? You have to be teachable enough to complete your assignments and do your homework. The same goes for this program. We can answer all your questions and supply you with all the knowledge and direction that you need; but, we cannot do your business for you. So, do you feel you’re teachable enough to implement the strategies we teach? Good.

    The second thing I want you to write down is PROCRASTANATION. In business, especially an online business, PROCRASTINATION and INDECISION will lose you more money than a WRONG DECISION ever will. We can tell you what decisions we would make, regardless; we cannot make your decisions for you. Do you feel that you are teachable enough to make decisions based on facts and figures as opposed to emotions? Good.

    Now, the second thing, as far as decision making; comes down to you and me. I have to make the final decision as to who we work with on this “team” and who we don’t. I don’t base my decision on emotions or whether I like you or not. I base it on the FACTS. In other words, if you can overcome TIME, MONEY, KNOWLEDGE, and COMMITMENT; then I don’t have to hope or wish you’ll be successful. I PLAN ON IT! It is just like baking a cake. If you have all the right ingredients, and you follow the recipe, you get the desired end result every time, the same goes for internet business. If you do it right, you make money. In a moment, I’m going to go through the KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS which you are investing into and the COMMITMENTS that we need from you so we can guarantee this program - - at that time, if it makes sense to you, AND I feel you would be successful, I will extend you an opportunity to work with one of our mentors for the next 12 months.

    Once I do that, all I ask from you, is that you are able to make a decision based on the facts. It doesn’t matter to me if the decision is, yes or no, as long as we can make a decision. If the decision is YES, we’ll take care of the investment we’ve talked about and committing to your success and never looking back. Is that fair enough for you? Good.

    Then let’s get into the KNOWLEDGE and what we provide for this investment.

    The first thing under KNOWLEDGE I want you to write down is 12 months of personalized mentoring. That means you would be assigned the same mentor for the next 12 months. This mentoring is done over the PHONE, FAX and EMAIL and is broken up into a couple of different phases over the next year. The first phase is the “proactive phase.” Write that down. This phase will consist of 12 scheduled sessions on the phone over the next 12 to 16 weeks. The average session is half an hour to 45 minutes. Consider this to be your classroom time, if you will. These sessions are scheduled between you and your mentor and are based around your schedule. Now in between these appointments as you are working on your site and doing auctions you are going to have questions, you will also have access to our mentoring hotline. All we ask is that you ask these questions immediately so that we can move forward in the next session. We never want you out there with a question not knowing exactly what to do!! The focus of the proactive phase is to hold your hand, so to speak, and walk you through this process. Also, at the end of the proactive phase we want to have you in a position so that we can loosen the grip on your hand so to speak, and have you in a position where you now understand how things work. Does that make sense?

    Now, the “reactive phase” is for the remainder of the 12 months. During this time, instead of our contacting you pro-actively you will be contacting us pro-actively on a “NEED TO” basis. In other words, if one week you’re working on multiple projects, you may be e-mailing your coach all week long. The next week, if you don’t have any questions, you don’t have to contact us. During this time, you’re going to find that emailing is the most effective means of communication. The focus of the reactive phase is not only to walk you through as many deals as possible; but, also to have you in a position at the end of these 12 months where you are sick and tired of working with us. That means that WE have done our part, and YOU have done yours.

    So, when it comes to the coaching, do you feel like you could learn in this manner? Good. Then circle 12 MONTHS OF COACHING, because this is the most important thing that we offer.

    First I want you to write down E WEALTH RESEARCH TOOL. As we are developing your website we want you making money immediately. What product would be the first you would launch on eBay? What time would you be selling this item? How much would you sale this item for?

    Those are questions that people will be asking themselves when they first start. The great thing is that we are going to be able to eliminate the mistakes for you. There are currently about 1.7 million people doing auctions on eBay. Not a bad market huh? What this tool does is actually go out and let those people make the mistakes for you. Let’s say for example we are going to be selling women’s pants. The first thing you would do is type in women’s pants and it will bring up the top 5 pants sold on eBay. Not only that, you will be able to see when is the best time to auction this item, and at exactly what price it will sell at what % of the time!! It also lets you know if it’s better to have the item be a fixed price or an auction or with a buy it now. It takes all of the guesswork out and ensures your success. Does that make sense? Give Ex. If needed.

    When students come aboard they get access to OUR wholesalers. We already have a network of over 500 wholesalers and drop-shippers so that you can pick a product, then use your research tool. Now you can set your price say 10% lower than competitors AND set your products to sell at the same time as the bulk of that product. Think we’re going to sell something?

    It basically makes sure you are successful with this!!

    The developer of this software took 40 or 50 Gold Power Sellers, which means they are making at least $15k a month on eBay doing auctions. These are experienced people making money already. She tapped them in with her software you will be using and they on average had a 40% increase in profits. The top seller actually increased by 80%! And these are people who have been doing this for years. You will have this working for you from the beginning!!

    Can you see this tool helping you take out all of the guessing work and making sure you are going to be successful? Great

    Next I want you to write down E Wealth Web Lister. This takes all the pain out of selling items on eBay. Have you ever posted something on EBay? How long did it take? This simply puts your items at auction with a handful of clicks rather than having to spend the time with hundreds of clicks Time is money, right? This allows you to have more time putting together new auctions. You are actually able to click on items on YOUR web page and have them automatically posted on EBay with just a few clicks. The Lister gives you a description of all required fields (for example “headline” “sub-title”) AND THEN gives you example key words and example phrases. That way you’re not just trying to figure it out.

    And my personal favorite function of the Lister is the Reoccurring event button!! This way when you find your SUPER successful auction items you can set it to RE-list and start your auction at that same time every week or even everyday!! This allows you to spend doing other things like making your site better while continuing to make money.

    Or even time on back end marketing. For example once we have someone that buys for example a tent. We will now be building a clientele. Now we can go back with email campaigns and sell that tent buyer fishing gear or a lantern or whatever you find you have the best margins on using your research tool. Someone that buys earrings from you we can go back and sell bracelets too. What this will do is establish and build a network of buyers. These same people will come and look at you and your store before they go and make the next purchase. Thus we are creating a passive income that we don’t have to continue working for!! Can you see how this tool would help you become more successful? Great!

    Next I want you to write down E Wealth Web Builder. This is going to be another amazing tool! It is the simplest and the most in depth web builder on the market. What this does is take someone with no web design experience in his or her entire life and help him or her build their own websites. It makes web building so easy with simple point and click features that you will be able to build your own sites with no previous experience!

    Site look and Feel

    Edit Page

    Store Manager

    Site Stats

    Live Chat Resource Center M-F 8-6 MST

    It also eliminates you having to pay a web master $50k a year to manage and run your sites. It gives you complete control over your own sites and makes it easy. Can you see that working for you? Good.

    Go ahead and write down SEO MARKETING FOUNDATION. Now as you are making money on your auctions on eBay and creating a massive clientele base we also want to focus on getting your site the attention it deserves. This is our long term plan for your website and this will create passive income and repeat buyers. The SEO Marketing Foundation helps you learn how to build content on your webpage that search engines respond too so you are showing up higher on searches. The higher you show up the more people you get to the site. Every 90 days each search engine goes out and re-lists who is coming up with more content for the keywords that are being typed in. Within 90 days we want you coming up that list. With each 90 days we want you higher and higher on each search. This in turn continues to get more and more people to your site. Then the focus becomes how to we get more people to buy. Does that make sense?

    Remember we have already built over 500 wholesalers and drop shipper’s relationships that you can begin working with immediately. Our goal is to have your business paying for itself as soon as possible

    Now go ahead and circle SEO Marketing Foundation if you can see how this will help you!

    The last thing I want to talk about in the KNOWLEDGE section, which is also included in your investment, is your ASSET and TAX PROTECTION. This is designed to help you keep and protect more of the money and assets you acquire. I want you to write down the name of these materials. Write down “Asset Protection Made Easy (ENTITY SET UP).”

    First, I want to talk about the tax protection side of this. Inside these materials there will be what is called an “entity setup”. In other words, you will be setting up a corporation through which you will do all of your business. .

    The Corporation allows you a variety of “Tax Deductions.” In other words, it allows you to keep more of the money you make. In this country, it is not just how much you make, it is how much you keep as well; would you agree? Not only is this $14, 850 investment tax deductible as a business start-up cost, many of the things that you are already spending money on can become tax deductible as well. There are also many other creative ways you can save taxes while running your own business. These materials will teach you every aspect of this. So, not only will this business pay for itself through the business that you do, but, it will pay for itself over and over again through the taxes it will save you.

    The aspects of KNOWLEDGE we provide are:

    q 12 months mentoring





    If they correlate with what you feel you need to learn, I want you to circle KNOWLEDGE.

    On your page, we should now have TIME, MONEY, and KNOWLEDGE circled. These are the three major hurdles that hold people back. It is kind of like wanting to get in shape. You can go to the gym and learn how to use the equipment, learn how to eat better and drink more water, but that doesn’t mean you are going to get in shape, does it? You have to commit to doing it on a daily basis. The same goes for internet business. Now, let’s move down to the COMMITMENT section. I’m going to go over the five commitments that we need in order to work with someone and guarantee this program. These are not difficult commitments, but they are commitments; and commitment is the common denominator between SUCCESS and FAILURE. If you are OK with these commitments, I won’t have any problem extending you an opportunity to come aboard this team.

    · The first commitment we have already talked about is TIME. Five to ten hours per week minimum. And, you can commit to that, correct? Good!

    · The second commitment is that you keep your scheduled appointments with your coach. In other words, if you need to re-schedule, and it is not an emergency, give us 24 hours advance notice so we can be there to help someone else, fair enough?

    · The third commitment is that you implement the strategies we teach. Once again, we will tell you exactly what, where and how to do it, but we cannot do it for you. This knowledge works universally, but only if it’s applied. Just like when going to college.

    · Now, the fourth and final commitment pertains to the assignments that will be given to you each week by you mentor. You must document each and every week, what your assignments are, and what you have done to complete them. This needs to be emailed here to our office once a week, so we can follow your progress. We want to make sure we are not going to fast or too slow! The email address will be listed in your activation documents. Do you feel you can commit to doing that?

    So, as far as these four commitments go, do you feel like you could commit to all four? Good.

    Now, I want to explain our “GUARANTEE OF SERVICE.” If you keep these four commitments over the next 12 months, and do not at least DOUBLE your INITIAL investment; we will continue to work with you pro-actively, at our own expense, until you do. I want you to know that in 9 years we have never had to work with any of our students beyond 12 months, and we should never have to. Regardless, it shouldn’t hurt your feelings that we guarantee your education. Right? If these commitments and guarantee make sense, I want you to circle COMMITMENT on your page.

    Now, you should have TIME, MONEY, KNOWLEDGE and COMMITMENTS circled. Is that correct? Good, then I have a couple of questions for you:

    · If I were to extend you the opportunity to come aboard, and work with us for the next 12 months, is this something you think you could do? Good.

    · If I were to extend you that opportunity, is this something you would not only want to, but would be excited to take advantage of? Great!

    Then I want to say, on behalf of myself and our entire team, CONGRATULATIONS and welcome aboard our “success team”.

    I’m going to put you on hold for a minute and put your file together. I’ll be right back to get some information from you. In order to get you registered, I need you to grab the highest interest rate card for the initial investment and I’ll be right back in a moment; and once again, congratulations and welcome aboard, I’m excited for you.

    We will be over-night expressing, as well as emailing your “activation kit”. In this kit, there will be a welcome letter, a copy of the commitments, a copy of the invoice, and some other documents for you to review and sign. Fill out and return the documents to the fax number or email address provided; whichever is more convenient. Once we receive those documents back, you will be hearing from the mentoring department within 24 to 48 hours for your initial contact and to schedule your first appointment. What is the best time to reach you in the next couple of days?

    Now, the last step is, I’m going to transfer you through to my verification department and for your, and our, protection, she will record the conversation and make sure that I didn’t give you any earning’s claims. In other words, I didn’t tell you that you were going to become a millionaire next week just by investing in our program. Also, she will verify your shipping address and the credit card number so keep that handy. A couple of other things she will verify, and I just want you to be aware of it, and this is obviously common sense, but it is my job to cover it with you, number one, we cannot GUARANTEE a SPECIFIC dollar amount on any SPECIFIC deal by any SPECIFIC time, in other words, I don’t know how much I am going to make on my online business, let alone yours. The second thing I want to cover with you is, because the information and materials that we provide are proprietary, and non-recoverable, there is a no cancellation and no refund policy. What this means is, we can’t have you come aboard this team and then 12 months down the road when you are fully educated, turn around and sell our products on the internet, and then cancel your program. We would obviously go out of business that way, right? And we can’t have that. So the point is that if your not 100% committed to this, you shouldn’t come aboard in the first place, correct? This way we have a vested interest in each other, and that is why as a company we have such a high success rate. So does that make sense? Ok Great.

    My secretary is going to verify that information with you. This way you will be assured everything is correct when you get your activation kit.

    Okay, she will give you a call within the next few minutes to verify everything with you.


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      2nd of Jul, 2010

    Apply Knowledge Institute wants to make it very clear that anyone in these forums who claims to have had a fraudulent experience with Apply Knowledge Institute will be held liable and to date we have sent many liable letters to the persons listed on this forum. Some were smart enough to respond before being served.

    Thank You to the clients who took the time to let us hear them out and work with them and they have made their retractions. It is not our intent to send out liable letters but if a client will not cooperate and choses to make malicious posts towards Apply Knowledge Institute, then we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

    We will be providing a list of law suits and their respective case numbers for public view along with a history of what each client who chose not to cooperate with us was offered to help them.

    Anyone who has received a letter from our company and has not responded or made their retractions of statements made towards Apply Knowledge Institute is strongly recommended to do so.

    If 30 days pass and we have heard nothing from you, we will move to the next phase of our process which is filing a defamation suit and holding any individual accountable for statements made towards Apply Knowledge Institute.

    You can call us directly at 866-716-3099 to let us know how we can help you or what specifically you want Apply Knowledge Institute to help you with.

    Be prepared to give your full information and Customer ID number for verification due to the bogus comments and fake names posted in these forums .

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