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AF is a finance generation engine and very "Irish" from top to bottom. I gather the bulk of users aspire to be on reality TV shows, or are 40-ish plus, find it difficult to meet decent single folks, and so earnestly give a try. It's at that point you're rapidly guided to parting with cash and the hits just keep on coming after that.

If you write anything remotely articulate, you're branded a pompous twit who is probably English. I'm neither British nor Irish, and honestly had difficulty deciphering all four sentences (on average) of text speech, before meeting for drinks was proposed. Apparently, the promise of alcohol consumption in surroundings so as to give the impression all attendees are in some way intelligent and cultured, obviates the need to actually know anything about the individual sitting across from you. A good photo will probably get you laid … eventually. Just keep offering to meet for drinks, wear main-stream labels, have a decent job [read: any job], pretend to like soccer, and you're probably in.

I'm being severe as there is also a small population of sincere people, though the digital meat-marketeers vastly outnumber them. I was silly enough to sign up for the Premium membership, only to fall foul of its automatic renew "feature". The only way you can unsubscribe from the site's payment plan is to contact customer service directly.

There's a great movie called "Idiocracy", and I can't help but wonder that if services such as AF are how the modern day hipsters establish ideals, meet [for drinks], and invariably procreate, the future may be now. That's both frightening and disturbingly accurate.


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