Anheuser-Busch Companiessponsorship of the nfl

C Sep 25, 2017 Review updated:

To whom it may concern,

I will not be buying another Budweiser or Anheuser-Busch product as long as you are sponsoring the NFL and their total disrespect for the National Anthem and the American Flag and what it represents. Men and Women have given their lives in service for these overpaid cry babies to show their disrespect while the American public pay to watch. SHAME ON THEM and Shame on you as a company to sponsor such behavior!

Christi Blanton proud American and Mother of a Iraqi War veteran.


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      Sep 27, 2017

    Christi and 9wood, I agree! I, too, am boycotting NFL and their sponsors. The lack of respect to our flag and National Anthem is disgraceful. If Budweiser continues to support this behavior by sponsoring the NFL, they will see a major decline in sales. I, for one, will not be hosting my annual Super Bowl party - which means no Budweiser, either. Thank you for supporting America and Old Glory! Please thank your son for his service.

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      Sep 27, 2017

    Gosh, I don't drink beer but I certainly would buy from these sponsors if I did. Pay attention: no one is "disrespecting" "the flag" or the "national anthem." People are trying to draw attention to a recent issues concerning race, policing, and criminal justice. Furthermore, if everyone who neither stands nor pays attention when the national anthem is played were guilty of a crime, there would not be enough jails in the world to hold them. Pull your head out, folks. You are being manipulated by a cynical, evil group of politicians advancing totalitarianism in what might once have been a free country.

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      Oct 02, 2017

    @9wood I think the NFL players in question are trying to demonstrate that they don't feel they can show unconditional pride in a country that more and more seems to defy its principles on equality, in part. I think America's principles of allowing free speech and rights to protest are being exercised here, and that the players SHOULD have this freedom to raise awareness about this issue in a way that doesn't cause physical harm or threat to anyone.
    A lot of people seem to think the NFL players are misguided in their approach, but to me it seems like a logical way to raise awareness while everyone's attention is captivated. What other opportunities like that do they have where everyone is guaranteed to be watching and such a strong statement can be made? They have been clear about the issue they are standing up (or, in this case, taking a knee ;P) for, but people keep putting words in their mouths and assuming their method of protest can only mean one thing. I totally support what they're doing, for one. I don't see anything wrong with their actions in and of themselves, now it's just up to all us observers to interpret it constructively.

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      Oct 16, 2017

    I agree that the flag is being held hostage for some to bring prejuduce views into focus. No matter where you stand the American Flag should not be used. The American Flag stands for all walks of life. Anheuser Bush uses the logos and colors that represents America. If Anheuser Bush is not going to back up NFL's acts of not supporting the fact that protesting should not be on the field, then I do not know what to have lost our household trust.

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