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Angelbare Permanent Cosmetics / awful work ,unprofessionalism

1 MA, United States Review updated:

SHALA WHITMORE tattoed my eyebrows last year and IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE .
and because of her awful work i did the laser removal several times, and then retattoed at another great these stupid eyebrows cost me like 3000$ and what really surprised me is that she got the guts to go and submit a complain against me just because i wrote my experience on her website and all what i said was 100% the truth and everything she said was an absolute big lie, trying to cover up her huge mistake instead of being professional and apologize to me .
i believe that i have absolutely the right to share my story and if she didnt have anything to hide she wouldn't ve deleted my review and comments ..good luck shahla i hope you learned you lesson and try to better your work and self and then ur reputation :)


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  • Yu
      29th of Feb, 2012
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    I totally agree with you. I had an awful experience when I went to that place 3 years ago when she was still in Newton. She stated on the website that she would offer a consultation but she did not, she simply drew on my eyebrows and decided the color brown for me, when i told her it was too dark for me, she said it would become lighter later on. She drew on my eyebrows, they did look even when she drew on them, however, when i got off the treatment chair, my eyebrows were uneven, the shapes were awful. During the process, she would get up and answer the phone then came back again, and she was so rough on me, it hurt so much that I had tears in my eyes. When I got home and took my sunglasses off, my boyfriend was in shock, he asked me what have you done to yourself, what to do now because you look awful. A week went by, the color was still the same, i started to panic, and 10 out of 10 people who saw my brows asked me are you sure you are going back for the second treatment because they look pretty bad. When i tried to talk about it with her, she turned into this horrible and angry person, she told me, I've heard you talking poorly about me with others, I am going to have my lawyer sue you. Is that really a way to treat your customer? I paid extra out of my pocket to fix my brows at other place, she told me the hair line stroke was all wrong, so she had to cover them up, and she used laser to get rid of the extra sticking out parts, it took me 2 month to get a normal set of brows back. I totally AGREE with you. AWFUL PLACE AWFUL SERVICE. SHE HAS NO RESPECT TOWARDS CUSTOMERS.

  • Th
      22nd of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    All she cares about is $$$$ . She's working on me and trying to sell me this and that! Horrible experience all around, still after 3 appointments, my eyebrows still aren't right and she said that every session from here on in is $50.00. She doesn't listen to you and does whatever she wants. I don't care if it takes 12 visits-for $450.00 eyebrows, they should be free of charge until they are right and the customer is happy. I will tell everyone I know about this and in the mean time I have to hunt down someone to fix them and pay them too!!!

  • Ma
      22nd of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes the biggest liar I have met in my life! I will be posting my experience with her on Yelp soon. Last year I signed up with her for her apprenticeship program, she said she could start right away and demanded all the money up front . I gave her my 7000 thousand dollers for the program, one week later she told me she had to leave the country to go to Iran but she would be back in a week...lie..lie..lie! she was gone for almost 2 months. She knew she was going away and never told me up front. I didn't want to start any problems, and I just wanted to finish the program with her because by the time i would hire a lawyer and take her to court I would lose my money, so I went along with her. Two weeks in she told me that was all the time that she was going to give me (40 hours on a 200 hour apprenticeship ) . She offered to give me a certificate and keep my money that I paid her for 200 hours. I lost it and demanded my money back or my hours . She acted like a crazy women (she is) and started screaming at me "I don't give a [censored] about your money" . That is exactly what this witch said to me. I walked out and found out that she never submited my paper work with the Wellesley health department, so took her to court and got 5000 dollers.back. Her son Andrew is also a scumbag there in on it together ...they even forged a document saying that I signed it when I never did. They also hired the dumbest lawyer I ever met, it was really comical . These two are disgusting human beings...their the scum of the earth !

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