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Angela's Dogs/Schnoodles / Puppy not as advertised – Breeder not trustworthy

1 2559 N Main StBluffton, IN, United States Review updated:
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*BUYER BEWARE* BREEDER ANGELA’S DOGS IS NOT TRUST WORTHY! As a former Police Officer, big on honesty and integrity–DO NOT BUY FROM THIS BREEDER! She will not refund deposits NO MATTER WHAT! Even if it is ALL HER fault and she is lying to you! I put a deposit down on one of her dogs. I was very clear (many e-mails) about wanting an ALL-black puppy with NO white anywhere (except for one back foot, which we discussed). Angela emailed that she had the ALL-Black dog for us. However, Angela was dishonest from the beginning. She sent pictures and many e-mails telling us that the puppy was ALL-black. I discovered her lies by asking for unobstructed photos of the puppy. I found out she was covering up white areas on the chest with her or her daughter's hand and fingers. Most disturbing is that Angela would have shipped me the puppy with white on it that I didn't ask for after trying to hide it from me. I would have gone to the airport and picked this puppy up, and then what would I have done?

Jun 15, 2013
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  • Lo
      4th of Aug, 2013
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    I am Angela the breeder and this is false! This lady has been the one and only problem I have ever had. I sent her soooo many weekly pictures of her pup from a week old. Her pup at about 5 weeks old had a tiny pin mark of white on chest, no biggie. As she knew that there was a tiny white spot on chest and back foot but this dog, anyone would say is a black dog. She has reported me to the BBB and lost, to our state government and Paypal and lost, I have proof of this. I gave her the offer to put this deposit down to next or any litter she wanted but that just didn't work for her. My gut is that she found a different dog at a cheap price so this was her way out. How sad it that, someone not wanting her pup after 7 weeks of weekly pictures and many emails...and only because she grew a few extra hairs, now that's just wrong. Everyone wants what they want but if your kids hair changed from blonde to brown, would you not want or love him/her?? I am a true pet lover to the max and tons and tons of references. The deposit is non refundable and all other breeders I know have the same contract, this is stated on my site, clearly and make it appoint to let people know but they always can transfer there money to another litter. She told me that if I did not refund her money that she would pursue this to the end, crazy. And buy the was, she already got her money back from her credit card and still going strong. I feel sorry for other police Officers because people like her give them a bad name and we love ours in our home town, sad! I have many picture of this pup and proof of everything but not sure how people like her get away with putting on the Internet when false. I work very very hard to have the healthy pups and make everyone have there perfect pet. I feel I do a wonderful job and am proud of what I do. It's just too bad people like this need to be so mean to make them self happy. I will never understand that one! This is the puppy! If I was dishonest I could have just sniped this off and she would have never know, but I would never do that!! Poor pup but she has a wonderful new home and the owners text me weekly how wonderful she truly is!

  • Ry
      1st of Jul, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I am a proud owner of a dog from one of Angela's litters. I found her delightful to deal with, hard working, truthful, and an excellent breeder. Angus is not only one of the best animals I've owned but also one of the best I've come across. I feel sorry for Elizabeth B. for her loss in deciding to not go with the gorgeous animal pictured above. If she has half of the incredible temperament, character, intelligence, lovingness, and eagerness to please as Angus has you missed out!
    Ryan Wood

  • Ws
      24th of Nov, 2014
    -1 Votes

    I am responding to the original complaint against Angela and her dogs. We have used Angela twice to provide us with two Giant Schnoodles. We have found her to be upright in her representation of her dogs, and honestly, they have become a member of our family whom we have loved deeply. Our first was taken from us from cancer at six years of age, and because of our love for him and our positive experience with Angela, we returned for our second. They are challenging as puppies, but grow into fine animals. I would recommend both the breed and the breeder without question. From the sounds of the complaint, the individual is unreasonable of their expectations - Nothing in life is perfect, and the more we accept the imperfections, the less we care about them.
    Bill Sears

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