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Amigo Energy / Charges/ bill

1 Cypress, TX, United States

Amigo energy's meter to my apartment broke, it was unfunctional so for months they could not charge me the actual kW usage to my apartment. After they replaced it, I received a $1000+ bill saying that that was the amount owed. I had been paying the bill they had been sending me, it was a low amount. After I complained to them about the high bill and requested actual records of the kw usage for those months the meter was broken I only received the answer that those numbers had come from center point and according to them they were correct. My question is, if it took them months to notice te meter was broken, this means they never really actually came to my apartment complex to get an actual reading. Second, when I asked how they knew the exact amount of kW I had used, they simply said that they just somehow knew. Never really told me how though! After, I complained about the truthfulness of their records they gave the reason that since the meter was broken they went on previous history readings to assume the charges. Then I told them that it was impossible since the property I live in was built over what used to be farm land and it had just opened and I was one of the first residents to move in. So there was no history they could use. Amigo energy has not been able to provide a real reason or records to me for the charges, I disputed the bill and actually disputed the following bills as well because as I check on the meter, after receiving otter bills I noticed I had been over billed by as much as 1500 kW and as low as 500 kW then I had actually used. I'm still arguing with amigo energy. They keep threading to deactivate my power and have actually done it once and they continue to ask me to pay the amount even though they and or center point hasn't been able to provide the info I requested. Check into it please! Thanks!


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