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We very disapointed with AmeriSave services and bad experiences. I completed the on-line application on May 24. 2009 and paid the $30 for Credit Report and $575 for Appraisal. The intend interest rate that we applying for is 4.5% 20 years fix for the loan 0f $417, 000 stated clearly on the loan application The loan process was taken too long, since May approximately over 30 days, and until now it is still not locked. When I called and talk to Mark Hooper loan advisor he stated I have Float Rate and now the interest rate it up if I want to have 4.5 interest rate I have to pay more for the closing cost. We know this mortgage processor and this company cheating customer and waste our time and money. The communication between the loan advisor and loan processor has always been unclear. The appraisal was done poorly.

We are not recomment your loan agent to any of my friends.


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      Apr 12, 2010

    Yep! Their online system is designed to have multiple ways of adding more fees/a higher rate. You won't lock your rate in until they say so...

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      Apr 07, 2011

    This is Mark Hooper responding to the complaint filed against him. I would like to that one of my extremely satisfied client with sending me this so I could respond. Michelle Huynh is 100% correct she was doing a loan for 417, 000 loan 20 year fixed and had select an interest rate of 4.5% She is also correct that she could not lock her rate. Michelle was 100% aware of this as evidence buy the signed and dated letter that I had both her and her husband sign. Michelle and her husband were offer two programs. The first program combined her first and second mortgages together and would have allowed her to lock in right away. They did not like the terms of that loan and were offer a second option of not paying off the second mortgage but instead subordinating it. I contacted the lien holder of the second mortgage CITI Mortgage and they told me there were taking 60-90 days to approve all subordinations. Since it will take us time to underwrite our portion of the loan as required by CITI and CITI will take 60-90 days after that she was to told she had to float until CITI approved her subordination . 30 day later the subordination was still not approved by CITI and during that time period rates had increased. She was made aware of this by myself because I stayed in constant contact with hem even though the only thing I could update them on was we were still waiting on CITI and rates were moving up or down. The irony of it all is all is when CITI had approved the subordination rates were actually lower. I understand that consumers have no understanding of how mortgages work. What I do not understand is how someone feels justified to go onto a website and post a complaint to try and tarnish someone reputation, just because they could not get or did not qualify for what they want. the comet about the appraisal being done poor really proves this point. All three e compare used to evaluate here home were located with in three blocks of her home and the other three supporting home were located in her subdivision. Her home appraised for more than all three of these home due to it being in excellent condition, but what lees then she thought it was going to. Of course this mean the appraisal must have been done poorly since it is impossible that her home would have been effect by the decrease in home value felt by 99% of the county.

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      Aug 19, 2011

    That shows you how bad the company is. The employees come online using the Nixon line "I'm not a crook" and disclosing details that I am sure are protected by some sort of privacy laws. Anyway, I am contacting Michelle to make sure she saw what the Nixon wannabe wrote and suggest she check into a possible lawsuit for his disclosures if she has not already done so. I am so glad to know who is holding her notes and what she may or may not have qualified for. Oh BTW, you have to have a rep to tarnish one.

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