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The car dealer we went to put our car loan with AmeriCredit. OMG, nothing but BS from this company. If you pay your car payment on their website, they charge a $5.00 fee which by the way it would be applied to the car. My bank deducts 1/2 my payment (bi-weekly) and sends to Americredit. When I first got my car loan, I had to call each and every month to tell Americredit to apply all payments to my car...well, I started traveling more and could not call, never heard from Americredit until Christmas vacation I get a call at work, I checked my messages at work while on vacation, bad thing to do! (-: I called AmeriCredit and they told me I owed $600.00 and something...boy was I PISSED!!! Anyway, they told me that my payments were not applied to my car but to the interest...WTF...I could not believe this. I had to explain how my payments are set-up and how I should not be late...they applied some of my payments to the interest and not my car. I was told it would be fixed...well I was wrong, I had to call again, and again I was told it would be fixed. I was told it had to do with my September payment, but it would be fixed. Thank God I documented on the people I spoke to at AmeriCredit. Anyway, after the phone calls and being told it would be fixed was nothing but a waste of my time becasue it was not fixed!! I just got an email today telling me my car payment was due when in fact it should not be due. I emailed them...oh wait, you see the funny thing is when you email AmeriCreidt about an issue, they reply but when you want it documented, they tell you to call and if you email them again, they ingore your email. Here is the kicker, they never emailed me about my car payment being due until they got my email on my complaint, they can keep your email and email you on payment, but they can't apply bi-weekly car payments to the car because they don't have a set-up for that but they do when you pay on-line through AmeriCedit. Where are the lawyers, we need to class action suite against this company!!! God I wish I would have known about this bank...

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  • Pa
      25th of Jul, 2009

    I bought a 2005 optima kia in 2006 for $12, 000.00 Americredit had the loan. I paid 336.00 a month for almost 2and one half years. I lost my job and got behind and they repossessed my car Dec.31, 2008. Yeh, happy new year. They then sold my car for almost 5, 000 dollars. Now I get a letter in the mail saying I owe them over 8, 000 dollars! This has to be illigal. At the very least unethical! Can someone tell me what I can do about this if anything?

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  • Am
      16th of Feb, 2010

    Hey ###, its called a deficiency judgement. Read your contract, even though its a little late because you are most likely a dizzy bimbo that doesnt do that sort of thing. Have fun getting your tits out of the wringer!

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  • De
      30th of Aug, 2010

    Wow Ms LaRue do you work at Americredit??? Not neccesary to comment to this in this manner!

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  • Bb
      26th of Oct, 2010

    I purchased a vehicle from Americredit with payments of 1000.00 per month. I was laid of and fell behind in my payments. I was running 1 payment behind and they said they would work with me. I did not realize working with me meant charging me 25 dollars per day in late fees. At 25 dollars a day 750.oo per month my balance continued to increase to the tune of 10, 000 extra in my loan balance. I ended up totaling the vehicle and my insurance company paid the vehicle off according you the documented value. Americredit took the payment from the insurance company as a single payment and began charging the 25.00 per day late fees for several months before the treating calls all times of day and night. When I contacted them about what seems to be illegal practices the said the charges were not late fees but interest payments. I still don't know the out come but I plan on seeking legal action

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  • Te
      24th of Feb, 2011

    i agree

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