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This company is by far the worst auto financing business you can deal with. Sure, most of them are blood suckers, but this one takes the cake! They are known for taking folks money and applying a very, very small amount towards interest and hardly anything towards the principle. You'll end up owing the same amount you purchased the car for after 3 to 5 years. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience.

No one in the organization will speak to you about re-negotiating the contract which by law you are entitled to do so. The reps are trained to play ignorant and convince you to continue doing business with them under unfair business practices. Not only will they harrass you 20-30 times a day for the "next payment due"; you'll get to a point where you're so fed up you'll want them to repossess the car!

Mind you they're famous for dragging this process out as well. Because bottom line...they want more payments from you. It's only when they really get the point and from the tone of your voice that you mean business, they'll arrange to have your car repossessed. I am willing to live with the "negative credit rating" because frankly, I refuse to give them one red cent more!!! I've paid $17, 000 on a $25, 000 loan and according to their records I still owe $25, 000. Take into consideration the car's been sold at auction for $8, 000 and they continually harrass me for the remaining balance of $17, 000. I'm out completely...a total loss of payments for 3 years.

For any one of you out there thinking about doing business with these crooks, or if you've been, fast as you can from these slimeballs!!!

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  • Gw
      Aug 28, 2010

    Sounds like my complaint about another company, look up auto credit acceptance on here and see mine and others stories.

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