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AmericaWare / Very rude manager

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Ordered several mugs from AmericaWare and one was broken. Contacted the manager and must say that our communication was a complete nightmare. The person called me a liar and said that it was not possible. He said that their company was super professional and that they always care about their clients. Then I asked him to prove it. If he'd really cared then he would have offered me a refund or at least a replacement. He refused to do anything and said they don't refund cups, mugs and etc. Then I become pushy, but he become very nasty and said some terrible rude things. Never again I will buy anything from this company. Their manager is absolutely terrible and impolite human ever!

Apr 22, 2016

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  • Ja
      22nd of Apr, 2016
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    As the COO of Americaware I am very concerned when there is any type of customer complaint, which is why a customer can actually get connected to my office, if they feel our customer service staff is not addressing their issue. Even if it is a minor issue. In this particular instance, our customer service staff requested I handle this call as they felt the complaint was unreasonable and the customer was difficult. Upon answering the call, this woman said she had purchased a cup made by us at a major retailer, to whom we haven't sold to in several years. By itself not an issue but, it indicates it was a coffee cup she has had, and used extensively for quite some time. She never ordered anything from our company directly. The caller proceeded to claim a black substance was staining or bleeding through the inside of her stoneware cup, and even made the accusation it was lead. I informed her that this was technically impossible, as our mugs are lead free and are completely FDA and California Prop 65 compliant. I also explained that there is nothing black inside a cup to bleed through. If you break it you will find only the stoneware clay color of white / off white inside under the glaze. She then told me, she had taken a ceramics class and asked me if I was calling her a liar. I said I have been in the ceramic business for over 30 years and this was something that I had extensive knowledge of. In any case, I asked her if the dark areas looked like coffee staining or if it looked like dark grey scratches. She stated it looked more like scratches. I then asked if she uses a spoon in her cup and she scoffed, "yes of course". I said her issue is most likely marks left from her spoon or flatware as sometimes certain flatware will leave scuff marks on dishes and plates after extensive use or rubbing. I requested if she would email me a photo of the issue. That photo is attached below. She became irate and made threats to ruin our reputation by blogging on line and hung up. Shortly thereafter I received an email with the photo. The photo confirmed my initial suspicion that she did in fact have an old cup with coffee stains and extensive flatware scuffs and scratches. I replied to her email with the suggestion use use a mild kitchen cleanser and the scratches can be removed.

    As a company we offer high quality products and excellent customer service. Normally the customer returns product to the retailer if they have an issue, although I doubt any retailer would consider replacing such an old and heavily used item. Especially a ceramic cup with a limited lifespan and which has obviously provided years of use, and if cleaned properly would provide many more. There comes a time when principle overrides someones desire to receive something for free which is clearly what this customer wanted to do, by making treats to create bad publicity. It would have been far cheaper and much less time consuming for me to have sent her a cup, but as a matter of fairness and principle I refused to be extorted by someone obviously with not much else to do but chase a free cup. While I love our products, this is a coffee cup, no moving parts, no defective materials, completely microwave and dishwasher safe, retail cost under $10, and unless dropped and broken, it can last a long time. There is however no implied lifetime warranty, and if you use it heavily and don't clean it thoroughly, it may not look new forever.

  • De
      27th of Apr, 2016
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    While this customer got upset, I had the same experience with this man - beware this company

  • Jo
      25th of Jun, 2018
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    I completely agree with "Zuko" and "Decency Never Goes Out of Style."

    Nearly 2 YEARS LATER from these reviews, I recently had the HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE of having to talk to Jake Zwirn after I purchased over $600 in mugs from him only to find out they have been TAINTED WITH LEAD. Rather than try to remedy the situation, he threatened physical violence. At this point, I began recording the conversation. Having been berated by the "COO" (as is COO COO/Crazy) of the company, I cannot in good faith recommend anyone to purchase ANYTHING from this company, mugs or otherwise. I find it sad that a man, sorry, manchild, has the AUDACITY to talk to a PAYING customer that way, especially after his mugs put me in the hospital.

    BUYER BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY! Do yourself a favor a spend a little more money on a mug that won't cost you thousands of dollars in hospital bills due to the NEGLIGENCE and BLATANT DISREGARD FOR HUMAN DECENCY.

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