American Swissrepair and cleaning of a ring

My Name is Taminda Leach and in Nov 2016 I took in a ring (that was purchased at American Swiss) to have two diamonds replaced and to have the centre stone of the ring cleaned as it had lost it's colour (colour of stone was light blue when purchased and now is white). I asked the lady that helped me (Nhlanhla at the Clearwater branch) to first provide me with a quote before repairs are done, so that I am aware of the cost. I phoned a number of times in December and they said that I had to wait until January to get the quote. When I phoned the branch in January I was told that they would get a quote the week of the 9th and someone would phone me back. This did not happen, so I phoned the store again on Friday the 13th at 13:42 and spoke with Nhlanhla and she said that she would phone me back to give me a quote. She did not call me back and I tried to call twice today 16 Jan 17 but no one answers the phone.
The job card no: JC0112060008435
the Card no: LC0112060006234
I am starting to get very worried as no one communicates with me or calls me back. This is very unprofessional and I'm starting to think that I need to go to the Ombudsman and report Swiss American as I'm not sure if I'll get my ring back.

Jan 16, 2017

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