American Swiss Jewelry / chain I was told is gold but was not

durban, South Africa

For Christmas 2016 I bought my finance a Anne Klein watch set which I was told is Gold. On 29 January she took it back to the store that I bought it from and was told that they would pay her back for the set but they do not have the R2, 499.00 in cash at the moment. They advised her that they would contact her to when she can come and collect the cash and hand back the jewellery. I would like to know when I can get my full refund back the gold had rubbed off, is this the type of bull #### storys you tell your clients, is this standard business practice or will it fall under the harm full business practise act. Who pays for my time and travelling to your store to take the product back. When I bought the set I had to pay there and then not when I had the money now I must wait for yourselves to rip some one else off to pay me. As per hello peter this is not the first complaint of this nature. For a group of your size this is shocking are yourselves going to pay interest on my funds as its not what I was told it is and now I must still wait for my funds to be returned to me how does this work will consulting an attorney be the way to go. [protected]

Jan 29, 2017

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