American Strategic Insurance Corpcustomer/client insurance claim never/not paid yet significant price hike

On or around February 20, 2016, Atlanta has a severe storm. The very same day, my roof began to leak. I decided to call my homeowners insurance ASI to report this. They reassured me they were on top of this and would send an ASI representative to check out my roof. The ASI rep came out and was physically too large to climb onto my roof so he sent his teenage son(whom he bought with him to a job). He proceeded to say he didn't find a leak or any missing shingles. Meanwhile, ASI sent me a letter that the repairs were minimal and they wouldn't make any payment. A couple of days later, it began to rain again and sure enough, there is a wet spot on the ceiling, this time a much bigger one like 12in circumference. So I call a (1) a plumber and (2) an HVAC company to check the pipes and fixing in the attic. They found that the leak was indeed on the roof and also found mold in attic where it had been leaking since the storm. I called ASI back and asked for them to send the representative back out to survey the findings and ASI said that wasn't necessary. Instead, they requested that I pay for the repairs up front and send in the proofs for reimbursement. I sent the receipts 1, 2 3 then like 6 times total to no avail. There was always a new claims adjuster, one getting fired or quitting. So I gave up until I received my homeowners statement that showed my annual amount total due increased by like $600. I was livid so I proceeded to try to at least have my claim looked at. No call backs, well perhaps once but oh man when I missed the call, back to no resolution. Customers should never have to deal with a company who has poor ethics and ASI is at the top of that list.

Feb 26, 2018

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