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I too filed a complaint with the BBB a week ago and their response didn't address my complaint. I'm contacting every government agency to look into their scrupulous practices. I I find it more than just coincidence that ASI approved a rate increase exactly one day after my policy went into effect on. Dec 2, 2013. They said the department of insurance approved the rate increase. I actually find it quite suspect and If the department of insurance approved a 27% rate hike than I want to see this. I have already contacted the The Department of Regulatory Agency (DORA) for Colorado as we'll to look into what can only be described as a classic bait and switch tactic by a fairly large Insurance company to earn my business. There have been no major disasters to speak of since my policy went into effect and absolutely none in Peyton and Falcon Colorado where I reside for years. I completely understand the need to raise rates but based on their own response my replacement cost went up 1% and they raised my rates to the tune of 27%. I have never seen an increase anywhere close to this amount from any insurance company in my lifetime. When I called ASI to discuss this I was told that the reason for the increase was because of the no payout claim that I stated in my complaint and ASI didn't even mention this in their response. I do not think an insurance company can legally raise rates this high because of a zero payout claim and without justification. There are several government agencies in place to protect the consumer and I will exhaust every one to make sure my rights are not being trampled upon and that ASI is operating in accordance with the law and policies of the State of Colorado. Nothing has changed with my home, my county or my circumstance to make me a high risk client since my policy went into effect to justify this steep of an increase.

Oct 23, 2013
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      Mar 28, 2014

    ASI had a 60% rate hike after 1 year without notice. No explanation for the rate hike when I called. We have not had any claims.

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