American Standard Onlinescam?

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If it's to good to be true-it's not true. I have spent way to much time asking for simple information. Their "managers" are rude and fast talking. They are unable/unwilling to supply any information in writting. The agents only refer you to the web site, which doesn't answer any questions. They want the money upfront because " all the calls are recorded for mutual protection" I have contacted the FDIC, Corp Commission for the State of CA. and the Atty General for Oregon and CA. They have all reported that information outlining the product and services your $199.99 buys should be available on request. The managers are quick to circle back to the web site. They do not / will not give you answers. uestions that any normal person would ask make the agents agresive and borderline hostile. All the people who answer the phone are rude and pushy trying to close the sale. Maybe the nastiness is why I won't be using their "services"

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      Sep 18, 2009

    wow! I'm glad it's not just me. I thought American Standard Managers were extremely rude. I am a real estate broker and couldn't believe the bull they were peddling so I had to see for myself what they would say on the phone. Three managers hung up on me because I was asking some tough questions... Poor people who believe them...

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