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American Memorabilia / rip off

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I met the owner, Victor Moreno, at a sports memorabilia show in May 2008 and he was looking for sports items to put in his auctions. I had brought some items with me to the show and he asked to look at them.

He wanted to auction one of my items which was a valuable baseball bat. He explained to me how his business works and that he could get me a good price for this item and that I would be paid within 90 days after the auction.

I signed the paperwork and he took the bat and did sell it at auction on July 17, 2008. I saw that it had sold on his website and the price it sold for. They never denied this. The problem was getting paid.

I've been calling and e-mailing repeatedly since October asking for my money. Victor will not respond in any way. Kieta is a woman that works for him and all she does is give me excuses as to why they can't send me a check now. Today is Jan. 5th, 2009 and they still have done nothing to send me my money.

When I spoke to her last which was a couple of weeks ago she said that she thinks that I should get paid in February. I never would have done business with them if I had known that it would take almost a year to get paid! This company is a RIPOFF!

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  • Bo
      16th of Jan, 2009
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    Yeah, I had a similar experience with this company. They take forever to pay. They make themselves out to be this reputable company but after you give them your items to auction Victor will never call you back or respond to your e-mails.

    Beware of American Memorabilia Company. They are a scam.

  • Ky
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    American memorabilia is a complete joke. They are about to go out of business, anyone who consigns to them is out of there tree. Kieta is one piece of work, possibly the dumbest person i have ever dealt with. Such comments as " No, yea, no, we cant pay you." Then once you do get paid, it isn't the correct amount. Then such comments come about as " Oh whats the problem, i thought you got the check?" How long can you beat the same drum. I cant wait to see this company go down. I feel bad for all who are involved and controlled by Kieta.

  • Ra
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    I agree, i consigned an item 9 months ago and still haven't received payment. And i have heard the same statements from Kieta regarding payment over and over. Save your loved items.

  • Pe
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    I have contacted the FBI. I have filed filed a complaint with them. They are looking into it. They have informed me to expidite my complaint the quickest they need other complaint to reach $100, ooo. Once this happens all hell cam break loose. Please contact them ASAP

  • Je
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    To all concerned about American Memorabilia:

    I got a check today for $500 from AM.
    UPDATE: Today I talked to both Kieta and Victor together for over an hour.
    Here is a new idea they came up with and I think this might be a good idea
    for some. The fact's are we all would like our money now but the facts are
    that they don't have all that money to send all of us now. So how do we get
    paid? With all of us being collectors and sellers who in the past and in
    the future need a place to sell our items. We all know AM was a great place
    to sell until they over invested and then got hit with down sales as did
    even my business last year. Victor admitted to me that he never expected to
    get this deep and he regrets it. However, they are trying to work there way
    out of it.

    Here is the idea??? They (AM) offered anyone who is owed money to have
    access like a dealer to self post any item on their auctions without sending
    the item in to them. You would make your own pictures but they would finish
    the ad. Payment would come right to you via Paypal from the customer ( You
    will need a paypal account and you will meet buyers who might buy other
    items). You would get paid immediatly at the end of the sale. The seller
    and the buyers premium you would keep toward money owed to you. You would
    still get in the magazine and all but you would recieve all the money. This
    would be good until paid. As for those with nothing to sell, then AM would
    have to work out a payment plan. I think this is a good idea. For
    instance, if you sold an item for $1000. You would pay them normally 20%
    which would be $200. Then the buyers premium you would get also. That money
    would go towards what is owed instead of to AM.

    As far as PSA and other verification places, we discussed having a
    discussion board with questionable items or items you want to know more
    about. That would allow others to input history or knowledge about them
    helping verify the authenicity. Then I suggested a way for us to get our
    own verification and get some credit for that cost which would be discounted
    with AM when sold. There is alot to think about but I believe they are
    making an effort to resolve payments. They would like to move forward but
    actions from AM will be important. They are having another meeting Monday
    and should have a letter out outlining these ideas. I told them I would pass
    these ideas by you for your input. I'm just trying to mediate this for
    everyone. If you have any other input or ideas, send them to me and I can
    be a mouthpiece for you if possible. Anything told to me will be kept
    confidential is you ask. I told them there are alot of angry people out
    there and they know it. They are trying to communicate these ideas to
    resolve a better future for all involved including getting paid and maybe
    still having an outlet to get the best dollars for our items. Let me know
    what you think??? You can reach me at 615-456-3356
    Please pass this on.
    Jeff Davis

  • Da
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    i think youre kinda missing the point. and maybe getting snowed. this is (or was) a major auction house... and now theyre putting in a ton of hours to appease you so they dont have to write a relatively small check. sounds like youre getting emotionally involved, and getting distracted from the whole point of this board -- which is: weve been ripped off, how do we get paid? we're not here to hand-hold these slimeballs or provide therapy or help them develope their businesses and future...


  • Th
      25th of Apr, 2009
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    You're forgetting something very important. These people have NO (zero, nada, nil) CREDIBILITY.


    From everything I'm hearing about them, they are NOT trustworthy. Their word is meaningless.

    What makes you think that all these people are going to rally round to help THEM.

    I have seen nor heard nothing from them that smells anything like they are interested in making restitution. NOTHING. The only thing close was your postings on this website, which, quite frankly don't seem to carry much weight as far as I'm concerned. Did Victor Moreno or Susan Kieta ever make a statement appointing you as their representative.

    Now what you're saying may very well be true. Perhaps you did have those discussions with them. But unless people hear a FORMAL statement from either one of the officials from AMI, people should really take your postings with a grain of salt. Sorry to say it, but that's how I see it.

    Going back to CREDIBILITY. If these people had any intentions that were honorable, they would've confronted the people they are indebted to DIRECTLY and HONESTLY, instead of all the B-S they've been given all these years.

    Forget about how what a "great place to sell" AMI once was. There is an avalanche occurring now and I don't really see any way to stop it. You either have to try to get out of the way, or get rolled over. The continue to LIE to the people they owe money to, and NOT pay what was due. All of this with a straight face and NO SINCERITY.

    So, I ask you, do you really think that a zebra changes their stripes?

    A bank robber who has not gone to jail yet or even arrested tells a passerby on the street that he wants to give the money back. Where's the money? Would you trust him to keep good on his word? I wouldn't. Any by the way, it wasn't the bank robber himself who said he'd like to repay, it was the passerby who is a total stranger. Would you believe that person or the bank robber?

    No, I think what has to be done is that the short arm of the law has to be extended. We can only hope that justice will prevail and they will get their due.

    It is unfortunate that things have to work out this way, but you know, in my book when you do something wrong you need to be punished.

    I can't wait until they get their day in court. I will gladly drive to Nevada to watch the trial.

  • Or
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Glad I read this - was going to bid on items in their recent auction (ending 9/3/2009), but am afraid I would send payment and not receive the items. As a buyer, I have been more than happy with their service - they have been timely in their mailings, and have been accurate with their billing. Even the shipping and handling is relatively reasonable. But after reading this, I just have a bad feeling. My business will stay with Huggins & Scott, Lelands, Grey Flannel and Robert Edwards. They are ones I have purchased from regularly over the years and have never had any problems. Thanks again.

  • St
      17th of Nov, 2010
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    American Memorabilia - payment
    American memorabilia
    Las Vegas
    United States
    Phone: 800 430 066

    I consigned items for auction in 2008. Items sold in 2008, I am still awaiting payment. I have filed suit and have a court date of 12/2/10. I have on numerous occasions given Kieta (American Memorabilia's represenative) the chance to settle what they owe for. I have even offered to accept a lesser amount. They have refused. I have a appointment with a Assistant DA in LV on 12/3/10 to discuss the filing of criminal (theft by conversation, theft by deception), in addition I have filed a a claim with the USPS against AMI for mail fraud.
    I would be very very careful in dealing with this firm.

  • Am
      20th of Nov, 2010
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    I originally posted about this scam company in January 2009. It is November 2010 and, sadly, I see that their business is still around and going strong despite hundreds of people contacting attorneys, police departments, the FBI, BBB, etc.

    I guess there is no justice or these [censor] (Victor and Kieta) are somehow untouchable.

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