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If any one thinks what they read about AHMS on this website is crazy-it is all true.
Our servicing was sold from Regions to AHMS last Summer. We had a loan modification offer from Region. In September a lawyer called saying they were beginning foreclosure. After 2 months, we finally got that straightened out. Then the actual modification began. I also asked for detail of the amount (31K) they were adding into the principal, and also was told that information is not available until after the mod was completed. The offer was to reduce interest from 10.5 ARM to 7.5 Fixed. In filling out the financial information, they made me jig figures around, or else I couldnt afford the new payment, even at 7.5%-Part of the mod was to have insurance and taxes escrowed. To cap off some of the problems, the self addressed UPS envelope they had me return the Mod paperwork in had the wrong address, Lost for 5 days, interest continues to accrue at higher rate. Then, paperwork re routed to correct address and lost in house. Another 5 days. After a month after I returned the paperwork, I could see things happening online. Property taxes were mailed-However, noticed my payment did not include escrow. I called tax dept and loss mitigation. They said they were working on, to mail payment only. I called over 45 times first month. 2nd month town office called to say they never got taxes. I called again. They said they couldnt do a stop payment until 30 days had passed. Finally, they got the check back (I think it was never mailed) 2nd check sent out REGULAR MAIL. After 1 month, still not received and I have 22K in negative escrow. 71 more calls to Tax Dept, Loss Mitigation and Customer Service. NO ONE RETURNED MY CALL. I finally sent an email to EVERYONE. Got a call. Town told AHMS they were going to sell house for tax sale. 3rd Tax payment went out, FEDEX. 45 days after it was deducted from my account. Still have negative escrow, they cant stop payment-some inner weird process of theirs. Meanwhile, Loss Mitigation, to my surprise backs out all transactions on my account, including 4 payments since my modification. When I called I was told they made some bad mistakes and need to do it all over again. Interest back to 10 1/1 percent. By the way, I JUST got the detail of the new amount added into my principal yesterday. 4 months late. I have filed a complaint with banking industry and Attorney Generals Office. This company needs to be shut down.

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  • Ki
      Apr 18, 2009

    has anyone been successtul with getting a loan modification with AHMIS?

    If so what steps did you take and how long was the fight?

    please need advice!

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  • Rk
      May 05, 2009

    Crooks. Class action suit. Together we can do it. [protected]

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  • St
      May 13, 2009

    I had tried making contact since November with no luck. I tried a Loan Mod co. that ripped me off. If you don't quailify for Obamas plan and Hope For Homeowners and HUD counclers can't help, and your in a adjustable or Option ARM, then you may be a victum of predatory lending meaning your in a loan you could never afford in the first place.
    I looked into doing a mortgage audit so far. My auditor explained, fat chance on getting a loan mod because I never qualified for the loan in the first place. Best news I ever got. Someone being honest. If this is you, I recommend going straight to doing a mortgage audit. Low cost to find out if your a victum. This is one place I found. but I hired "Mortgage Audit Services"

    They will get all your loan work for you and locate the fraud for a low cost. Then you will have all the paper work ready to present to a lawyer.

    This is also a cool stress releif article I found on foreclosures called "Homeowners Don't Get Left out in the Cold."

    Doing what I can to help. Good Luck.

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  • Po
      Jan 23, 2010

    It has been over one year since I have been trying to get a loan modification with AHMSI. Worst mortgage company in the world to date. Nothing yet. I have negative $17, 000 in escrow and they added $48, 000 to my principal balance, a breakdown that they have yet to provide. They finally placed me on a trial payment program for $500 more than what I was paying whilst they work out a loan remodfication. that is asinine. President Obama needs to pass laws to prevent these banks from ripping off the public. I voted for him, but I am disappointed that he has not done enough to protect the homeowners from these money hungry vultures. If anyone wants to file class action, I will gladly join.

    These people will burn in hell for the way they rip the citizens who work so hard for their money. if they don't pay for it in this lifetime, they will pay for it in another life.

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  • Te
      Jul 18, 2010

    my mother went into forcloseure with option one morg. comp. in 2004, she had dementiia, when we found out I called to exsplain she had all the money and could still pay it all up. (they denied her) we then found A.H.M.S.I witch offered to refinace her home and save it. some how she went from a balance of $50, 000 to $84, 000 with A.H.H.S.I ?(WHAT WAS THAT) but then we had to put her in a nursing home, me and my husband had the deed and title put in our name to save the home and take over the payments, they said after 1 year we could purchace the home ourselfs, we were denied! 4 years later after paying all the bills and (mortgage pymt of $731.00) they sent a letter stating my mother fell behind 2 years in property tax, and added it to our loan payment (now $1400, 00) We told them this was a rediculious amount and we need it lowered to be able to afford the payment, again we were denied (another man FROM the comp. told me we could have our escrow devided up to 36 months, that they had no right to give us only 12 months to pay back ) after calling and requesting this we were denied again.In 2009 they told us to file for a modification for my mother because the home loan is in her name but after I could not submit all the documents, because she lives in a nursing home. she was denied... I finally told them to DROP DEAD AND GO TO HELL!!! Im keeping my money now$$$$ last week I recieved a call again and was told to put the modification in our name (daaaaaa!!!) I told the lady " I already asked you that" and you people said no because the loan was in my mom's name, well Im now 4 months behind IN PAYMENTS and the home is in forclosure, but Im filling out another set of modification papers in our name, let's see what kind of stupid answer I recieve now!!! MY ADVISE STAY HELL AWAY FROM A.H.M.S.I, THEY WILL TAKE ALL YOUR HOMES. OBAMA, , , WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE HELPING US KEEP OUR HOMES AND MORTGAGE COMPANIES LIKE THIS ONE ARE RAKING US OVER, , , , , , THEY SUCK, IM PISSED, AND NOW HOMELESS WITH NO HOPE OR CREDIT !! FROM BROOKPARK, OHIO

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  • Te
      Jul 18, 2010

    I would love to file class action, Ive called averyone for help, NOTHING!!!

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  • Te
      Jul 18, 2010

    tERRY FROM BROOKPARK: E-MAIL ME if you find anyinformation for class action or other @ terryjane.[protected]

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  • St
      Jul 18, 2010

    Try filing a complaint with the "Department of Corporations."

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  • Fa
      Dec 06, 2010

    Hello I Hope this helps. We also have American Home Mortgage. Our loan was sold to this horrible Company. We have been "Under Review" for the Making home affordable program for 6 months. This was supposed to have taken 60 days at the most! They had Fraudently taken more money out of our account, then was specified. When Calling they could not tell me why the did this, but refused to credit the amount. I complained to the BBB and we did get a refund finaly. Now we are having to deal with this Loan Modification that doesnt seem to ever happen. They loose the paperwork, or claim we did not send anything in. Then i find out that all of my calls to them go to India! So here is what I did. 1. When Calling ask for the US Office. 2. I Wrote a personal letter to David Applegate, the New CEO for American Home mortgage, And let him know that we are trying to save our home and his company is worthless! 3. I also wrote a letter to our Local Congressman, and to the State attorney General's office of California. Guess What! Our Congressman put a call into their office and two weeks later, our Modification was finalized. If they try to pull anything on us during the trial period, I will sure as hell be writing the BBB, Congressman & STate attorney General's office! What a bunch of crap that these people will only respond to you if you complain to the goverment! Hope this helps anyone. I would start writing letters to your Local Congressman, the state attorney general, Better business bearu and even Washington DC!

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  • Bl
      Dec 12, 2010

    We have a mortgage with AHMS. We did a loan mon with them in April 2009. We did not have an escrow account set up prior to doing the modifacation. As part of the modification, they paid our past due property taxes and set up an escrow account. So after a year of paying the new mortgage amount which included an escrow payment to cover property taxes, we find out they never set up the escrow account. All the extra money we were sending for escrow they were applying to our mortgage balance. So their response was rather than try to reverse the escrow money they applied to the mortgage they said it would be easier to do a whole new modification. We were informed not to make a payment until the new modification was done. We are currently in a chapter 13 and need court approval for the modification which we did get for the original modification. We received a letter about 2 months ago from AHMS saying they are not going to do the modification due to no response from the court. Which makes absolutely no sense since they are the ones who suggested they do a new modification. I'm thinking about contacting an attorney. Anyone else have a similar problem?

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  • Te
      Jan 03, 2012

    Yes, I have tried to save my parents home (OUR HOME) AND the Income wasn't even our problem at the time, it was all about my mother being 6 months behind on property tax "[censored]IN PROPERTY TAX" !!!
    for 3 yrs I fought with A.H.M.I.S not to mention also had to do 4 modifications over N over, because they didn't know how to do it..(my mother had the loan, But my name was on the title/deed+ P.O.A) But cant talk to no one there, ALL STUPID IMAGRANTS, WHO TOOK OUR JOBS AND CANT SPEEK OR UNDERSTAND A DAMB BIT OF ENGLISH" "But as stated my mother went into a nursing home, she was 6 months behind in Property tax= ($1200.00, ) when I offered to pay it up front for my mother, they told me NO! it would have to be placed into escrow, without any prior notification, OUR OPINION, OR acknowledgment, they placed it into escrow for 12 months, (Well thinking a few more dollars, ok) But it raised my payment from $731.00 to $1428.00 (is that ridiculous or what?) I also received a new statement regarding our new escrow balance due, of $5, 500.00?????? On 6 months? HOW THE HELL did they reach this amount? After weeks N months of calls later and not 1 person who knows their job, I was finally told they paid 1 yr in advance, "OK" but that still doesn't equal out to $5500.00 when the yearly tax is only $2400.00 and the past due amount was $1200.00, MY calculator's total is $3600.00! WHERE THE HELL DID THEY GO TO COLLEGE? my mother lived on only S.S Income @ $1326.00 monthly+ utilities. How the hell was she going to make that payment? (after the death of my uncle we moved in to help) Then a few months later she now residing in a nursing home, and they took ALL her income! So I took over all the payments and continued to fight for the escrow to be lowered down and corrected! My husband and I were finally told (several months later) by a rep, at >A.H.M.S.I that they should of never did an escrow at 12 months without our acknowledgment or ok, He also said to write and fax a letter to escrow and tell them YOU CANNOT afford their payment and requested it could be stretched out as far as 36 months(the rep told me this was a hand book rule) after writing the letter I was DENIED? HOW the [censored] can that happen? (If its in there hand book to allow, If it can not be paid in 12 months) Not to mention now being told again, try for a modification? DAAAAAA!!! Already have, 7 months ago! and then told they had nothing on us! So had to start all over again, Not to mention, to keep sending in my P.O.A for my mother even though they had that on file, but they were always to lazy to look it up. Now get this; after 11 months later and 100 calls later to speak to an AMERICAN! I received a notice In the mail that my modification was denied, (Wait) THEN>2 days after that, I received another notice STATING" " I WAS APPROVED!" (If this doesn't tell you how screwed up they are) But the modification included all the Property taxes and Insurance of Now $6500.00 and wanted an additional home owners Insurance of $197.00 per month?(I paid $52.00) Lol! ya right! the balance prior to all this was $75000.00 owed on the home with a 8 1/2 % (paymt of $731.00) Now new Balance is $96000 @ 5 1/2 % new payment of $908.00 DA!!! WHAT? (Is something wrong here?) also I sent back the documents signed as required to except there MOD, And mentioned to agree with the exception of removing the home owners Insurance because this was NOT my fault, I had paid it until my Insurance company rejected it saying there was a lien on the mortgage, and could not insure it. But I requested somebody to contact me about how the hell they reached this figure, and my home Ins, was only NOT paid for 2 months? So I wanted it taken off plus all the interest and penalties.and to take off the home owners Insurance, since I carried My own insurance for the last 5 yrs, BUT after changing my Insurance company, , So, this was not my fault and I was NOT in Default for Insurance, so I refuse to pay it back,
    Well, It has been 13 months later, No response from No one, and a foreclosure letter, not to mention they came to my house to change the locks on me when I was out of town... (which I kicked in the door when I returned) What gives these people right to do as they want? and
    WERE THE [censored] IS OBAMA'S FORCLOSERE HELP? AND JUST BECAUSE OF 6 MONTHS and $1200.00 OF LATE PROPERTY TAX I NOW LOST THE FAMILY HOME!!!Even when I offered to pay it at the very beginning, But A.H.M.S.I Is still calling me and sending letters to my house asking "IF THERE IS ANYTHING THEY CAN DO TO HELP ME...LOL" I'VE LOST IT!!!LOL WHAT A JOKE ON THEM!!!
    "I TOLD THEM TO SHOVE THE HOUSE UP THEIR ###" I now put the house up for a short sale back in September 2010 and am having problems all over again, i have a buyer but cant get anyone to call me, and finally after reaching somebody (FOREIN ### OF COURSE) THEY CLAIM They don't have or didn't receive any documents! The packet I did send in!
    So I now have a sheriff's auction on the 23rd of Jan, and have to start a short sale offer all over again! WHY THE HELL AM I EVEN TRYING? But I went through all the required steps to save my home, "save a dream house", HUD", everything, and No help! all over property tax, like I said Income isn't the problem . My husband works for the union @ $3200 per hour, and that doesn't even count for anything!
    PS: would like to add, A.H.M.S.I also took this loan out for my parents back in 2005, when my father was institutionalized, and my mother had Alzheimer's, dementia, memory loss, and very ill" But still went to the mental house to retrieve my fathers signature, and came to my mothers house to retrieve her signature, I witnessed it all, I was their, and the rep, even told me to my face" Ya know, "IT IS AGAINTS OUR POLICY TO EXCEPT THESE SIGNATURES DUE TO THEIR ILLNESSES, AND INCOMPITENTCY" So why isn't this enough for a lawsuit on A.H.M.S.I ?????????
    Thank You all and good luck!:)
    Terryjane from
    BrookPark, Ohio

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