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American Home Mortgage ServicingClass Action Lawsuit Anyone?

I think they should have a Class Action Lawsuit filed against them for these deceptive practices, fraudulent practices, and just down right not playing fair!!
My Story:
In December 2008 I applied for a loan modification. In January 2009 I received a call from Dena Moss a "negotiator" for my modification. She told me to stop making my payments while my account was being modified. She said I would have 1 lave fee and be reported on my credit for 1 late payment. She said my first payment would be April 1, 2009 at a rate of %5.5 percent and a 'graduating step program' where my interest rate would go from 5.5% to 6% the next year, 7% the year after that and stop at about 8% in the fourth year. She was giving me approximates as she said she would not have the exact figures until the modification had been completed.
In March 2009 when I did not hear from her, I called and she said that the lender put a hold on modification and she would call me back in 3 weeks.
Yesterday, April 1, 2009, my husband was called by AHMSI and told that we were in foreclosure and our modification was denied March 26, 2009. They wanted 4 months worth of payments plus 4 months worth of late fees totaling around $5k to bring the account current and stop foreclosure.


  • Ad
    Adrian Mar 31, 2009

    This company put my payments in suspense then placed my home in foreclosure.

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  • Gi
    Gina J Apr 03, 2009

    I work for a professional loan modification company and have a client who has a similar situation. In December '08 she contacted AHMSI, they offered to modify her loan taking her from a 7.25% interest only to a 6% P&I. The offer sounded great, they told her not to worry about paying until the modification was complete. Then in Feb. 09, she got her first statement which showed that her payment was $79 less than what it was previously. Then she noticed that they tacked on $6800 to the principle. The following month her payment went up by $180 due to her escrow balance. Now she is in a bind because she just had her loan modified and a lot of lenders won't do a second modification within a year of a modification. We are going to fight like crazy to get another modification but the bottom line is that the lenders only look out for themselves they really don't care about the consumers who are struggling to put food on the table for their families, it's a really sad and unfair situation. I wish you the best of luck with your situation.

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  • In
    Insf001 Apr 06, 2009

    I have asked these guys three times to modify my loan. Denied three times - reasons were not provided. The site has home retention pages but is bordering on fraud. My wife is on Intermitten Family Leave Act because of heart disease and diabetis - but AHMS offers no sympathy. The worse part about this is that my health insurance has $6000 deductible (big money saver for Employers expense) that I have to pay $3000 out of pocket. She is also on the State of California forlough program. Nice. Basically 20% reduction in total income - Again no sympathy from AHMS.

    Everybody on the street is hurting and AHMS they cross and walk on the other side of the street.

    God will judge.

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  • Ji
    JIM Apr 07, 2009


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  • Mn
    M. Nutwell Apr 09, 2009

    I am in a similiar mess with AHMS, and have retained an attorney.

    M. Nutwell

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  • Mn
    M. Nutwell Apr 09, 2009

    AHMSI is holding four months worth of payments (about $5, 000) of my money because they say my January payment was short, therefore none of my funds have been applied to my account. They say the money is frozen in a special acccount. I have retained an attorney to try to help. Remember, the CSR at AHMS are on commission and will try to get you to commit to whatever they can.

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  • Ki
    Kim Weishaar Apr 13, 2009

    we were told on February 13 2009 AHMS that we were getting our loan modification, would keep our loan @ 5.9% for the next five years...we would have to pay 500.00 for this modification, to send in our February payment. We did it was kicked back to us...and received a call two weeks later that the deal was not going to happen, that our Investor is not doing any modifications across the board, told us the Wells Fargo Bank was the investor. So we called couldn't find anything to do with our loan. We are totally screwed now...we have contacted a nonprofit org. through HUD to help with this...we will know in 10 days.

    I don't understand where is this bail out money to help...stop foreclosures! my neighbor is a morgage underwriter she sd that we will be lucky to see any program by the end of Summer...that is crazy!

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  • Tr
    Tracy CA residence Apr 14, 2009

    We received our approved loan modification in January of this year. We were very happy that we are saving $150 on our monthly payment. Three months later, we received escrow analysis and our payment will go up to $950 to pay estimated property tax for this year and shortage escrow of $15K amortized for 36months. We asked for assistance to avoid foreclosure, but with this higher monthly payment, and how many more homeowners encoutered and will encounter this problem. Our prob lem on foreclosure will continue to increase.

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  • Gy
    gypsyt Apr 16, 2009

    I have never posted here but I agree with all of the complaints regarding AHMS. My mortgage was sold to them from Citi in January 2009. The call center is in India. I have called to see about a modification and they have treated me horrible. They are rude, insensitive, and have no idea what they are doing with our lives. These are our homes. I told them my income and the idiot said "oh well one paycheck will pay your mortgage and you have one left. Oh ok. I am supposed to take care of a disabled partner, our son, buy food, gas, utilities, transportation, etc. They are clueless. Do any of you know of a live person I can speak with in the U.S? I am in desperate need. And yes, I will join a class action. If anyone can help me, please give me all the information you can.

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  • Gi
    Gina J Apr 16, 2009

    I am responding to the most recent post from gypsyt. My name is Gina, I work for a professional modification company. I posted a comment 12 days ago regarding a client that recently got a modification through AHMS. I'd be happy to help you in anyway, whether I can just offer some advice or maybe answer any questions you may have. My toll free number is [protected] and I am located in Southern CA, in the USA!!!

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  • Be
    Becky L. Apr 18, 2009

    I am responding to gypsyt. When you call in and get the India office let them know immediately you would like to talk to someone in Dallas. They will try to get you to give your acct. information but insist you would like to speak to someone in Dallas. That is what I do and it works. Also, I have had some many problems with AHMS. I am still waiting on a refund check from my escrow and to no avail I cannot get anything resolved. I keep getting different information each time I call. I would happy to join a class action against AHMS.

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  • Ki
    Kim Weishaar Apr 18, 2009

    I am responding to Becky L how did you finally receive your modification? how long did this process take you?

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  • Be
    Becky L. Apr 18, 2009

    I am responding to Kim Weishaar. We had our home refinanced with another company. Once our loan was transferred from Citi to AHMS I knew I did not want them handling our loan. The people at AHMS have no idea what they are doing. Like I said I am still waiting for them to send my refund from escrow and I am having problems getting it.

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  • Ga
    Garver Apr 20, 2009

    I am having the same troubles as all of you. My loan negotiator laughed at my amount of savings. I told him it wasn't funny; but that is the kind of compassion we get from AHMSI. I have now written to my senators, the president, and HUD regarding this company. I'm willing to join the class action. This company needs to be pressured to cooperate with homeowners. My HUD counselor told me that these companies buy loans in bundles and they don't or won't break the bundle to modifiy an individual loan. I think the only way to stop this company is for all of us to join together and make our voices heard.

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  • Ki
    Kim Weishaar Apr 21, 2009

    how do we start this class action lawsuit?

    I am sure once we file this action against them there will be ton of people joining.

    willing help get this started

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  • Am
    AmericansForJustice Apr 24, 2009


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    So, what's the chatter coming from the American public? Well, as with most things in politics, there are staunch supporters as well as devout opponents to the bill. Steadfast opponents believe that passage of the bill will make it too easy for homeowners to shirk their mortgage loan obligation. Some opponents also say they foresee a potentially detrimental outbreak of bankruptcy filings by homeowners who are underwater or behind on their mortgages; that troubled homeowners may see filing chapter 13 bankruptcy as the "easy" way out. Many also don't like the fact that the current resolution would be open to any homeowner, not just those who bought into sub-prime mortgages-which are, of course, taking the brunt of the blame for America's current economic turmoil. Therefore, opponents feel that the enactment of the current version of H.R. 1106 will not only not solve the mortgage crisis, but that it will only worsen America's mortgage woes and cause increased economic instability.

    The arguments posed by supporters is just as convincing. Supporters say that the bill, and homeowners' ability to get mortgage relief via bankruptcy court, is another necessary step to settle the current mortgage / economic crisis. They claim that millions more homeowners will join the record-setting 5+ million families who were foreclosed on or behind on their mortgages at the end of 2008 without the bill's passage. Plus, to directly diffuse the notion of the bill causing a rash of bankruptcy filings, supporters are quick to note that the current legislation does contain two key stipulations: (1) no court set mortgage modifications would be allowed without homeowners having previously attempted to negotiate a mortgage modification with their lender and (2) the burden of proof would fall on the homeowner to show they had absolutely no other means to pay the mortgage loan.

    What do you think?

    Regardless of which side you're on, there's still time to voice your opinion. As of March 11, 2009, H.R. 1106 had been sent to the U.S. Senate's Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. There's no word on how much time the committee will dedicate to further review before creating recommendations / amendments or other actions before sending it to the Senate floor. It's also possible that the Senate will opt to move forward with legislation U.S. Senators have drawn up instead of the House's version. Therefore, you do have some time to chime in on the issue. Still, things seem to be moving pretty fast-at least on some topics-in our government. So, speak up!

    Mauricio Navarro is CEO of Rationale Media LLC, which owns and manages - a US website to compare mortgage rates & receive instant home mortgage quotes.

    Article Source:

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  • Uh
    uhault Apr 24, 2009


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  • Re
    ReadutoLive Apr 28, 2009

    Contact info for person in United States not the India Line

    Claudia Pesina
    Payoff/Lien Release Supervisor
    American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc
    4650 Regent Blvd. # 100
    Irving, TX 75063
    Direct line [protected]
    Fax [protected]

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  • Ml
    MLD May 15, 2009

    The best way to fight these maniacs might be to hire a real estate attorney. Which is exactly what I am doing now! I was pre-approved for my modification and they sold my note the same day that I was pre-approved. It has been 3 months and AHMSI says that they have been waiting on my property tax information for 3 months and they can't do the modification without the information. When I told them that I could fax it - they declined and said that it has to come directly from the taxing authorities. So when I asked for the fax # to have the tax authorities fax it to - They said they couldn't geive me the information. Now I have found that all I need to do is to send a QWR "qualified written request". RESPA real estate laws demand that once I request this information they have to provide hundreds of hours of documents including every cancelled check that I ever sent them. This should make them deal with my modification and they are responsible for my attorney fees. Google Section 6 of RESPA under real estate settlement procedures act, 12 u.s.c. section 2605(e). They have 60 days to get all of this information to me and if one little thing is wrong then they can owe up to 3 times the amount of interest that I have paid for the last three years. Hope that this helps someone else, too!

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  • Ly
    Lynn May 18, 2009

    I just recieved a letter stating that American Home Mortgage was being sued for predatory lending...Does anyone have any information.
    Unfortunatley we where approved for a loan modification back in Nov/ O8.I recently had to leave my job as I was diagnoised with Cancer. I sent in all our financial information they requested for the loan mod. When I finally heard back from AHMC, they informed me that my original monthly loan payment of $5, 000 (approx) was not going down but would actually be increased to $6, 500. I then last week recieved a letter stating that, because we are a "valued customer" our interest rate would be increasing and our new monthly loan payment would be $8, 000 a month effective 6/09...we need some serious help!

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  • Ki
    Kim Weishaar May 18, 2009

    Don't understand how can payments go up so much???

    we are playing phone tag w/Judy in the modification dept...GOD I am hoping that the news isn't...payments are going up!

    sorry to hear about your recent diag.


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  • Md
    mde Sep 12, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    PAtchogue NY
    I had Option One as the home mortage and had a terrible time with them never getting anything right.One day I get a letter and it is from AHMC and I am happy I am away from OOne . The letter had raise the payment over $400.00. When I question it they said there was a shortage. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that if I sent in $1098.00 my payment would go down not to the original but to 1500.00. Fine I followed directions and sent it in with a monthly payment in same envelope. They never applied the shortage which read "for shortage as per supervisor" but cash both checks. Now they are saying I have been sending insufficent funds and I am in forclosure. I have never recieved forclosure papers so who knows wo in town or otherwise recieved them. Countless phone class never address the name I have given on who gave me the directions on what to do. It is outrageous on what this company gets away with. I have just contacted the State Attorney General office. If you have started a class action suit please contact me. If you would like to band toghter whatever state and bring it to media please contact me . [protected]

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  • Tr
    TryingMyBest Sep 12, 2009

    Here is an article that has info as of 09/12/09 on modifications. i hope this helps anyone struggling with AMHSI. we are batteling them right now!! 3 months and counting-

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  • Tg
    tgarcia Oct 22, 2009

    I totally agree with everyone's experience with this con-pany. They're latest con is applying paid late fees to a questionable escrow shortage that they had already included in our monthly mortgage payment. When I asked them why late fees were still showing when I TRIED to pay online they said they applied it to the escrow account. When I was able to pay online the payment could not be made without paying the late fees as well. (never late beyond 30 days by the way) When I asked them why they did that since they had already increased our payment to account for increased insurance and property taxes they could not answer me. So in the meantime it looks as though there are late fees not paid. As far as I'm concerned since I paid the late fees in full and our payment was increased to account for the short escrow funds they owe me $131.00. But we are most definitely up for a class action suit. Option One also sold our account to this company.

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  • Ni
    niqueyes Oct 23, 2009

    You know, I have been trying to help my parents keep thier home. My mother fell ill to a major heart condition and my father wound up getting prostate cancer. The unfortunate thing is that the actual loan is in my brther name and at the time, he was stationed in Iraq which protected the home under the military servicing act and they could not foreclose. it was unbelieveable situation that happened and my parents hands were tied. they are doing much better although my mothers condition is still a careful one, she is doing well by the grace of God. They have income but in now way can they afford the mortgage at what it is. They consistantly keep saying that they would be happy to do a loan modification and the amount that the Obama planwould assist with is a joke. I am sorry to say. the loan modification is not a gaurantee and my mother has pallatiative care. Thier names are on the title of the house, just not on the loan. The moan has been sold so many times and the last one was from Citi to AHMS and that is who they are with now. NO real answers, no one to speak with in the USA and loads of drama. I know this can be dealt with. Class action...bring it on! Any help at all please email me to help my parents s.n.[protected]

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  • Wi
    Wilmington Nov 12, 2009

    We had an absolute nightmare with them. We had an offer to sell our home with 2 different buyers. they never replied to requests for payoffs. The realtors were disgusted. The first position lender waited patiently for them to reply, they never did. Now after the foreclosure they have hired an atty to come after us for the deficient amount. we were served by the sheriff and we need help. I did find this,

    please contact me [protected]

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  • Am
    Amanda1975 Dec 01, 2009

    I am in the EXACT same boat...with one extra boost --- they LOST my modification application for one year. So for that year i wasn't making payments per their instruction and they sent it to foreclosure TWICE...which means over $70, 000 in fees that they added on to my principal balance. We need restitution. this is ridiculous!! Please contact me, if you have info - [protected]

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  • Am
    Amanda1975 Dec 01, 2009

    I have just contacted a law firm that specializes in national class action lawsuits. I included a link to this thread in my email to them. If any of you would like to contact them to give details on your history with this company, I wrote to : [protected]

    I also wrote in the subject line H&R Block, Option One, and AHMSI because in my experience all three companies owned my loan or were subsidiaries of the other.

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  • Ga
    Garver Dec 02, 2009

    I do have to say, in all fairness, that I was finally able to get my loan modified. It was a very stressful few months and lots and lots of hours on the phone, but I was finally routed to someone that could actually help me. At what point do you become "important" enough that you get routed to someone in the US and someone that can help you? I avoided foreclosure and sale of my house by a few weeks time. I am satisifed with the final result, but the process was outrageous and NO ONE should have to go through that process. They really need to work on their customer service.

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  • Ki
    Kim Weishaar Dec 02, 2009

    I agree we finally received our took 45 days, we faxed everything over as asked, all phone calls stopped telling us to make a payment...we delt directly with a rep in the US and everything was final and done in 45 days.

    But prior we to all of this we filed a modification in February and was approved in two weeks and then it was denied, reason is that Obama announced his new stimulous package we had to start the process all over again, so we try to put up a fight, but really we actually received a better modification then what given to us in February.

    FYI my sister has been waiting a year to receive modification with "Country Wide" now Bof A, crazy because the longer they sit on the modification more late fees add up and once the load is still cant afford because of all the late fees that have been added to the principal of the loan

    do agree with the whole customer service...we should keep everything in the USA

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  • Ma
    mam719 Dec 04, 2009

    I am having the same issues. I would like to file further action...who can we go to?

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  • Cr
    C Richert Dec 17, 2009

    I have never posted like this before, but I stumbled on this and have to say I can't stand AHMS! I started looking into the affordible home modification program and got ahold of an attorney office that got me approved for the modification then asked for a $3500.00. If I had an extra 3500 sitting around I wouldn't be behind on my mortgage. So I told them I'd have to get back with them. They gave me 10 days and that acctually is up tomarrow. Meanwhile, I decided to try to get it through AHMS and deal with them dirrectly. Wow! That was an experience. I couldn't freakin' hardly understand what they were saying. Kept hanging up and calling back until I got someone I could understand a little. Went through all the process with income to outgoing and they told me to send them all kinds of documents and they would get the ball rolling. Fair enough I thought. I was confused on something so had to call back. I, of course, didn't take India in college, so I, once again, couldn't understand them. At this point I was pissed and finally just asked if there was anyone there I could understand. They told me I could talk to someome in the US. I said wow, that's an idea! So I got transfered there. Long story short, They told me that I couldn't do the govt. plan that I had to apply for a traditional mod.. They said they didn't do the one from the govt.
    So now I'm really confused. If I wouldn't of called back I wouldn't have found that out. So I called the attorney back and asked him how he got me approved for it if they didn't do accept it. He said that he's allready done 65 million with them so he doesn't know why they would tell me that. Now I'm really confused. Who do I believe? What do I do? Go with the attorney and try to come up with $3500 or go with trying to get a traditional mod.? I need help fast! Anyone have any insight for me?
    With all that said I will sign any petition against them. They're screwed up.
    My e-mail is [protected] if anyone can help.
    Desperately seeking,

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  • Ga
    Garver Dec 18, 2009

    Carson, I would continue to call AHMS. Demand to speak to someone in the US, ask to speak to a loan mod officer, if that doesn't work, just keep going up the line asking for everyone's supervisor.
    I almost lost my home in foreclosure after speaking to India over and over again. I finally got to someone in the US and they asked me if I had $500 I could send to a holding account and they would review my financials for a loan mod. Apparently you have to pay the $500 to actually get it done. I finally got my loan mod and it turned out ok. It was not fun to go through though. I don't know if there is a magic word or a magic button, but you just have to get to the "right" person. I've heard that the lawyers and companies that promise to help, especially with money up front are a scam, so be very careful!

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  • Ki
    Kim Weishaar Dec 21, 2009

    500.00 for our modification was put into the modification, we didn't have to put anything up front. What really help us was that we told them that we are apply for the "Hope" program and hud also sent a letter to AHMS. Once we told them that we were told step by step what we needed to fax...we received a call in 48 hrs from someone in US. Mondification took 45 days from start to finish. ...

    FYI the longer it takes the more late fees are added to the loan, so be very careful because you may receive the modification on the loan...but once the late fees are added up, monthly amount is back to the amount you still can't afford.

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  • La
    lauradzi Jan 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with you all I am way to frustrated to write my story today, but I have also been treated the same way, and this all need's to be investigated.

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  • Lk
    LK55 Feb 12, 2010

    Please contact me I am intrested in Class Action Suits againest American Home Mortgage, I totally agree and this company needs to be taken down. my e-mail is [protected] thank you and Good luck to all.

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  • No
    Northwest Sufferer Feb 24, 2010

    I agree to all the complaints listed above. We also almost lost our home, we had to pay one of those scam "we can modify your house loan" companies who had an insider to the loan modificiation department. Someone in that department is getting serious under the table money. We were promised a loan modification for over a year and finally got it at almost $2, 500 more than our previous payment. I would welcome a class action lawsuit. Everyone should send their story to their individual Attorney General's office, who will then forward it to the Federal Government. I would also send your complaint to:

    WASHINGTON, D.C. 20580

    They keep a database for complaints against lenders and take action once they get enough complaints.

    We lost over $50, 000 to these creeps.

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  • Ti
    Tiredof AHMSI Mar 07, 2010

    We had so much trouble with AHMSI. They actually comitted fraud on our loan and forged our signatures on some of our loan documents. We reported them to our State Attorney General's Office and then they barely responsed to the request to answer through our State Attorney General. They tried to dance around all the complaints and make it seem like everything was our fault and we were just behind on payments; however they were stealing money from us, and putting forced place insurance on our account even though we already had insurance. Finally we got fed up and retained an attorney and we hit them with RESPA Request. When we get finished with them they will pay us three times the amount of our loan. My advice to everyone is to fight them with everything you have. Don't give up!!! This is your home, and it's worth fighting for. Also try to get a good lawyer. Our attorney is a Pitbull! He was also very impressed with all the work and letters we sent to AHMSI, and all the research I've been doing. Do not depend on anyone else to do your research for you. So many of us are being taken advantage of, and it's time we take a stand together! I will love to join a class-action lawsuit against AHMSI, and also share other documents and information to help others prevent foreclosure.

    If there is anyone out there that won a lawsuit against AHMSI, please let me know. We can share information and help each other the best way we can!

    God bless you all.

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  • Su
    Susan Paiva Ball Mar 10, 2010

    Has anyone found an attorney filling this class action against American Home Mtg. I would like some info if they did, my info is email: [protected] [protected].
    My brother is the home owner and I have now been trying to loan mod for him for several months with no one but a black hole to comunicate with. My brother is elderly retired fixed income and he intered a stated loan application because the loan officer made some cash out look good. He was told to take the cash spend some and put the rest away to help make the increase in his payment until value went up. It could go up until the 100th moon it would not make a difference. His loan amount doubled, the value is less than he first started and his whole retirement check makes the payment on a neg am option arm. I have help him with making the payment to keep his 800 fico because the American Home Mtg sais he would need to be current in order to get a loan mod... Today we receive a letter stating the negocator could not contact us so the mod was denied. I spent countless months re sending documentation and now that they ahve all docs they state "loss of customer contact". I have never received a phone call from them. The phone call message left on my brothers phone was a recording and when I returned the call customer service stated there is no news on the loan mod what we were calling for is to see when the payment was sent out for the month. When I call to customer service it is in India and they cannot help, they ae not a negocator. When they transfer the call it goes to a black hole, noone ever calls back.A this point we are contacting a BK attorney and see if they can fix this mess but I would relly like is a contact for a class action suit.
    My brother may stand to loose his home, a home he had hope to retire in until as long as he was alive. Very frustrated and ready to take action. Thanks, Susan

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  • Mr
    Mrs. C. Livingston Mar 23, 2010

    We had a mortgage with Citi Residential. We were in the middle of a modification with Citi that took them 6 months. Finally after 6 months Citi got the modification thru and 2 days later sold the loan to AHMSI. I have had nothing but headaches since then. Somehow when the loan was given to AHMSI, the total balance on our loan jumped by about 18, 000 dollars. I called AHMSI and asked why the balance jumped $18, 000 when it was transferred to them, the only answer I ever got was they would check into it, to this day I have not gotten an answer and my mortgage balance is still $18, 000 higher than it was when the modification was done with CIti Residential.
    In September of 2009 I mailed our payment in with a 2 money orders, both made our for $800. They were mailed in the same envelope. They claimed they only got one and only posted half of my payment. I called immediately and told them there were two money orders for the same amount in the same envelope and if they got one of them, they had to have gotten both of them. Well they told me to send a letter to there resolutions department. I have several times. I told them I could not afford to replace the money order and Western Union whom the money order was both thru said it would be six weeks before it could be replaced and it would cost me $35.00 to replace it. AHMS told me not to worry about it, just to send in my October payment and that they would wait until the other money order was found by them or Western Union could replace it. I sent in October's payment and they took half of it and posted it to September and showed my October and September payment late. I called again and went thru the whole story and was again assured that they were aware of the situation that THEY had lost the other half of September's payment and it would not be reported to the credit bureau as a late payment. I had faxed them a cop;y of the lost claim that had to be filed with Western Union. Well they did report both September and October's payment as being late to the credit bureau, they finally in November Western Union replaced the lost money order and I sent it in with my November payment. I was assured by three different customer serviced reps. that there would be no late charge on these two months. Well they are still billing me late charges for these two months and I have been continuously assured by customer service reps that these late charges will be removed and the derogatory remarks to the credit bureau will be removed. I have now faxed proof of all of this 4 times to their "resolutions" department but as of today 03/21/2010 they have not done either one nor have I heard from their resolutions department.
    We had on overage of $561.00 in our escrow account at the end of 2009 and it took them 4 phone calls and until a week ago to get it.
    I am definitely not happy with this mortgage company. We are self employed and it is very difficult to get a mortgage when you are self employed. We have owned our business for 25 years, and we have owned our home for 19 years. We originally bought our home on a contract to deed from some very good friends, which we did for 8 years. We then obtained a mortgage from Centex Home Mortgage who sold it to Ameriquest who went under, and Citi Residential took it over, who then sold it to AHMSI about 5 years later. I never asked these any of these people to move it or sell it. I am NOT Happy with any of them, especially AHMSI, but what do you do?

    I would still like to know HOW the balance jumped $18, 000 when AHMSI took it over.!!! To this day no answers.

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