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After making a mistake with making a payment online .i contacted Alpha rooms on the 25/10/2017 and on their advice i cancelled my booking and created a new one.I was told the refund of my money (the complete payment of my hotel £2258.60 )would be charged back to my debit card within 3 to 5 days.I called back on the 9/11/2017 and spoke to Benjamin Who told me there had been a technical error and my money would be refunded in 3 to 5 days.I then recieved an email from them saying.( Hello, Thank you for contacting alpharooms. Today we have processed a refund of £2258.60 back to your card. Kind Regards, Sudha Analyst - Finance ) After 5 days still nothing.i contacted Alpha rooms again to explain ive had no refund . I spoke to Leo who contacted the accounts team and they said they had processed the refund on the 9/11/2017 He also sent me copies of the Credit transaction summary and to show this to my bank.Which i did and they said they had had no refund into my account and nothing was pending for any reason and they would never block any payment into an account .So clearly there is a problem at Alpha rooms. I contacted them again and was asked for a copy of my bank statement which they have recieved and can clearly see no refund.I have asked numerous times for them to ask the accounts team to resend the refund as they can see i havnt received anything.I contacted them again today and spoke to Austin who sent me the exact same email as Leo and told me to show my bank.Which i did and the bank said it must be a problem with Alpha rooms accounts You can clearly see there is a problem and I know you have sent me the refund transaction receipts but you also have my bank statements and me and my bank are not lying to you I have had no refund There is a problem at youre side .Ive no doubght that the refund was processed on the 9th of Nov But it has not arrived in my bank account as you can clearly see from my bank statements so there is a problem

Nov 22, 2017

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