Allied School & Efa School / bogus calls for interview

Lahore, PK
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Dear Team Of Allied & Efa School,

I am writing this email on behalf of my younger sister Ms. Ayesha Mumtaz, who had been interviewed more than 3 times in your organization, 2 times for Allied School and 1 time for EFA at your esteemed branch located in Chungi Amar Sidhu. Just in order to know about the criteria of your selection for job openings in your reputed schools ?

Firstly, the lady on reception was asked her to wait like for more than 1 hour saying that the management is busy, if the management is busy then they shouldn’t call someone for an interview on given time (job seekers aren’t idle)

However; your management can judge someone in first glance if someone is eligible to be part of your organization, if someone is rejected at first, what’s the use of calling them again and again for an interview ?

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL, your team call the candidates for an interview ask them to show trial where they can kill their time by making fun of others, laughing on job seekers ?

If this is really your criteria for selection and they are the teachers for the kids who are studying there then god bless to their ruined future (how your students can idealize those teachers?)

Please take a moment to think, their giggles and cracking jokes on someone can ruined anyone life, foremost they are spoiling the repute and name of your organization. No one has right to make fun of anyone, i think first you should teach them how to teach and how to well behaved. If you do not trust on my words, send someone as mystery shopper

Warm Regards,

Urooj Mumtaz

Mar 20, 2017

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