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Allied Home Warranty / lies, poor service, stole money from me

1 PO Box 540487Houston, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-791-1200

Why do the contractors you send out to my place always want to take money from me under the table and tell me something different every time? I have had three contractors out from your company and they all try to screw me, the one you sent today asked me to pay him 500 to clean my ac then he would submit to you what was really wrong, this is not acceptable. I need my AC FIXED NOW and don’t need any more money stolen from me by your company or the contractors you use, this is total BS!!! I am not paying 500 for a guy to clean my ac then have it replaced. I have paperwork stating my unit was cleaned and maintenance done to it the first of this year and I have had it taken care of every year so this is a complete scam and I am tired of Allied wasting my time!!! I have had no ac for the past month because of your lousy service and I want something done ASAP!!!

I am writing to say your company has stolen monies from my family and I. Allied has lied, cheated, and sold false services to the American people including myself and my family. We thought buying a home plan thru you was a wise decision but in reality we were throwing our money away. I have purchased three warranty plans from your company to cover three of my four homes and finally had to use your service and let me tell you I am so upset and mad at the way your employees run your business. They have lied to me over and over again for weeks promising to fix my ac that went out. I have emails and proof, then they denied me any help and told me to go away. I have been treated so terrible by your company and have told all my family and friends that are with you to cancel and go to another company. You have lied to me and the Better business bureau. I have proof that Allied lies to their customer and will bring this to the public if my problems are not resolved immediately!!!

I want my ac fixed like you promised me it would be taken care of!!! If you cannot do this then I want ll my money back from all three of my properties, I want a full refund over the past several years I have paid you coverage then you lie to me and deny the coverage I paid for. This is unacceptable!!!

I want a complete and full refund of all monies paid to you from all my properties including the following:

I have 3 properties covered by Allied and they are a complete scam, dont do business with them!!!

I have been sold a false service, I have filed complaints with the BBB, I have contacted my attorney and will soon file a small claim against your company and sue you for the maximum amount. You called and sold me a service that you will not honor. I demand a full and immediate refund all monies paid to you on all my three properties now!!!

You sent an email to the BBB and me saying you would cover my repairs to my condo then you turn around and tell me that you will not. I have been lied to many times by your company and have all the evidence I need to sue you for every cent back! I demand FULL REFUNDS on every property so I can take my business somewhere else!!!

Please notify the president or CEO of your unworthy ethics, your false promises, emails, and lies to me will be uncovered in court if you do not fix this problem immediately, fix my property or provide me with a full refund IMMEDIATELY!!!

I have your warranty coverage on three of my four homes and yet you deny me the service you promise and don’t appreciate being promised a warranty and then when I need to use it you deny what I pay for. I would appreciate you taking care of me or I may have to cancel all three of my current warranty plans on all properties and request a full refund of all monies paid to you over the past as well as a formal complaint with the better business bureau.

I have been happy with your service until now just because you talked me into covering my condo now you will not cover something because it broke, this is not a way to run a business and if you don’t honor what you sold me then I want a full refund!!! You charge me for a service call and didn’t provide any service nor honor the service you promised to me!!! You cannot run a business like this and treat your customers in such a way, this is not right, please help us or cancel my services and give my money back.

I have a home covered under your warranty plan in little elm, TX on peppertree drive
I have my new home covered under your warranty on Carrollton, TX

I have my condo I purchased covered under your warranty This is the unit you denied my service with when I suddenly had a problem and over the past couple years of me owning it never had an issue, so please work with me and maintain a good working relationship and help me get this property repaired, thank you.

I will send this email to every organization world wide to let everyone know of your lies and horrible service to the public, I will not tolerate this type of business activities!!!

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  • Ja
      25th of May, 2011
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    I have been dealing with the lies of Allied for over a year now! Would really like to start a suit against them. Please email me at

  • Co
      26th of Sep, 2012
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    I totally agree!!! They r using deceptive practices & I'm having my Atty look into it!
    THEY R NOT a member of BBB in Houston (Only in Denton TX) but they'r using the BBB Logo on their ENTIRE web site!!! I notified BBB!!!
    I also sent letters to the TX AG, Fox News, BBB, Legal Shield, TX Consumer Protection etc.

    Here is what they r doing now:

    Wednesday, September 26, 2012

    On Sep 15th 2012, my A/C compressor went out. I have an Allied Home Warranty since Sep 2009 and it covers the A/C up to $1, 500 plus $250 extra upgrade I have.

    They sent me 1of their A/C vendors (Lone Star) I paid them the $60 service call and, quoted me $3, 499.00 to replace the outside unit. (2.5 Ton, 13 Seer, R-22) Allied will pay them $1, 750 on my behalf, and I was told to pay the difference balance of $1, 749

    I have asked 2other service companies to give me an estimate and, both were in the area of $1, 875 to $1, 950 but, they said they'll do it for what Allied is paying out ($1, 750)

    I wrote Allied and asked them to pay me the $1, 750 but they refused saying, that I have to use one of their vendors or, they'll pay nothing if I go outside their vendor list.

    I told them that they are GAUGING me, forcing me to pay double the market value & that I have estimates that reflect that. They asked me to submit to them the other 2estimates. I did, and they reduced my out of pocket expense by $500 to $1, 249.

    I told them that since then, I have 2other outside companies who will do it for $1, 300/1, 400 and I can do it WITHOUT Allied, but that's not the reason I pay for a warranty.

    They said that they have other vendors, and they told me that I'll have to pay ANOTHER $60 service call for them to come out. I told them that ALL other estimate I got was, on the ph, they do not need to come out since, and the unit has 2b replaced! Not FIXED!

    I asked to talk 2the General mgr Judy but could not connect (She did call me back & left a msg, but when I called, they connected me w/Antonio) I asked the service mgr Antonio to email me the reduced out of pocket offer & he refused, saying that I got it over the ph & that's enough.

    To no avail, in the meantime, yesterday I had 2purchase a portable A/C unit & borrow one from a next door neighbor.

    I think they are taking advantage of their members. I asked Antonio how come they allow their vendors to double the going market rate? Allied supposed 2get a better than market rate for the volume they give 2the service provider, they supposed 2protect our interest from gauging. If we as members can get the SAME unit for less than our OUT OF POCKET, we do not need them!

    His reply was the quality of work, and the risk issue! I replied that, there is no risk, all of the companies give a certain amount of labor warranty & then, the Mfg warranty kicks in.

    He replied: But if I use an outside vendor & there is a fire, Allied will be liable!

    I replied: So how come Allied paid me directly to go get my own vendor to install a dishwasher? He said, that is a minor appliance! I said that, this is a principal practice & this appliance can catch on fire just as much as an A/C unit!

    Our contract forces us 2use arbitration but, the Atty General should look into their practices & investigate if they are actually paying their vendors the amounts they said they do or, they are getting a kick back!

    I have had an incident with them in the past when, they asked me to pay little over a $1, 000 to replace my Air Handler, I refused & after I sent them a letter from my Atty, they cut it in half.

    This practice has 2get the Media & Government attention 2a wide spread wrong industry practices.

    It's hot, it has been over 10 days and I still don't have a working A/C!

  • Te
      15th of Oct, 2012
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    The company sucks.. I am an honest pool technician and took care of one of their customers 3 months ago, spent my own money on the parts covered under the warrenty, still no check. They give all their contractors the run around with payments...horrible company

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