Alliance of Milwaukee LLCRichard A.Weller cannot be trusted

The owner Richard A.Weller cannot be trusted, Harvey the maintenance man cannot be trusted, because they say they gonna fix things inside tenants apartments, but they never come and fix things inside tenants apartments, The only time they come and fix things is when you move out of your apartment.Richard A.Weller tips and pays off the building inspector so that they wont shut him and his buildings down.Richard A.Weller and his apartment buildings need to be shut down in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Craig Z is Richard A.Weller's yesman and puppet!!! Richard A.Weller got bad plumbing in his apartment buildings, because water from the pipes be leaking from the ceilings, Tenant's ceilings be falling down and collapsing inside tenants apartments because of the water leak.Richard A.Weller and Harvey don't fix leaks and ceilings.That's why tenants be moving out of Richard A.Weller's apartment buildings, because Richard A.Weller and Harvey don't take care of things in their apartments.Tenants don't pay Richard A.Weller the rent because he don't fix things and He breaks promises to tenants, That's why tenants don't trust him in his buildings.Richard A.Weller and his apartment buildings needs to be shut down permanantly!!!

Jan 27, 2015

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