CB Landlords Alliance of Milwaukee LLC Todd Weller is protecting Richard A.Weller
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Alliance of Milwaukee LLC review: Todd Weller is protecting Richard A.Weller

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At 2922 West Wells Street and 609 North 31st Street, The owner Richard A.Weller does not run bad apartments and bad properties.He breaks his promises to his tenants in his buildings.His buildings got bedbugs, roaches, bugs, waterbugs, and mice.He don't take care of pests and roofing repairs.He is a bad building owner and a bad landlord.Tenants are moving out of that building, because of those bad conditions.The other tenants and LB Gibson apartment manager did not like the owner either. His family Todd Weller and Craig are protecting Richard Weller for his evilness and wrongdoing.Rennard Cotton is right about the owner, because of his craziness and his foolishness.Richard call himself a Jew and acting prejudice around black tenants.Do not rent from Richard A. Weller and his properties.Stay away from Richard Weller.Don't go near him!