All Star Heating and Air Conditioning / Inferior equipment

Escondido, CA, United States

Dan Zapata, owner of All Star Heating and Air Conditioning (license #928968) told me he also installs tankless water heaters. Having used his services before for a new air conditioner unit, I employed him to replace existing water heater.
The unit is 2 years old and as of 3 weeks ago, stopped working. I contacted Mr. Zapata who told me it needed to be flushed and he did not do that. He offered no suggestions as to whom I could call. I contacted L.B.L. Constructors who came out to flush it. Once here, I was shocked to find that the unit is for indoor use only and the exterior flex pipe is not to code. I have called Mr. Zapata multiple times. Over three conversations, he told me that he would come up during the week to correct problem and has yet to follow through. In addition, the problem was the igniter and I had to order a part from Chicago. I went for 5 days without hot water. Mr. Zapata told me that competing contractors have a habit of destroying parts and then charging the consumer for them. This was not the case as I watched the worker trouble shoot with his equipment the entire time. Please note; I am filing a complaint to the State of California as well.

Apr 8, 2014

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