[Resolved] All access tickets RIP OFF!Taken for thousands of dollars for super bowl tickets!!!

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We purchased super bowl tickets from this unethical company, by way of ticket network, in sept 2014. They kept delaying the pick up date for the tickets, until they finally pushed It back all the way until the day of the game. Now they are telling us they no longer have our tickets because the stadium is oversold and will give us a portion of what we paid for them. Yet they still have tickets available on their websit...but for $9, 000 more than what we paid for them-each ticket! We are out thousands of dollars because of how expensive the flights, hotel and rental car are for the special event. I have never felt so betrayed. Do not buy from this company! I think they wait until the last minute so they can try to get more money for your ticket and then tell you, oops sorry. Devastating...

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    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • All Access Tickets Customer Care's Response, Jan 31, 2015

    Everyone got up to a 200% refund. If they declined the refund we delivered tickets. If they took the refund their tickets went to a customer who did not take the refund. The tickets were not kept by the company to resell for a profit.

Jan 30, 2015
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      Feb 01, 2015

    It was complete bull crap. We bought two tickets from All Access Tickets to go to this dream event. They told us to call to discuss a pickup point for our tickets. We did and they said that the NFL doesn't give tickets until the week of the game, so we would need to call back that week. Once again, we did. They kept pushing back the pick up date until we were already there and then they said to us that the NFL pulled the tickets and did not give them to any broker. They made it seem like it was all the NFL's fault and that they had no control over it. I did not get a 200% refund. I DID get a 125% refund, but big whoop. I missed out on something I had my heart set on and thought I was going to. They did NOT tell us that if we declined the refund that we would get tickets. If that was the case, why on Earth would we have taken the refund? We wanted to go to the Super Bowl. Obviously. Or we wouldn't have spent all our money on it. I think it is complete crap that I didn't get the tickets I paid for. 125% does not make this right. Not even close.

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      Feb 01, 2015

    I would like to retract my previous post. All Access Tickets did in fact give us a 200% refund. They had mentioned the website only guarantees 125% but they were willing to give me back 200% which is double what I originally paid. I am completely satisfied with the way they handled the situation. This is a stand up company that was willing to go above and beyond to make this right. I feel like the company did what was right to make me happy. Thank you All Access Tickets for making this right.

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      Feb 24, 2015

    The Washington Attorney Generals office is investigating complaints about All Access Tickets regarding the super bowl ticket buyers. You should contact the AGs office.

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