Alisan Golden Coach Express / alisan coach ajh 6633 driver and assistant (yazid) was very harsh and bad service

G-12 & G-14, Prangin Mall, Penang, Penang, Malaysia
Contact information:
Phone: 04-2617-11

On 30 April 2014 i purchased 2 tickets from Alisan (Five Stars) office branch in
Prangin Mall to KL - Puduraya because of my friend recommendation. my seat is 1B-1C

On 06.27pm the bus arrived in Prangin Mall. Since i have 1 box of food, i
decided to put in under my
that time i was talking with my friend telling that the bus has no upper desk
and its difficult to pull the footrest because stuck with the bus wifi plug in
Indonesian. Suddenly your driver shouted at me, box should put in below along
with bags. I said it was food and i afraid it will be rotten.And he could tell
me in good manner (i am not deaf, why he should have shout?) And later the
assistant come in and pointed at me and shout : "put your things in cabin!
No box allowed here" and driver adding heard what he said and i dont
need to talk in good manner. I think their attitude is super bad and all the
passenger was silent when they heard the way he talked to me. It was definitely
not proper way to shouted at passenger..i pay for your service.

I already make a complaint in Sungai Nibong, I thought it was already the
end of their bad attitude but still continues.They didnt apologize to me at all
while a staff already told them i was complaining their attitude.

The bus departed on 07.35pm and we stop for toilet and departed again in
10.30pm. My friend who sit beside me put her leg in the footrest and her foot a
little bit stepped in the leather of driver seat.the assistant told her
once, "eh kaki jangan taruh di atas!" but my friend didnt realized he
was actually referred to her, so she ignored.on second attempt, he hit my
friend's leg;and my friend was shock. When she ask for the reason i told you
but you not listening. "This is Malaysia". When I ask for his name, but
he keep silent.

We are tourist and this is our 1st visit using long distance bus. It was
very bad experience and it was worsen by they said it was Malaysian image.

Please take serious notice in this issue since Indonesia considered the big
contribution to Malaysia tourism.

Apr 15, 2014

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