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Alienware m15x / Defective laptops

1 PA, United States

My husband purchased the Alienware m9750 in February 2008 as a gift for me. The system worked fine for a few months, but then began having problems keeping time. We contacted alienware and they sent us a cmos battery to replace. That did not fix the problem so October 2008 it was sent into their repair depot. After 2 months in the repair depot we stop receiving communication about the status of our system. We were unable to get a response for a month. It was returned to us January 14, 2009 and were told that the Motherboard, Hard drive, Wireless Card, and TV tuner card were all defective and replaced. However we received it back with all the same hardware issues as before the repair plus the optical drive no longer worked. On January 16, 2008 we were contacted by a representative on behalf of Alienwares CEO. She informed us that they shipped a new optical drive and to let her know if it fixed the problem. It did not of course since the motherboard was defective. On January 26, 2009 she issued a cancellation of our system and told me to pick out a new system which matched the cost of our original since she could not issue us a refund. Which is what we requested. We ordered the Alienware m15x.Which we were forced into as none of their other systems came with windows XP which is what we had originally and wanted. That system was delivered on March 6, 2009. Immediately open using the brand new system it had hardware problems. It was locking up, crashing and overheating. It was also not shipped with correct specs. It was supposed to have an upgraded LCD and did not. I contacted the representative and explained the situation. She was extremely apologetic and though extremely hesitant, I agreed to have it returned to the repair depot. She guaranteed me she would personally test the system to ensure it was functioning perfectly and that the LCD would be replaced with the correct one. And that if I had any problems she would do everything in her power to get us a refund. The system was returned to us on March 14, 2009. On March 18, 2009 the system began turning itself off immediately upon going to battery and the system was getting red hot to the touch. I sent the representative an Email about the situation and also left her a message on March 19, 2009. I was in contact with her on March 20, 2009 where she once again despite her earlier promise wanted it shipped back to the repair depot. I told her that this was simply unacceptable as the system was just returned to me and should not have been sent to me in this condition. I requested she keep her promise and issue us a refund. She told me it was not an option. All she could offer me was to ship it back to repair depot and upgrade my memory. This has been an ongoing matter that seemingly has no resolution. We have been trying desperately to work with the representative to get our money back since we cannot get a working laptop from this company and to no avail. This system is under warranty until February 2011 and I am getting the impression that all I will be doing until the end of warranty is sending it back and forth to the repair depot and still not have a working system. This laptop has been at the repair depot more than it has been in my possession. This is a $3, 666.95 laptop that has not worked properly since its purchase.


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