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Alienware / poor products and service quality, no onsite repair even though paid for!

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I initiated my purchase of an ALX on 08/18/06 at which time I was given a 60 day projection for delivery due to the two nvidia 7950gtx cards (liquid cooled) which were to be installed. About 1 month later, it was the case, later the power supply. By this time I probably should have cancelled but decided to tough it out for this $10,000+ system with all the whistles. Finally arrived after 70+ days.

Result: Wrong video cards, wrong backup cd for OS, and Alienware refusing to correct problem saying that the specs on the 7900's were the same as the 7950's. Now I was informed that a 15% restock fee was also an issue when I stated that I would just return the whole system, in other words, pay them $1500 for not building the system correctly, what a farce.

They finally agreed to change out the video cards for the correct ones. Lo and behold, they didn't even have an approved cooling system for the 7950's (after I was told they were in testing and should be approved any day), which means if anyone ordered a system with the 7950's they probably unknowingly have 7900's after paying for the more expensive cards. Filed complaint with Attorney General's Office (Florida). Now Alienware (which received notice from Attorney General) agreed to install two new nvidia 8800 air cooled cards (which I wasn't told would be aircooled) and a 1000 watt power supply, which they charged to my card (later resolved and credited back). New power supply and video cards were shipped directly to me even though the computer was at Alienware in Miami, contacted Alienware and was thanked for my honesty in reporting this, return authorization received but it was for the complete entire system, not just the parts. Another sign that the administration side of Alienware is askew. 12/22/06 received computer with new cards and supply, and most importantly a damaged/scratched case. Only software uninstalled was 3dmark06, reinstalled and benchmark score of only 5000, less than half of the 11,300 which Alienware support says it should be, and a popping noise coming periodically from the case, Alienware customer service even asked if I would be comfortable checking out and working on the cooling system, the very thing of which they refuse to do onsite service for. 12/23/06 Called tech support, Answer from Alienware, send it back again as it seems there has to be a bad video card, this was after testing all four 8800 video cards at their direction, even though onsite support was paid for and these video cards are not water cooled, I suspect motherboard is bad but they don't want to admit it. The saga continues......Attorney General is probably next once again........And I will never recommend them even if the issues are finally resolved. Current owners beware, check if you got what you paid for.

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  • St
      26th of Dec, 2006
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    Good afternoon,

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Steve and I am the forums Administrator for Alienware. I came across your post and I have to say I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you have been having with our service. It is not typical of the Alienware experience and I would like to do what I can to make this right. Please E-mail your account information to my address at and I will see what I can do to help you out.

    Best Regards,

    Steve Lopez
    Support Forums Administrator
    Alienware Corporation

  • Al
      5th of Jan, 2007
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    In November 2006 I ordered a very expensive Area-51 7500-R4 system. Part of my order included an expensive set of Logitech Z-5450 Digital 5.1 system speakers.

    When my system arrived, 2-weeks late, I was busy with Christmas and dealing with an illness requiring surgery. Customers are allowed two weeks to complain about incorrect shipping. When I finally examined my shipment, 1-day after the above grace period, I discovered that the box that should have contained the system speakers was instead a Logitech Cordless Laser mouse. I never ordered this mouse. I immediately called to seek correction and was told that because I was one day late in contacting Alienware, they were not going to do anything about it regardless of my personal circumstances. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put in contact with Jake, agent ID 18187. Jake agreed that something may have happened in shipping since the mouse and speakers were both Logitech products. Further, he stated he would launch an investigation and if I didn’t hear back from them by January 5, 2007, that I should call him back. I was not contacted by the 5th, so I called and Jake would not speak to me. Instead he had a subordinate restate the grace period policy to me. I then asked to speak to Jake’s boss, a woman named Michel. All she did was restate policy to me.

    My opinions are as follows:
    1. Alienware’s concern for their customer ceases after they receive payment.
    2. Alienware does not value their customers.
    3. Alienware does not value your return business.
    4. Alienware has stolen $410, the price of the speakers, from me.
    5. Never use Alienware credit because you can’t place the charge into dispute.
    6. It is likely that they discovered the shipping error and elected not to correct it.

    All they needed to do is acknowledge that bad things happen to their customers sometimes, and that they care and will resolve the issue.

  • Ju
      12th of Feb, 2007
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    An Alienware laptop computer I bought one year ago has had two major breakdowns and part of the keyboard which has come apart. Alienware's customer service is awful: they claim "there's nothing we can do, since you are out of the 90 day warranty period." In addition, they sent me a software disc for software repair; I returned it, but they charged me anyway for it. I was too fed up and tired of the situation to argue for the refund for the software disc. This company is AWFUL! I have dealt with Dell, Apple, and others, but NEVER with this kind of terrible customer support. They don't seem to care a whit about customer retention, service, etc, once they have made the sale.

  • Sn
      21st of Feb, 2007
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    I purchased a laptop from Alienware, had high hopes reading about their best performance, the customer supports and the 9point phase check. problem started right as the laptop arrived. the monitor had weird lines(not a scratch, the internal was damaged) which gradually faded off as the laptop warmed up ...i guess...but left dead pixels. the sound was jacked which after talking to customer support for more than 2hours, they said they'll send a new sound card but we have to install it even we had onsite support. they also told us to reinstall vista, which didn't make sense since he told us to send the laptop back. I don't know what's this phase check is all about...they told us it'll take at least 2weeks more to repair... we decided to cancel as they started to be a pain and giving bad attitude. now we are trying to get our money back and the 15% restocking fee. hopefully my Amex can help dispute these charges.

    but this is a website I found, how this guy went through the problem with Alienware.

    I think we'll get continuous headache till this solves...

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